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Best Augustinus Bader product

What’s the best Augustinus Bader product?

You can trust the science behind the Augustinus Bader product line even if you don't believe the hype. While many popular beauty brands overpromise and underdeliver, results from the patented TFC8 formula in Augustinus Bader's skin care are clinically proven. 

If money is no object, you can go for the entire line. However, these budget-stretching products force many to stick with one or two to start. The brand's top item is the hydrating Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, which addresses wrinkles as it plumps and restores your skin.

What to know before you buy an Augustinus Bader product

About the Augustinus Bader brand

The Augustinus Bader line is composed of science-based skin care products. The brand's founder and namesake is a professor and director of applied stem cell biology and cell technology at the University of Leipzig in Germany. 

With more than 30 years of research, including over 190 peer-reviewed papers, Bader is an expert in preventative and regenerative medicine, and a leader in tissue engineering, stem cell technology and dermatology. His skin care line reaps the benefits with its TFC technology, which nourishes and protects the skin with amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in your skin.

Augustinus Bader collections

The brand’s collections cover four product lines:

  • Skin care for the face.
  • Skin care for the body.
  • Hair and scalp care.
  • Supplements.

While research backs the entire Augustinus Bader product lineup, the brand's multi-award-winning skin care for the face put it on the map.

Your skin type

Even if a product is wildly popular and comes highly recommended by friends and family, if it's not formulated for your skin type, it is unlikely to work for you.  In product reviews, it is common to see customers complain that a product made for someone with a different skin type did not help them achieve their desired results. 

To avoid making the same mistake, know your skin type. There are five skin types to consider. 

  • Dry: Your skin is dry if it flakes or has rough patches.
  • Oily: Your face is oily if it gets greasy a few hours after washing it. 
  • Combination: You have combination skin if your face is oily in your T-zone — which includes your forehead, nose, and chin — and dry on the outer regions. 
  • Sensitive: You have sensitive skin if your face gets red and irritated easily. 
  • Normal: You have normal skin if it is neither oily nor dry.

What to look for in a quality Augustinus Bader product

Contains TFC8

The TFC8 formula took Augustinus Bader three decades of research to formulate. While his products that do not contain TFC8 are also renowned for their efficacy, this powerful formula is all the rave because it is clinically proven to help users address seven common beauty concerns. 

  • Fine lines.
  • Wrinkles
  • Redness. 
  • Hyperpigmentation. 
  • Cellulite. 
  • Stretch marks.
  • Damage caused by external stressors.

Moisturizer made for your skin type

The Augustinus Bader product line includes four moisturizers for four skin types. Each contains TFC8.

  • The Rich Cream: This can renew and nourish your skin if you have a normal to dry complexion.
  • The Cream: If you have oily or combination skin, this helps you hydrate and revitalize your complexion without causing breakouts. 
  • The Light Cream: This lightweight formula can mattify and balance your face if you have oily skin or live in high humidity. 
  • The Ultimate Soothing Cream: This can help you soothe and restore very dry, sensitive skin.

Sustainable options

Most Augustinus Bader moisturizers, including its eye cream, are refillable or come in half-ounce, 1-ounce and 1.7-ounce bottles. 

After you invest in a refillable product, you can save the container and choose the less expensive refill on subsequent purchases. When you buy a 1.7-ounce bottle, you pay less per ounce than any other size. 

These sustainable options let you produce less waste and save more money.

How much you can expect to spend on an Augustinus Bader product

Depending on the size and ingredients, the brand's hair care products cost $38 to $105, while its skin care formulas are $69 to $495. Its gentle cleansers are on the lower end, with its serums and moisturizers on the higher end.

Augustinus Bader product FAQ

How long does Augustinus Bader eye cream last? 

A. If you use it as the brand instructs, expect it to last two to three months. 

Do Augustinus Bader products contain sun protection? 

A. No, they do not. The brand recommends applying quality sunscreen each morning after your moisturizer has had time to absorb into your skin entirely.

What’s the best Augustinus Bader product to buy?

Top Augustinus Bader product

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

What you need to know: This rich moisturizer contains TFC8 and is best for normal to dry skin. 

What you’ll love: This vegan formula uses key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed rice protein to hydrate, soothe and plump your skin while TFC8 nourishes, protects and supports its renewal on a cellular level. 

What you should consider: Some users said it was too thick and sticky for their taste. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Sephora

Top Augustinus Bader product for the money

Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel

What you need to know: This gentle facial cleanser cleans your face without stripping it.

What you’ll love: It contains clean ingredients, such as aloe leaf juice and rose flower water to cleanse pores and even out your texture as it hydrates, tones and soothes your skin. It also uses TFC8 to restore your skin's firmness and elasticity. 

What you should consider: Some customers needed to double wash with it to achieve their desired results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Sephora

Worth checking out

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream

What you need to know: It improves the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and lines around your eyes.

What you’ll love: This lightweight formula works on all skin types to moisturize, improve elasticity and diminish wrinkles. Its active ingredients are vitamins C and B3, which leave your eye area supple and firm. It also contains TFC8, which nourishes and renews your skin.

What you should consider: Some users said their results did not warrant its cost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Sephora

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