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Best moss bath mat

Which moss bath mat is best?

With a traditional bath mat, you can step out of the shower or tub knowing you won't slip on a wet floor. Moss bath mats provide the same benefits but they're a more natural option that brings a touch of nature to your bathroom. If you're looking for the best moss bath mat, check out the Luxury Wood Frame Live Pole Moss Bath Mat.

What to know before you buy a moss bath mat


Like most regular bath mats, moss bath mats go outside the bathtub or shower. Since they're made primarily from moss, these bath mats are great at absorbing any water that makes its way on the floor after showering.

What makes these mats unique is that unlike other mats, moss bath mats absorb water straight from the surface. This helps prevent water from pooling at the sides, which is a common issue with other materials. Moss can absorb up to 20 times its weight in water. Depending on the type of moss used in the bath mat, this process may be quick or slow.

Another benefit of moss bath mats is that the way they absorb water makes it easier for you to dry your feet when standing on them. Some bath mats remain wet for a long time and don't pull the moisture from your feet so they can dry.

Design and texture

The overall design of a moss bath mat is quite similar to that of a conventional bath mat. Moss bath mats usually are round, rectangular or square in shape. One key difference between these mats and regular bath mats is that they usually come with a waterproof wooden base and sides. This helps them keep their shapes over time. It also gives them a more natural aesthetic, making this type of bath mat great for woodsy or more eco-friendly homes. Some moss bath mats may also have soft rocks or other pieces of decorative wood in their designs.

Depending on the type of moss, the texture of the bath mat will vary. Common types of moss include reindeer, pole, mood and fern moss. Some of these moss types are spongier and softer than others.

Preserved moss

Preserved moss is moss that was once alive but has been thoroughly dried out for decorative purposes. Since the moss is no longer alive, it can't absorb water like living moss can. On the plus side, preserved moss bath mats typically last longer than living ones. If you choose to get a preserved moss bath mat, make sure the base and other materials used in the mat are more absorbent.

Common issues

Since moss is a living, organic substance, there are a few common problems to consider before getting a moss bath mat. With traditional bath mats, you may be able to wipe them down with a cleaning product and cloth or toss them in the washing machine. With a moss bath mat, there's not a lot you can do to clean it.

Moss bath mats often start to lose some of their bright green color over time. They may even start to harden, especially if they don't have sufficient moisture. On the other hand, if the mat gets too wet, it could become flooded. A solution to this is to hang the mat – or stand it up if it's on a wooden base – so it can dry.

Another common issue with these mats is that they don't keep their shapes as well as traditional bath mats. With regular use, they start to come apart. Having a sturdy base does help with this, so look for a mat that has one.

What to look for in a quality moss bath mat

Combination moss mats

Some moss mats use a combination of preserved and living moss. These mats usually last longer than mats that only consist of living moss. They're also softer and greener than mats that consist only of preserved moss.


Many moss bath mats have soil beneath them. This helps keep them alive and gives them a consistent structure. Plus, the soil can help absorb excess water.


A high-quality moss bath mat should have the following:

  • Strong wooden base with reliable sides
  • Good structural integrity (the base and dirt help with this)
  • Anti-slip base

Although moss is naturally absorbent, you want a bath mat that can collect excess water. A drip tray is a good option, especially if a lot of water spills out of the shower or bathtub after use. The drip tray can help prevent the moss from drowning in water.


Most moss bath mats are of a similar size to conventional bath mats. Some manufacturers offer different sizes and shapes. Choose a size that fits comfortably in your bathroom.

How much you can expect to spend on a moss bath mat

Most moss bath mats are custom-made and cost $150-$200.

Moss bath mat FAQ

Can you make your own moss bath mat?

A. There are moss bath mat kits you can buy to make your own mat. If you're pretty handy at construction, you may be able to make a strong wooden base on your own. If there's moss growing in your area or if you have seeds, you can plant them in the base. You need a few specialty tools, including liquid nails and waterproof adhesives. Expect some trial and error as you go.

Do moss bath mats really work?

A. Moss bath mats work in terms of absorbing water and helping keep your feet dry when standing on them. They're also a more environmentally friendly option than many conventional bath mats. However, they can deteriorate more quickly than a standard mat and lose their shapes more easily.

What's the best moss bath mat to buy?

Top moss bath mat

Luxury Wood Frame Live Pole Moss Bath Mat

What you need to know: This well-crafted moss bath mat has solid construction and can easily handle high humidity and a reasonable amount of water in the bathroom.

What you'll love: The texture of the moss is soft and comfortable to walk on. The mat comes with a nonslip base that prevents it from moving around. It has a drip tray that collects excess water. The frame is constructed of oak or pine, depending on the size and color you choose.

What you should consider: Some customers said the frame was broken upon delivery.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top moss bath mat for the money

Luxury Live Pole Moss Welcome Bath Mats

What you need to know: With several sizes and colors to choose from, this soft bath mat is ideal for people who want a more natural aesthetic in their bathroom.

What you'll love: Along with a drip tray, this moss bath mat has a durable outer frame. The variety of designs and colors let you tailor the mat to your style.

What you should consider: When wet, pieces of moss may stick to your feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Live Moss Natural Acupressure Bath Mat

What you need to know: This has a natural acupressure design that includes rocks and pebbles..

What you'll love: Available in several sizes and colors, this moss bath mat will complement most aesthetics.

What you should consider: The moss may not be as green as seen in the photo. It can shed.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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