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Best deodorant for hyperhidrosis

Which deodorant for hyperhidrosis is best?

It doesn’t even have to be sweltering outside for those with hyperhidrosis to need protection from wetness and sweat. Those who suffer from hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating, and that can occur from the armpits, hands, feet and other areas of the body. It can be disruptive, uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

A doctor can recommend different medication and therapies to help your condition, but it’s also good to have a quality deodorant that can give you some much-needed relief. Our top pick is Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant.

What to know before you buy deodorant for hyperhidrosis

What is antiperspirant?

Deodorant to prevent sweat will include antiperspirant. Unlike deodorant, which was designed to specifically combat odor, antiperspirant was designed to prevent underarm perspiration, though most still prevent odor. Antiperspirants typically use aluminum-based compounds which literally attempt to plug pores. 

When to see a doctor

Not all cases of hyperhidrosis are equal — some are much more severe than others. It may be a result of other medical conditions, such as anxiety, thyroid issues, infections and even cancer, so it’s always recommended that you see a doctor if excessive sweating becomes a problem, so you can rule out any serious conditions.

Treatment options

Provided there aren’t any underlying medical conditions, there are prescription-strength antiperspirants to combat excessive sweating that typically contain a higher concentration of aluminum chloride to block sweat from the pores. 

Alternative treatments include botox, nerve-blocking medications and, in extreme cases, sweat gland removal and surgery. 

How to use and apply

More isn’t necessarily better. Put on too much antiperspirant and it can clump up and flake off, actually making it less effective. You want your skin to be clean and dry before you apply the antiperspirant evenly to the entire underarm area. That means two or three full strokes are often sufficient. 

What to look for in deodorant for hyperhidrosis

Types and forms

Much like traditional deodorant, you have options when it comes to how you can apply antiperspirant. Most resemble that of deodorant and come available in stick, gel, roll-on and spray forms. 

Deodorants and antiperspirants for hyperhidrosis are a little different in that they are also available in powders, lotions, creams and wipes applied directly to the underarm. They typically contain the same active ingredients, but some might be more convenient for you, especially if you’re on the go. 


Antiperspirants aren’t as focused on masking odor as much as they are eliminating it, so they tend not to have the same fragrance options as regular deodorant. The scents that are available tend to be more neutral and have a clean, refreshing aroma.  

How much you can expect to spend on deodorant for hyperhidrosis

Most over-the-counter deodorants for hyperhidrosis will cost between $7-$15, but depending on the ingredients used they can run all the way up to $45. 

Prescription hyperhidrosis deodorant with multiple application steps and a Iontophoresis machine, which involves sending a gentle electric current through water to shut down your sweat glands, can cost over $100, but that is only necessary in extreme cases when all other options have not yielded any positive results.

Deodorant for hyperhidrosis FAQ

How do I clean stains from the antiperspirant?

A. The combination of sweat and antiperspirant can cause yellow patches on white shirts. The best way to treat the stains is to wash your shirts immediately after wearing them with hydrogen peroxide, bleach sticks or ammonia.

Can antiperspirants cause breast cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease?

A. Although more research needs to be conducted to determine long-term effects, The National Cancer Institute currently feels there is no scientific evidence to show any linkage between the use of deodorant or antiperspirant and breast cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Can deodorants and antiperspirants for hyperhidrosis work on other parts of my body?

A. Technically, yes. The active ingredients in antiperspirant were designed to block pores, thus preventing sweat. That can work on your feet, hands, or other parts of your body where you sweat excessively. However, the same product you buy for your underarms might not be ideal to apply to other parts of your body. There are products specifically designed to apply to your hands and feet to prevent sweat that may be easier to apply and be more effective. 

What are the best deodorants for hyperhidrosis to buy?

Top deodorant for hyperhidrosis

Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant 

What you need to know: This dermatologist-tested, clinical strength deodorant fights odor and wetness while using only five ingredients.

What you’ll love: This is a fragrance-free formula that has been designed to treat hyperhidrosis without irritating sensitive skin. This deodorant does not contain many of the common irritants found in other brands, such as dyes, parabens, formaldehyde, ethanol and other preservatives.

What you should consider: Some customers mentioned that the deodorant left a sticky residue under the arms after it dried.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top deodorant for hyperhidrosis for the money

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant

What you need to know: This is a budget-friendly, doctor-recommended clinical antiperspirant.

What you’ll love: This deodorant boasts 12% of the active ingredient aluminum chloride, which offers maximum strength protection from perspiration and odor. This prescription-strength antiperspirant offers the same benefits without having to see a doctor.

What you should consider: Due to the high amount of active ingredients, it is imperative to apply the deodorant exactly to the manufacturer directly to avoid irritation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SweatBlock Deodorant Antiperspirant

What you need to know: This freshly scented deodorant comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

What you’ll love: The easy-to-apply, roll-on gel is pH-balanced and won’t irritate sensitive skin or damage your clothes. Pair this deodorant with other SweatBlock products to other areas of the body for full-body relief of hyperhidrosis.

What you should consider: Customers have stated this product is most successful for those with mild to medium cases of hyperhidrosis.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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