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Best smell-proof bags

Smell-proof bags

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you or someone you know has probably tried concealing its smell while on a bus or in a taxi, likely to no avail. Smell-proof bags offer a great way to politely not subject others to a scent they may find offensive, whether stinky cheese like Limburger, fruit such as durian or another smelly item like marijuana.

There are several things to consider when shopping for a smell-proof bag, such as how the bag closes, what it uses to conceal the smell, its size and a range of other, more unique features.

What to know before you buy a smell-proof bag

Disposable vs. reusable

Many reusable smell-proof bags are padded with activated carbon that filters out smells, where disposable options simply contain the fragrance. In some cases, reusable bags can even be tossed in the dryer on a low heat setting if their smell-proofing abilities start to fade. Although reusable smell-proof bags are better at concealing smells than disposable options, they can be bulkier and more expensive.


Most disposable smell-proof bags can be rolled up if need be, so size is rarely an issue. Reusable bags can be large or pocket-size, depending on what you need. Some bags are enormous compared to an average smell-proof bag and allow you to carry your smelly items along with your laptop and other belongings.

What you intend to put in the bag

If you’re buying a smell-proof bag to store smelly cheeses or other food items, you might consider disposable bags. This way, you can toss the bag if there’s any leakage. Reusable bags are still an option if you plan to store groceries, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve wrapped the smelly item in a grocery bag since most reusable bags aren’t designed to be machine-washed.

What to look for in a quality smell-proof bag

Combination lock

If you’re concerned with other people accessing your smell-proof bag, you might consider getting one with a combination lock. Combination locks on smell-proof bags lock the zippers in place with a simple four-digit code. Although combination locks are handy, many of these bags can’t be tossed in the dryer if they lose effectiveness. Still, some have removable carbon filter paddings that can be renewed or replaced.


Most smell-proof bags are made to be stuffed into a glove box or backpack, but others are made to be worn. Having to hold your smell-proof bag in your hand until you make it home or to your car can be a hassle. Options like the Skunk Kross Smell-Proof Fannypack can be conveniently worn around your waist. The Discreet Smoker Smell-Proof Backpack is stylish and functional.


In most cases, smell-proof bags are completely opaque. Many smell-proof bags are designed to be discreet, with solid black or grey designs. If you prefer vibrant designs on your bag, there are many options from which to choose. Some wearable options are made of sleek-looking materials like leather. 

How much you can expect to spend on a smell-proof bag

Disposable bags often come in packs of 10-15 and can cost $8-$15. Reusable bags can range from $15-$60. Although disposable bags are cheaper, it’s important to remember you’ll have to buy more, and the cost can quickly outweigh a reusable option.

Smell-proof bag FAQ

Can I wash my smell-proof bags?

A. In most cases, no. Smell-proof bags can sometimes be thrown in the dryer for short periods, but they can rarely be machine-washed.

Is it illegal to use a smell-proof bag?

A. No, smell-proof bags are for much more than storing marijuana.

What’s the best smell-proof bag to buy?

Top reusable smell-proof bag

Discreet Smoker Smell-Proof Bag

What you need to know: A simple but effective bag that’s about the size of a notebook.

What you’ll love: The additional hook-and-loop closures help keep smells inside the bag. This carbon filter bag is certified smell-proof and dog-tested. The extra padding helps keep items safe, in addition to filtering smells.

What you should consider: Although the hook-and-loop closures are convenient, they aren’t always attached to the bag very well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top disposable smell-proof bag

Interplanetary Development Smell-Proof Bag Multi-Pack

What you need to know: These discreet disposable bags have strong zippers that help contain smells.

What you’ll love: The material does an excellent job at resisting both tears and moisture. If you need to seal your bag shut, it’s easy to heat-seal with an iron. You can get these bags in a wide range of sizes.

What you should consider: You likely won’t get more than one or two uses out of each bag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Skunk Mr. Slick Smell-Proof Bag

What you need to know: This smell-proof bag has six different layers of smell-proofing.

What you’ll love: The activated carbon filters trap odors as well as neutralize them. This bag has incredibly strong seals and hook-and-loop closures for additional smell-proofing. There are a wide range of colors to choose from. This bag has been dog-tested.

What you should consider: The hook-and-loop closure is so strong, it can be challenging to open.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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