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Best Dr. Jart product

What's the best Dr. Jart product?

Dr. Jart is a Korean skin care brand offering a wide range of products, including masks, moisturizers, serums and cleansers. Elevating your routine can begin by incorporating one of these products or starting from scratch with an entire collection, matched with your skin care needs, such as dryness, oiliness or acne. If you're looking for just one to try, the best is the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Tinted Moisturizer, which you can use every day.

What to know before you buy a Dr. Jart product

What is Dr. Jart?

Founded in Seoul in 2005, Dr. Jart was inspired by skin care found exclusively at dermatology offices. The brand's founder, Leeo Lee, saw an opportunity to collaborate with laboratories to improve the skin care industry. His first product was Dr. Jart's Beauty Balm Cream, a foundation that doubles as an enriching topical formula. Since then, the brand has expanded to several categories of skin care and is available globally.

Your skin concerns

This is a key component in identifying which Dr. Jart products will deliver the best results for your skin. Spend time getting to know your skin and figure out its patterns by logging your condition morning and night. Ask yourself questions such as, "Is my skin oily throughout the day or just in the morning?" or "Does my skin burn easily in direct sunlight?" 

Assessing what happens to your skin, when it happens during the day or what triggers you may have will ultimately help you recognize which issues you should address in your routine.

Your skin sensitivities

Trying any new skin care product is a risk for sensitive skin. Review the ingredient label and seek products without dyes or fragrances to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction. Additionally, be aware that Dr. Jart products use several natural ingredients that may include an allergen you react toward.

Your ethical concerns

While Dr. Jart is a well-tested, safe brand to wear every day, it does use animal testing during the development of each product. Some products don't have animal ingredients in them but are not vegan given this testing. Be mindful of this if you follow a vegan lifestyle or prefer cruelty-free brands.

What to look for in a quality Dr. Jart product

Sun protection

A quality skin care product will more often than not include an element of sun protection. This will normally be found in moisturizers, beauty balms and lotions. Any form of ultraviolet protection is another way to preserve your skin and avoid premature wrinkles and damage. It is recommended to wear sunscreen daily, so finding a product that includes this reduces your need for another layer of skin care.


A quality skin care product has a nourishing vitamin in its formula, such as the niacinamide — a variant of vitamin B3 — in the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Tinted Moisturizer. This ingredient encourages the production of cells in your skin and evens your overall complexion. Additionally, it creates a lipid barrier to encapsulate the hydration in your skin and soothes inflamed skin.

Centella asiatica

Used in the Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask, centella asiatica is an herb traditionally used in Eastern medicine to treat illness and promote wellness. In skin care, however, it is used to increase water retention in your skin. It is also intended for use on sensitive skin, making it a universal treatment for all skin types. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Dr. Jart product

They range from $7-$55, depending on the size and formula of the selected item.

Dr. Jart product FAQ

Is the niacinamide in Dr. Jart products suitable for sensitive skin?

A. Niacinamide is soothing and treats irritated skin gently, making it not just safe but also ideal for sensitive skin. 

How often do I need to reapply Dr. Jart sunscreen?

A. You should reapply sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection on bare skin.

What's the best Dr. Jart product to buy?

Top Dr. Jart product

Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Tinted Moisturizer with Niacinamide and SPF 40

What you need to know: Designed for everyday use, this beauty balm is a light-coverage cream applied as a traditional foundation.

What you’ll love: It has a sun protection factor of 40 and uses natural ingredients to promote hydration and protect your skin's barrier. It comes in four shades.

What you should consider: This product does not have a wide shade range, so you may not be able to find the perfect match for your complexion.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora 

Top Dr. Jart product for the money

Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+

What you need to know: This sunscreen is lightweight and has no residue or greasy texture.

What you’ll love: In addition to high-UV protection, this formula reduces redness and treats blemishes. Zinc oxide is a leading ingredient that creates a thin layer between your skin and UV rays. Additionally, it is reef safe for use in open water and dries clear with no white casting. 

What you should consider: To prevent patchiness and dryness because of its high levels of zinc, you must use a moisturizer before the initial application.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora 

Worth checking out

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask

What you need to know: Winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award, this gel-based hydration mask restores radiance to dull and dry skin.

What you’ll love: Using centella asiatica along with other healing herbs, it contributes to the rehydration and repair of your natural skin barrier. This mask is designed for overnight use and can be washed off when you wake up.

What you should consider: A few reviewers said it didn't feel hydrating. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora 

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