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Best tampons for a heavy flow

What is the best tampon for a heavy flow?

Menstrual blood flow differs with each individual, with some people having heavier flows than others. There are numerous tampon styles effective for various body types and flows, and it is important to choose tampons without toxic chemicals for vaginal health and hormones. When buying tampons for a heavy flow, consider the product's level of absorbency, what it is made of and its effects on the environment.

Topping the list of best tampons for a heavy flow is L. Organic Regular Compact Tampons. It is a crowd favorite because of its nontoxic materials and smooth applicator design.

What to know before you buy tampons for a heavy flow


The cotton used for towels, clothes and tampons likely was sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, unless the specific product claims to be organic. Consider purchasing tampons free of chlorine, pesticides and other synthetic dyes. Not only can these substances irritate the skin, but they can make periods more painful than they already might be. If a product is organic, it tends to be safer for sensitive skin.


Tampon products that claim to be eco-friendly are made with biodegradable plant-based ingredients and are sustainably packaged. This type of tampon may be less smooth to insert than one with a plastic tampon applicator, but it does not contain BPA and other chemicals contained in plastic. When buying tampons online and in a store, the description will say if it uses sustainable ingredients or not. Look up the listed ingredients if you are unsure. Just because a product is organic and uses natural ingredients does not ensure these ingredients were sustainably sourced.


There are varying levels of absorbency to consider when purchasing tampons for a heavy flow. For the first few days of your period, do not use tampons designed for a light flow; this will not be enough protection for a heavy flow. Start at a greater level of absorbency and adjust as your flow decreases.

  • Light: These tampons are more discrete and easier to insert, but will not last as long. Wearing these for longer than one or two hours poses a leaking risk for those with heavy flows.
  • Regular: These tampons work for those with heavy flows but you should check every hour for leakage or wear a pantyliner for added protection.
  • Super: These tampons are a great starting point for individuals with heavy flows. You can use one for up to four hours and it will provide most people the leak protection needed to get through much of the day.
  • Plus: These tampons provide the most protection but also are the most painful to insert because they are bigger. It is less painful to insert a smaller tampon for less hours. Those with a wide-set cervix may prefer the protection of a plus-size tampon.

What to look for in quality tampons for a heavy flow


The tube from which the tampon is released is called the applicator. This can be made from many materials but the most popular are cardboard and plastic. The best tampons feature a nontoxic biodegradable applicator with a click function to let the user know when the tampon is properly inserted. The cardboard applicator makes for a less-smooth insertion, while the plastic style typically is rounded and goes in very smoothly.

Leak-locking Technology 

Some products claim to have leak-locking technology to trap and hold blood odor. You can use these products for longer periods on average, but do not exceed the maximum amount of time listed on the box. In general, no matter how many hours a product promises to prevent leakage; a tampon should only be worn up to eight hours at a time. This limits the chances of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome. When buying these products, check if the product contains petroleum-based chemicals rather than naturally sourced ingredients to make this feature possible.


Some tampons feature a long, braided string and others feature a small, thin string at the end of the tampon. If the string is long and braided, it provides extra protection and is easier to locate when removing the tampon. If the string is small and thin, it will be discreet, but is more difficult to remove and provides less leak protection.

How much you can expect to spend on tampons for a heavy flow

Tampons for heavy flows vary in price, but you can likely find one that fits your needs and budget. The least-expensive tampons cost $5-$7 per package. These often are less sustainable and contain synthetic dyes. Mid-range tampons are $8-$12, provide good absorbency, come in several sizes and have an option for a BPA-free applicator. The best tampons with the most ideal features typically cost $11-$20.

Best tampons for heavy flow FAQ

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome and how can I avoid it?

A. Toxic Shock Syndrome is a condition that occurs when wearing a tampon for a long period of time. The flu-like symptoms can come on suddenly and get worse quickly. To avoid getting TSS, use lower-absorbency tampons and change them more often. Do not leave a tampon in for more than eight hours. If you are worried and do not want to take the chance of getting TSS, use a pad or menstrual cup.

How long is too long to keep in a tampon?

A. Users should not wear a tampon for longer than eight hours at the risk of getting TSS or other bacterial infections. The recommended length of wear typically is located on the side of the packaging. Do not exceed this limit.

What should I do if I accidentally insert two tampons?

A. Due to the small cervix opening, a tampon cannot get lost inside your body. If you forget to remove a tampon and insert another, you can get the tampons out by pushing as if you were going to release stool, which will move the tampon toward the vaginal opening.

What are the best tampons to buy for a heavy flow?

Top tampon for heavy flow

L. Organic Regular Compact Tampons  

What you need to know: This tampon is made with certified organic cotton. It does not contain chlorine bleach, pesticides, fragrances or dyes and is BPA-free.

What you’ll love: The applicator is designed to be inserted comfortably. For every L. product you purchase, one is made accessible to a person who needs it.

What you should consider: Some users reported having trouble getting the tampon out of the applicator.

Where to buy:  Sold by Amazon

Top tampon for heavy flow for the money

Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons

What you need to know: This product features a smooth, plant-based applicator for easy insertion and is made with certified organic cotton.

What you’ll love: These tampons are gynecologist tested and hypoallergenic. They are made for users with sensitive skin and do not have added fragrances. The tampon applicators are made from BPA-free plastic and are 95% plant-based materials.

What you should consider: Some users experienced discomfort when pulling out the applicator.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rael Organic Cotton Compact Tampon 

What you need to know: These tampons are made with responsibly sourced organic cotton without toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals, and features a smooth, plant-based applicator with a rounded tip.

What you’ll love: The absorbent cotton core expands evenly to provide leak-free protection for up to eight hours. This product features a click design for added security.

What you should consider: The string is very thin and the super version may not be leak protectant enough for a heavy flow.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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