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Best cheap weighted blanket

What is the best cheap weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket can be a safe and natural way to relieve stress and anxiety when at home. You can find weighted blankets between 5-30 pounds, so it might require some trial and error to find a weight that’s best suited for you. They even make weighted blankets for kids and pets. 

Some people feel that weighted blankets can get too hot, so you can now purchase a cooling weighted blanket. Combine this with cooling sheets and a cooling pillow and it can be a great way to find relief if you’re typically hot or sweating at night. 

Benefits of a weighted blanket

A good night’s sleep

Sleeping through the night can make you feel better and improve your mood the next day, and many have sworn by a weighted blanket to get that good night’s sleep. If you struggle to sleep at night, an eye mask, sleep headphones or a wedge pillow could also be beneficial. 

It’s not only the sense of calm created by the blanket that helps people sleep, many consumers feel the weighted blanket decreases their nighttime movement and helps reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. 

Therapeutic effects 

Research is limited, but the National Library of Medicine determined that weighted blankets can be a good therapeutic tool when it comes to reducing anxiety. Not everyone will experience the same results, but a weighted blanket has been shown to have similar effects as touch therapy, because it can increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin to the brain in some, which creates that sense of calm. For this reason, weighted blankets have been used to treat depression, OCD, fibromyalgia, PTSD and even autism. 

How to wash a weighted blanket

A weighted blanket might be great at relieving stress and helping you sleep through the night, but they can be difficult to wash. Be sure to follow the instructions specific to the product you purchase. 

How you wash your weighted blanket often depends on the material; cotton blankets are typically the easiest to wash. If you have a blanket over 10 pounds and don’t have a large washing machine, it might be best to use a commercial washing machine. Some also have removable washable covers, much like a duvet.

Best cheap weighted blankets

Gravity Cooling Blanket

This is a luxury cooling blanket with a science-backed design to wick away moisture and leave you feeling like a million bucks for a fraction of the price. The gridded stitches in the fabric keep the glass beads evenly distributed no matter how much you move in your sleep.

Sold by Amazon

Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket 

Reduce your sleeping issues with a weighted blanket that leaves you feeling like you’re being hugged all night. It’s machine-washable and comes with its own cleaning bag. 

Sold by Amazon

ZonLi King-Size Weighted Blanket 

This high-tech weighted blanket has two layers of microfiber to prevent loose threads and bead leakage. It’s designed with smaller squares to distribute the beads evenly. The two-layer fabric helps you maintain the perfect temperature, so you'll never be too hot or too cold.

Sold by Amazon

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

This extra-soft 100% cotton exterior weighted blanket is constructed to be breathable and manage your temperature. The smart design combines seven layers that distribute the weight evenly over your body.

Sold by Amazon

Best cooling weighted blankets

Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket that comes with two plush duvet covers — one Cozyheat cover for the cold nights and a Coolmax cover for warm weather or hot sleepers. This seven-layer blanket is made from the most sturdy materials to ensure it will last you as long as you need it.

Sold by Amazon

Brookstone Cooling Weighted Blanket

Technologically designed with cooling fabric and to simulate deep touch pressure, this Brookstone cooling blanket will keep you cozy and relaxed in any environment.

Sold by Kohl’s

Altavida 12-Pound Machine-Washable Cooling Weighted Blanket

A high-performance weighted blanket that offers patent-pending easy-care technology, which makes this a great option for those who don't want to worry about issues with laundering. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best weighted blanket for kids

Sealy Kid's Weighted Blanket

Provide the kids a soft and safe night's sleep with the assistance of this weighted blanket. This blanket has glass beads instead of plastic to create an ultra-soft texture. It’s best for kids 50 pounds and over. 

Sold by Kohl’s and Macy’s

Altavida Shark 5-Pound Weighted Blanket

Make bedtime fun every night with a shark tail weighted blanket. This blanket offers a sense of comfort while allowing kids to feel safe at night knowing they are protected.

Sold by Kohl’s

Nickelodeon PAW Patrol 4.5-Pound Reversible Weighted Blanket

A must-have for all the PAW Patrol fans, this weighted blanket is optimal for children over five who need a little extra assistance relaxing and bedtime.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond 

Best decorative or throw weighted blankets

Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket with a little style, this faux fur blanket is not only highly functional but soft and stylish. It can make a great addition to any bed or couch. Pairing the super soft fabric with glass beads makes this a perfect mix of function and fashion.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Star Wars Reversible Weighted Blanket

Have a little fun with this Star Wars reversible design weighted blanket. The box pattern design evenly distributes the weight, while the mix of polyester batting and glass beads add the weight and comfort to help ensure a deep sleep.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond 

Therapedic Nubby Reversible 6-Pound Weighted Throw Blanket

The nubby design of this weighted blanket adds texture for both comfort and style and can easily be reversed to a plush soft fabric.The weight is evenly distributed to provide optimal coverage and a warm and cozy feeling

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond


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