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Nike releases period protection shorts

What are the best period protection shorts?


Nike has been a famous, well-respected brand for decades but has become a front-runner in sportswear innovation with its new menstrual protection line, which the company debuted in April. The brand has not only designed an incredible set of shorts, but it has also encouraged clothing brands to follow suit with their own versions. These products are designed to suit those with all lifestyles, active or relaxed. They provide a comfortable, convenient way to experience your period on and off the field. From light sleeping shorts to long, sturdy softball shorts, you’ll find a washable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable period products. Here's some more information about period shorts and some of the best ones on the market, including the new ones from Nike.

Period shorts FAQ

The demand for proper period protection has given rise to a range of options. Period products such as underwear and other environmentally friendly options are consistently improving, but there are lots of questions. 

  • Are period shorts suitable for heavy flow days?

Absolutely. Period shorts are intended to provide leakproof protection during sleep, activity and heavy flows.

  • How do period shorts compare with tampons or pads?

These shorts offer an environmentally friendly option compared to disposable products like tampons or pads. They eliminate the need for these products and provide you with a reusable, comfortable alternative.

  • How long do period shorts last before needing replacements?

The lifespan of each pair of shorts can vary and will depend on several factors, including frequency of use and washing. They can last for years and offer a sustainable option in the long run.

  • How long can period shorts be worn?

Period shorts are designed to be worn all day and can be used for leisure or physical activity. 

  • Are period shorts suitable for all body sizes and types? 

Yes, period shorts are made in different sizes and made with comfortable materials. They are meant to stretch and form to the curves of the body.

Best period protection shorts 

Nike One Leak Protection: Period

No matter what you are in the mood for, these shorts are fitted, comfortable and ready for any activity. Relax on the couch or do a full workout without worry in this pair of quality period shorts.

Sold by Nike

Modibodi Teen Hipster Boyshorts

These shorts are lightweight and comfortable, so they’re suitable for still sleepers and nights of tossing and turning. They prevent leaks and are machine washable while being slim and discreet.

Sold by Amazon

RIP IT Women’s Period Protection Volleyball Shorts

These period shorts provide a comfortable way to experience your period while playing sports. They are machine washable, effectively control odors and provide protection from leaks.   

Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods

RIP IT Women’s Period Protection Softball Sliding Shorts

You’ll stay comfortable and protected in these leak-proof shorts. They offer fast absorption and odor control while providing maximum flexibility and movement.  

Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods

Bambody Absorbent Boy Shorts

These period shorts have an absorbancy equivalent to two tampons and are hand-wash only. They are eco-friendly, comfortable, soft and feel like regular underwear.

Sold by Amazon

Goat Union Overnight Period Shorts

You will experience worry-free sleep with these period shorts that provide leakproof nights. They are an incredible eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual products.

Sold by Amazon

Adidas Women’s Techfit Period Proof Shorts

These shorts have a high-rise elastic waist and a power-mesh pocket so you can hold your phone on you. They reduce environmental impact by being made with recycled polyester and saving on disposable menstrual products.  

Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods

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