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10 best zombie makeup looks

Best realistic zombie makeup to buy

Zombie costumes have become a staple of Halloween and fancy-dress parties. It’s a scary look and simple to create at home. 

Advanced makeup formulas and special effects cosmetics are now widely available. Professional techniques have also become more accessible through online tutorials. So it’s easier than ever to create a screen-worthy DIY zombie look. You just need the right kit at your side. 

Zombie makeup kit features

The best part about zombie makeup is that zombies are supposed to look messy. So, even if you’re not confident about your makeup skills, it’s worth trying out more advanced materials such as liquid latex. Some of the items you can look out for in zombie makeup kits include:

  • Face paint: Face paints provide a great base for any Halloween costume, including your zombie makeup. Using face paint, you can achieve a deathly pallor and blend in any fake scars or wounds for a realistic effect.
  • Fake blood: You can get liquid blood to carefully paint onto your face or choose a spray bottle for your clothes. It’s also useful for hiding any mistakes you’ve made with the rest of your makeup.
  • Blood capsules: Designed to provide a dripping effect on the face, body or hands, blood capsules add a realistic element to your zombie makeup look. Simply squeeze the capsule onto your skin and let the blood drip dramatically down your face or body. 
  • Fake flesh: Whether you craft something yourself with liquid latex or choose a kit with simple stick-on wounds, fake flesh lets you create a monstrous zombie effect. Beginners may be more comfortable with a stick-on solution. But liquid latex lets you get really creative and build up scars and wounds as big or small as you like. Some kits lie in the middle, with stick-on flesh strips that you can cut and shape whatever way you like. 
  • Tooth makeup: Perfect pearly white teeth don’t really fit into the zombie aesthetic. So, many zombie kits come with items that let you create a rotten effect on your teeth. You can use tooth wax to create gaps in your grin. Or, you can use special tooth dye to blacken or yellow teeth.
  • Applicators: You can use your hands to do zombie makeup. But to create finer details, you’ll need makeup applicators. For example, most face paint is best applied by dipping a sponge in water and rubbing it into the paint. A small brush is useful for creating lines and detail over your base paint. When it comes to liquid latex, a small spatula and pointed brush let you create realistic, jagged scars and make the latex easy to sculpt.

Best zombie makeup kits to buy

Mehron Zombie Flesh Makeup Liquid Latex

This liquid latex can be used to create 3D aged or peeling skin effects or nasty-looking zombie wounds. It comes with clear, simple instructions and is cruelty and paraben-free.

Sold by Amazon

Fun World Zombie Makeup Kit

If you’re looking for a simple way to apply zombie makeup, this kit has everything you need and is simple to apply. It includes a color makeup tray with four shades, horror flesh, fake blood, tooth blackening and a sponge and brush for application.

Sold by Amazon

Liquid Latex Fashions Fake Blood and Liquid Latex Combo Kit

This liquid latex and fake blood combo is perfect for creating various zombie looks. You can combine both to make scars, gashes, monster skin, zombie skin, 3D wrinkles and other wounds you may want to sport with your zombie outfit.

Sold by Amazon

Rubie's Costume Zombie Makeup Kit

This is an inexpensive and simple kit that is perfect for one-off Halloween costumes for kids. It includes face paint, zombie skin and blue blood capsules for a simple and effective zombie look.

Sold by Amazon

Spooktacular Creations Halloween Family Makeup Kit

If you want to create a diverse set of looks for a group of zombies, this kit has 25 pieces, including latex, fake blood, face paint, crayons, tooth wax and scar wax. With a dozen different face paint colors, you can reuse the kit for other scary Halloween looks.

Sold by Amazon

Mehron Makeup Five-Color Bruise Wheel for Special Effects

Created for special effects, this five-color makeup set is perfect for creating a blended zombie look. The green helps create a bruised effect and the deep red lets you make a bloody zombie cut, rash or wound.

Sold by Amazon

Joyin Halloween Makeup Set

This kit comes with 12 assorted colors, five face crayons, two artist brushes and tooth wax to create the perfect zombie look. The set also comes with wound, cut, bite and stitched skin stickers to make yourself an even scarier zombie.

Sold by Amazon

Double Ideal 3D Halloween Temporary Face Tattoo Sticker 

For a horrifying effect, this 3D zombie face fake bloody wound sticker is a good choice. The sticker is water and sweat-proof and can be used by adults or kids over three years old to create a ripped facial skin effect.

Sold by Amazon

Mehron Zombie Flesh Face and Body Paint

This pigmented makeup cream creates a matte finish without the need for setting powder for a gray zombie flesh effect. This base makeup is an excellent backdrop for other tooth, eye and blood effects that all go into the zombie look.

Sold by Amazon

Spooktacular Creations Liquid Latex and Fake Blood

If you’re a bit more confident in your artistic skills, you can use these 18-ounce bottles of liquid latex and fake blood to create zombie skin and wounds anywhere on your body. The latex dries quickly on the skin and easily snaps or peels off when you’re ready to remove it.

Sold by Amazon


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