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Braun electric razor vs. Philips electric razor

Are Braun or Philips electric razors best? 

Although electric razors don’t offer quite as close a shave as manual razors, electric razors are a more convenient and safer option. If you’re looking for a quality electric razor that’ll contour to your face, provide a nice, clean shave and last a long time, Braun and Philips are great options to consider. Both brands offer several great electric razors with key features and shaving styles designed to suit user preference.

Braun electric razors

Braun electric razors have a foil system that allows the user to move the blade up and down for a nice, clean shave. Most Braun razors have two or three separate shaver foils. These foils, which consist of around 900 ergonomically designed holes, take hold of and cut the hair on your face. In the middle, between the shaving foils, there’s a vibrating trimmer. This component helps push stray hairs into the foils. Some trimmers pop out for a more precise shave, while others come separately as attachments.

Some Braun razors work best on dry skin, while others work well on wet skin. Several of the newer designs adjust the power to the foils when dealing with thicker or coarser beards or facial hair. This allows them to work even when other options may not.

Braun electric razors range in price, with many between $180-$300.

Braun electric razors pros

  • Best for a classic shave with a smooth up and down motion similar to a traditional razor
  • Great for those who want a quick shave
  • The vibrating middle trimmer easily guides hair to the shaving folds
  • The foil system helps collect and shave hair while protecting your skin
  • Offers a closer shave than many other electric razors
  • Work on wet or dry skin
  • Highly portable for those on the go
  • Blades last around 18 months with frequent use

Braun electric razors cons

  • Some razors don’t come with pop-out trimmers
  • The cost of Braun’s foil razors is higher than most rotary razors
  • Some models have a short battery life
  • Manual razors provide a closer shave

Best Braun electric razors

Braun Series 9 Cordless Electric Foil Razor

Made of titanium and weighing around two pounds, this sturdy, efficient electric razor provides a very close shave without the fear of nicks and cuts. It has four powerful cutting elements that use AutoSense Technology to help capture additional hairs during each shaving stroke. With a clean and charge station, this razor was built to last.

Available at Amazon


Braun Series 7 Cordless Electric Foil Razor

Lighter-weight than the previous model, this razor uses a stainless steel blade that offers a great shaving experience at a lower price point than newer models. The OptiFoil system can cut hair as short as .05mm, making for a very close shave. Although not as powerful as the Series 9, this razor comes with many of the same features that make this razor a great mid-range option.

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Braun Series 5 Cordless Electric Foil Razor

This razor comes with an eight-direction comfort head for a close, contoured shave. It also has two SensoFoil blades and shaving foils that protect the skin. One of the more budget-friendly options by Braun, this electric razor makes for a great entry-level option.

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Philips electric razors

Philip electric razors offer an entirely different shaving experience to many other electric razors on the market right now. These razors come with distinct rotary heads that shave in different directions. This helps maximize shaving coverage, while also cutting the hair in hard-to-reach areas like around the jawline or Adam’s apple.

Similar to Braun razors, Philips electric razors last around 30-45 minutes at full charge. Some razors last longer, however. With many other features, like the SmartClean system and handy LED displays, Philips offers a lot in each product.

Philips electric razors range in price. They can be $35-$300.

Philips electric razors pros

  • The rotating heads turn in different directions, which lets them cut stubborn hairs with ease
  • Philips razors come with additional smart features that make them a more budget-friendly option than other electric razors
  • Newer models last more than 45 minutes without needing a charge
  • Some razors have a self-cleaning system that keeps the razor in top shape
  • The blades last around 24 months with regular use and care

Philips electric razors cons

  • These razors use a non-traditional shaving system, which can be difficult to get used to
  • Some older models require eight hours to reach a full charge, but newer options are fully charged within an hour
  • Manual razors offer a closer shave
  • Some newer models are expensive

Best Philips electric razors

Philips Norelco S9721/89 Shaver

Each shaving head can move in eight directions, making this rotary razor perfect for those who want to easily shave difficult-to-reach areas more effectively. This model has adjustable speed settings and a SmartClean PLUS system that cleans, charges and primes the razor for the next shave. Overall, this electric razor offers a pleasant, contoured shaving experience.

Available at Amazon


Philips Norelco Shaver 7700

This rechargeable, cordless electric shaver provides a close shave without breaking the bank. The blades are surrounded by protective, ComfortGlide rings that prevent irritation to the skin. Plus, this razor includes a quick-clean pod and a pop-up trimmer for a precise, comfortable shave.

Available at Amazon


Phillips Norelco Shaver 2300

This stainless-steel electric razor is a great entry-level option for those who need something quick and convenient that still provides a close shave. With ComfortCut blades that are easy to open and wash, this razor is designed to last a long time. At full charge, it has 40 minutes of battery life.

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Should you get a Braun electric razor or a Philips electric razor?

Both Braun and Philips offer long-lasting electric razors that provide a smooth shave. With its foil shaving system, Braun is better for those who prefer a more traditional shaving style akin to a manual razor. However, if you want a razor that reliably contours to your face and you don’t mind the unique circular style of shaving, a Philips razor may be a better option.

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