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Best night moisturizer

Which night moisturizers are best?

If you want beautiful, glowing and youthful-looking skin, you need moisture. Daily moisturizers certainly can help you achieve glowing skin, but you also need to use a night moisturizer to replenish the moisture you lost during the day. Night moisturizers can help you achieve supple and hydrated skin overnight. The Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer is the best night cream.

What to know before you buy a night moisturizer

Skin type

The main function of your skin during the day is protecting itself from bacteria, weather, air pollution and UV rays. Your skin then regenerates while you’re sleeping, and any lack of sleep can boost your cortisol levels and worsen skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. It’s important to find the right night moisturizer for your skin type, whether you have acne-prone skin, sensitive skin or oily skin.

You might have psoriasis or eczema if you have sensitive skin, so you need a night moisturizer that’s lightweight and free of fragrances. Also, look for hypoallergenic night moisturizers with simple ingredients. If you have oily skin, find a noncomedogenic and lightweight night moisturizer with gentle astringents and salicylic acid. If you have acne-prone skin, look for a noncomedogenic night moisturizer with bacteria-killing agents.

Apply serum first

If you use a serum at night in addition to a night moisturizer, apply the serum first. If you apply the serum after your night moisturizer, your serum won’t fully absorb into your skin.


Store night moisturizer in a cool, dry spot in your home. If you live in a hot and humid climate, store your night moisturizer in the refrigerator to keep it as cool as possible.

What to look for in a quality night moisturizer


Most night moisturizers have a subtle scent, but some moisturizers are heavily fragranced. There are some night moisturizers on the market with a fragrance like lavender to help you fall asleep more easily. If you have sensitive skin or a fragrance allergy, look for a night moisturizer without fragrance.


Night moisturizers tend to be thicker than day moisturizers because they contain high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and retinol. You can find lighter night moisturizers on the market, which is beneficial if you have acne-prone skin.

Application mechanism

Night moisturizers usually come in pump dispensers, lotion tubes or small jars. It’s fairly easy and straightforward to apply night moisturizer: Simply rub a small amount into your hands to warm up the moisturizer, then apply the night moisturizer evenly to every part of your neck and face.

How much you can expect to spend on a night moisturizer

Night moisturizers vary in price from about $30-$140, depending on the quality. You can find a hydrating and efficient night moisturizer for about $30-$50, while well-known luxury night moisturizers go for more than $100, and high-end night moisturizers cost over $100.

Night moisturizer FAQ

At which age should you begin using night moisturizer?

A. Your skin care needs differ as you age, but night moisturizer works well for all age ranges. It’s a good idea to start using night moisturizer regularly when you’re in your 20s.

When should you apply night moisturizer?

A. You should apply night moisturizer as you start winding down each night and preparing for bed. Apply the night moisturizer right after washing your face.

Do you need to rinse night moisturizer off your face?

A. Whether you need to rinse off your night moisturizer depends on the moisturizer you use. You can rinse off some night moisturizer formulas in the morning after you sleep in them, but standard night moisturizers don’t need to be rinsed off in the morning. You would strip your skin of moisture by washing it in the morning.

What’s the best night moisturizer to buy?

Top night moisturizer

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer

What you need to know: This trusted night moisturizer from Clinique is considered a cut above the rest with a plumping formula.

What you’ll love: This night moisturizer works well for those with sensitive skin as well as acne sufferers. The night moisturizer is also noncomedogenic, fragrance-free and paraben free.

What you should consider: Some customers said they had drier skin after using this night moisturizer.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Top night moisturizer for the money

Burt’s Bees Night Cream

What you need to know: This night cream is fragrance-free and formulated for sensitive skin.

What you’ll love: This night cream has been allergy tested and has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

What you should consider: Some customers said it wasn’t as nourishing as they had expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BeeFriendly Skin Care Rest and Repair Night Cream

What you need to know: This thick night cream contains natural ingredients, including raw honey, royal jelly and olive oil.

What you’ll love: This night cream is labeled USDA Organic and is “Climate Pledge Friendly.” There are no synthetic chemicals or fillers.

What you should consider: Some customers thought the cream was a little too thick and had a less-than-pleasant smell.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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