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Best ice roller

Which ice roller is best?

Health and beauty experts recommend ice rollers as a chemical-free way to reduce inflammation at home. These products consist of a handle and roller top, and usually are made of stone or metal.

After several hours in the freezer, these devices retain sufficient cold to provide many cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. The ESARORA Ice Roller is the top pick because it uses cold-retaining gel to shrink pores and calm irritated skin.

What to know before you buy an ice roller


Beauty benefits: After a few hours in the freezer, press and roll the ice roller on your face to reduce inflammation. Many users roll the device under the eyes to reduce morning puffiness, and an ice roller can be great for soothing redness caused by acne or rosacea. Since cold causes skin to constrict, consumers also can use ice rollers to shrink enlarged pores.

Pain relief: Many health practitioners recommend ice packs for reducing swelling caused by injuries. Ice rollers are similarly great for minimizing swelling and relieving pain. In addition to sore muscles, you can use ice rollers on sunburns, bug bites and rashes to numb the affected area. Rubbing an ice roller on your forehead and temples can soothe headache pain, offering a healthier alternative to traditional, over-the-counter pain relievers.


Stone: While they may not retain cold as well as other materials, stone rollers made from jade or quartz typically are smaller and more affordable than other materials. The use of jade rollers on skin dates back to ancient China.

Stainless steel: Steel rollers are the best at retaining cold for extensive periods of time but often are heavier and more expensive than other materials.

Plastic: These roller tops are lightweight and durable but typically don’t stay cold as long as steel. Some plastic roller tops are encased in a gel-like material. This gel is less durable than traditional plastic but boasts impressive cold retention.

Ice rollers vs. cold compresses

Ice packs can be awkward to handle and typically melt or warm up rather quickly. While ice rollers provide the same benefits as compresses, their compact sizes and contoured handles are better suited for focused relief on specific areas. They also stay cold for long periods of time without wetness.


Tops and handles

You can detach some ice roller tops from the handles. This lets you freeze the tops while keeping the handles at a comfortable temperature. Look for handles with contoured designs or silicone coatings for more comfortable grips.


Since certain ice roller tops can easily break, they occasionally come with carrying cases for portability and protection. These cases often have pockets or pouches for holding replacement roller tops and other accessories.

How much you can expect to spend on an ice roller

The cost of an ice roller varies depending on the quality of the material and included features. Expect to pay $5-$45 for most ice rollers.

Ice roller FAQ

Do ice rollers work?

A. Yes. Using a cold source to reduce swelling and inflammation is a well-established treatment in modern medicine. By harnessing cold temperatures with a handheld device such as a roller, you receive these benefits without the use of medication or beauty products.

Do ice rollers help with wrinkles?

A. While there isn’t much research to confirm the long-term relationship between ice rollers and wrinkles, it’s been established that the application of freezing temperatures temporarily increases blood circulation and tightens the skin.

What’s the best ice roller to buy?

Top ice roller

ESARORA Ice Roller

What you need to know: This reliable ice roller uses a gel top to provide extended periods of cold relief.

What you’ll love: The ESARORA ice roller has nine color options, including pink, red and purple. The gel top is wide enough to treat your neck and back, and this roller has a removable head for additional convenience.

What you should consider: The ice roller top might be too wide and unwieldy for areas around the eyes and nose.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ice roller for the money

Dragonfly Ice Roller

What you need to know: This compact ice roller is affordable and great for delicate facial regions.

What you’ll love: This small roller has a stainless steel top full of water and gel. These contents freeze to provide long-lasting cold relief. The ice roller also comes with a durable PVC handle and an acrylic case for travel.

What you should consider: The compact size means this roller is only suitable for use on the face.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RoselynBoutique Jade Roller

What you need to know: This jade roller comes with two stones for the price of one.

What you’ll love: The roller comes with two sizes of smooth jade. Roller tops are sculpted to match the contours of the face. It also comes with an additional gua sha scraper.

What you should consider: Jade breaks easily. Be careful when placing it in or removing it from the freezer. Some users reported stones that arrived already broken.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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