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Best Better Not Younger product

What Better Not Younger product is best?

Better Not Younger is a hair care brand founded by Sonsoles Gonzalez in 2019. It offers a wide range of products for your hair and scalp that address common concerns, such as hair loss and thinning. Hair tends to change as adults get older, and this brand focuses on providing healthy solutions that strengthen your hair, boost its health and make you feel beautiful. For a fantastic product that is effective and easy to use, the Better Not Younger Superpower Hair and Scalp Duo Set is fantastic. 

What to know before you buy a Better Not Younger product


Parabens are chemicals commonly added to hair and skin care products to increase their shelf life. However, they can have mild to harsh side effects with long-term use. Better Not Younger products do not contain any parabens or chemicals that may be too harsh on your skin. This makes it safer to use and less likely to irritate your scalp or damage your hair.  

Hair/scalp type

Everyone has specific needs, and the products you choose should address those issues. If you have: 

  • Oily scalp: Your hair produces excess sebum, and you may need to wash it more frequently. The best products for this are balancing or strengthening products, such as shampoos for oily hair.
  • Dry scalp: Your hair gets itchy or flaky easily. You should use moisturizing and hydrating products and avoid products that strip away moisture.

If you are not sure what works best with your hair, you can take the Better Hair quiz available on the brand’s website, which recommends products that are specific to your hair type.


All Better Not Younger products are vegan, which means they do not contain any ingredients gotten from animals or animal byproducts. They are made through plant-based and sustainable formulations. Better Not Younger is also a cruelty-free brand and does not test its products on animals.

What to look for in a quality Better Not Younger product

Packaging and application

Better Not Younger products come in cute, aesthetic bottles. They are sleek and designed for easy application with pumps, spray nozzles and droppers that allow the products to quickly reach the roots of your hair. The bottles come in boxes that are recyclable and safe for the environment.


According to Better Not Younger, its products are designed to change the narrative around hair changes in older adults. The products help strengthen hair follicles that are susceptible to breakage and encourage healthier hair that boosts your confidence and beauty. According to the brand, visible results can be seen from as early as five to eight weeks of use.  


Some Better Not Younger products are infused with subtle fragrances; they should not overpower the senses or make you feel heady when used. The fragrances are noticeable after immediate wear and reduce with time to gradually blend with the natural scent of your hair. On the other hand, some of its products are completely unscented, making it a good choice if you are easily irritated. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Better Not Younger Product

Depending on the product and its size, Better Not Younger products cost about $19-$75.

Better Not Younger products FAQ

Are Better Not Younger products designed for colored hair?

A. All its products are safe to use on color-treated hair. 

Is Better Not Younger hypoallergenic?

A. Yes, the products are noncomedogenic and will not irritate sensitive skin.  

What is the shelf life of Better Not Younger products? 

A. It's best to use the products within three years of purchase. 

Do Better Not Younger products work for men? 

A. Men will benefit from some of the products, but they are primarily made to address concerns in women’s hair. 

What’s the best Better Not Younger Product to buy?

Top Better Not Younger product

Better Not Younger Superpower Hair and Scalp Duo Set 

What you need to know: This two-piece set feels like a mini spa day and contains a leave-in serum and a scalp massaging applicator comb.

What you’ll love: The lightweight serum has a nongreasy consistency that soothes your scalp and reduces irritation without weighing your hair down. It also contains certain herbs and kelp extract, which are great for strengthening hair follicles. The superpower comb can either be used with the serum as an applicator or without the serum as a scalp massager.

What you should consider: Serum tends to leak from the applicator if it is not stored upside down.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

Top Better Not Younger product for the money

Better Not Younger Full Transparency Discovery Kit 

What you need to know: This fragrance-free and revitalizing hair care set contains an intense care shampoo and conditioner.

What you’ll love: It is infused with chia seed extract and omega-3, which encourages healthy hair growth. It also gives your hair a clean and natural shine without stripping it of any moisture or making it feel greasy. This set is perfect for thinning hair, as it thickens the hair, restores shine and nourishes your locks.

What you should consider: You may need to spend a longer time than usual rinsing off the thick gel-like consistency of this product. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Better Not Younger Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque 

What you need to know: This is a deep conditioning mask designed for graying hair. 

What you’ll love: This contains powerful ingredients that reduce the brassiness and yellow tones that often come with graying hair. It has a light, appealing scent and has a smooth nut butter texture that makes your hair feel silky and luxurious. It can also be used in place of your regular conditioner.

What you should consider: Some people find its consistency too heavy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Ulta Beauty

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