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Best dorm under-bed storage ideas

Under-bed storage concepts

Going to college is a fun and exciting time full of planning and making friends. Check one item off the syllabus before classes even begin by finding the best storage saver for your dorm room. Storage can be a challenge in tight spaces like dorm rooms and first apartments. Adding under-bed storage to your room can help improve the space and better organize your room. Here are a few storage ideas to help you create a functional space.

Best items for under-bed clothing storage

There are different ways to productively use the space underneath a dorm bed, and one way is to use it for additional clothing storage. Use it to store heavier sweaters or your favorite T-shirts.

Household Essentials Sweater Storage Bags

This pack of two coffee-colored reusable bags guards items from dust with polyester linen fabric. A clear top allows users to see the contents without needing to actually unzip the bag using the three-sided zipper.

Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

This pack of two rectangular foldable linen bags provides a way to find and store clothing, with strong handles and a transparent top so you can see into the bag without having to open it. The bags are breathable and made from polypropylene.

Sold by Amazon

ZOBER Underbed Storage Bag Organizer

These bags are 42 by 18 inches with a height of 6 inches. They have a handle to ease retrieval and also have a clear top so you can better see the items placed inside. Each bag is collapsible and rip-resistant.

Sold by Amazon

Neaterize Under-Bed Storage Bags

Neaterize provides several different color options for their rectangular under-bed storage bags, including red and black. The bags are 24 by 16.5 inches with a height of 6 inches. They’re three layers thick and come with stainless steel zippers for ease of opening and closing. These bags weigh a little over 1 pound each, so they’re light enough for transport.

Sold by Amazon

Lifewit Under Bed Storage Containers

These rectangular fabric storage containers come in three different colors: grey, blue and black. There’s a clear side to make it easier to see the contents inside, and all the other sides of the container are reinforced with straight boards. There’s also a handle to make it less of a hassle to retrieve the storage containers from underneath the bed.

Sold by Amazon

Top under-bed storage ideas for shoes

Shoes can sometimes be a hassle to place out of sight in a cramped room. Make use of the storage underneath a dorm bed with one of these shoe storage options and declutter more valuable space around the room.

StorageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

These rectangular shoe storage containers hold all shoe sizes and up to 12 pairs of shoes. The bottom of the container is low-friction fabric, so it’s more convenient to pull it out from underneath the bed using one of the provided handles. The bins are 30 by 24.5 inches and provide adjustable compartments to accommodate more shoe sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Stockyfy Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Stockyfy provides two different colors for their rectangular shoe organizer: walnut and beige. It has a clear cover that zips to keep the dust and potential grime from ruining your shoes. The product is made of premium breathable fabric, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Sold by Amazon

WiseLife Under Bed Storage Bins

These fabric storage bins by WiseLife are 33 by 17 inches and about 6 inches tall. Each container has a sophisticated herringbone pattern on the grey fabric and the sidewalls are reinforced with cardboard. The front of the container has a clear window to make it easier when selecting shoes for the day.

Sold by Amazon

Best miscellaneous under-bed storage ideas

Sometimes more than just clothing needs to go underneath the bed to make room for other items. Storage solutions that are larger and have varied compartments can help to categorize items and bring order into even the oddest of areas, like underneath a dorm bed.

MISSLO Water Resistant Thick Storage Bag

This rectangular storage container is made from grey fabric and weighs a little over 1 pound. It has a 100-liter storage capacity and comes as a traveling bag with two sides made of clear material so you can see the contents. It’s great for a dorm, given the travel-friendly design and 28-by-13-inch measurements.

Sold by Amazon

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Stackable Plastic Storage Containers

These clear rectangular containers can be stored underneath the bed, and each individual container comes with a lid. The lids latch in place in order to prevent unwanted spills and lessen the likelihood of items getting lost. The 15-pound containers can be stacked, thanks to their design.

Sold by Amazon and The Home Depot

Mill & Mint Undercover Cubes

This is a three-piece set that comes with two large storage containers that can fit underneath a bed and one organizer bin. This combination pack is suitable for larger miscellaneous items, with about 44 gallons of storage space to put everything in its place.

Sold by Amazon

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