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Best self-tanner for pale skin

Which self-tanners for pale skin are best?

You don’t need to ruin your healthy skin and risk cancer, wrinkles or UV damage for a sun-kissed and radiant-looking complexion. Self-tanners for pale skin can help you get that sun-kissed look and golden glow without needing to bask in the sun for hours on end. And there are so many options on the market, including wipes, creams, lotions and sprays. The St. Tropez Self-Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse works perfectly as a self-tanner for those with pale skin.

What to know before you buy a self-tanner for pale skin

Understand how self-tanners for pale skin work

Self-tanners for pale skin act only on your external layer of skin rather than penetrating your epidermis, so self-tanners usually only last up to a week.

Consider your skin tone

Think about your skin tone when choosing a self-tanner for pale skin. It’s best to select one that matches your current skin tone.

Moisturize your dry spots first

Before you use a self-tanner for dry skin, you should moisturize the skin on your elbows, knees, ankles and heels and around your nostrils.

What to look for in a quality self-tanner for pale skin


There are several different kinds of self-tanners for pale skin, including lotions, creams, sprays, towelettes, gels, mousses and more.

Ease of use

You should select a self-tanner for pale skin that’s easy to use to make the results simpler to maintain.


You should choose a self-tanner for pale skin in a quantity that enables you to reapply at least two to three times.

How much you can expect to spend on a self-tanner for pale skin

Self-tanners for pale skin typically run from about $10 to more than $40. The most basic and budget-friendly self-tanners for pale skin cost about $10, while mid-range self-tanners for pale skin go for $10 to $25 and high-end self-tanners for pale skin vary in price from about $25 to $40.

Self-tanner for pale skin FAQ

Are self-tanners for pale skin the same as bronzers?

A. Self-tanners for pale skin are not quite the same as bronzers. Both bronzers and self-tanners for pale skin offer a sun-kissed look, but self-tanners for pale skin provide more of a permanent effect, while bronzers are fairly simple to remove. You can begin with a wash-off bronzer to increase your confidence if you are feeling a little nervous about using a self-tanner for your pale skin.

Is there anything you can do to fix streaks from self-tanners for pale skin?

A. Despite your best efforts, streaks from self-tanners sometimes still happen. Luckily, you can control the damage with one of these methods: 

  • You can try using lemon juice as a natural lightening agent. Simply slice a lemon in half and rub the lemon over the impacted area, especially if your streaks are fairly light. 
  • You can also try using both lemon juice and exfoliation. Try soaking an exfoliating mitt in lemon juice and rubbing the streaky areas of your tanned skin. The roughness of the mitt, along with the acidity from the lemon juice, will even out and lift the color at the same time. 
  • You can also try baking soda and lemon juice. Baking soda often works as both a lightener of self-tanners and an exfoliant to lift dark patches on your skin, along with lemon juice. 
  • One final solution you can try is using tan removers. Tan removers are often reserved for emergencies and include a mild form of bleach. If you have dark streaks that are difficult to lift, you might need to use a tan remover.

Can you shave after you apply self-tanner for pale skin?

A. It usually isn’t a great idea to wax or shave after you apply self-tanner for pale skin. You could end up ruining the effect of the self-tanner and removing the color. Instead, you should try shaving right before you apply self-tanner. If you are waxing instead, you should wax more than 48 hours before you use the self-tanner to reduce the irritation to your skin.

What are the best self-tanners for pale skin to buy?

Top self-tanner for pale skin

St. Tropez Self-Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

What you need to know: This premium, fast-drying self-tanner for pale skin from St. Tropez is perfect for people who have never tried a self-tanner before.

What you’ll love: This St. Tropez self-tanner for pale skin features a buildable color for a natural tan look and a lightweight tanning mousse that is simple to apply and easily spreads with an applicator mitt.

What you should consider: This self-tanner for pale skin sometimes leaves stains on clothing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top self-tanner for pale skin for the money

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse

What you need to know: This lightweight and affordable self-tanner for pale skin from Jergens is simpler to apply than most self-tanners.

What you’ll love: This inexpensive Jergens self-tanner for pale skin gives your skin a beautiful golden brown glow and fully dries in under a minute. The self-tanner for pale skin is also simple to dispense from the bottle with the one-touch applicator.

What you should consider: This self-tanner for pale skin begins fading a couple of days after you apply it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Self Tanner Mousse

What you need to know: This self-tanner for pale skin from Coco & Eve offers a golden, natural glow with no uneven color deposits or streaks.

What you’ll love: This Coco & Eve self-tanner for pale skin provides a vegan and cruelty-free formula that gives you a full tan in only two hours. The self-tanner for pale skin also comes with a pleasant tropical mango fragrance.

What you should consider: This self-tanner for pale skin is on the more expensive side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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