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Best Harry Potter makeup brush

Which Harry Potter makeup brush is best?

The quality of the makeup brushes you use can make a big difference in the results you see with contouring and shading. For a blended and finished look, you often need to select brush sets containing various shapes, sizes and textures so you can optimize your application with professional results. For fans of Harry Potter who enjoy the vibe and aesthetic of using magical-themed objects in their beauty routine, there are several gorgeous and high-quality options to choose from, whether for daily purposes or special occasions.

The AprFairy Wizard World Potter Makeup Brushes Set offers a 10-piece aluminum brush set in silver with wand styles you will recognize from the Harry Potter series, which makes an excellent gift or an even better self-care item for muggles everywhere.

What to know before you buy a Harry Potter makeup brush


Harry Potter makeup brush sets often come with five to 10 wand options, all of which have a specific function and look reminiscent of a character’s wand from Harry Potter. Nearly all Harry Potter makeup brush wand sets will contain a reproduction of the Elder Wand (or Dumbledore’s wand). Some will include a variation on the look of Lucius Malfoy’s and Harry Potter’s wands.

Standard brush sets

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle in your cosmetic application aesthetic, try these makeup brush sets that are high-quality and reasonably priced for their value. A standard makeup brush set will typically include a powder brush, an eye-shadow brush, a concealer brush, a blender brush and a brow or lip brush. Many more shapes, sizes and options are available for makeup enthusiasts and professional makeup artists in larger sets.

Harry Potter-themed makeup application

For cosplay, theme parties or just for fun, there are many video tutorials online for applying Harry Potter themed makeup which ranges from showcasing your Potter pride with house colors to character-specific instruction for a copycat look of Hermione, Harry and more. For a Gryffindor look, think burgundy lipstick with metallic gold eye shadow. You can apply the same idea to each Hogwarts house in their respective colors.

What to look for in a quality Harry Potter makeup brush

Natural vs. synthetic bristles

Natural makeup brush bristles are typically animal hair, such as goat or horse. They tend to feel softer, provide a smoother makeup application, distribute products evenly, buff out and aren’t scratchy. Synthetic makeup bristles use less makeup are generally streak-free, are ideal for applying eye shadow and aren’t sourced from animals. 

Makeup brush basics

Applying makeup is just another art form that requires the best tools for the job. Using the right makeup brush for the right part of your face will always yield the best results. A powder brush will have bristles spaced in the best format to evenly disperse powder over your skin, a blush brush should dispense a more concentrated amount of blush for your cheekbones, a thick foundation brush should be able to apply your liquid makeup properly and an eye-shadow brush needs to be able to blend your eye shadow into the lid.


Naturally, there is skill and technique involved in applying each specific kind of makeup that requires practice. As a general rule, when selecting your brushes, densely bristled brushes apply a fuller coverage, while fluffier brushes are better suited to a light dusting of powder. As you gain familiarity with your new brushes, you’ll feel how well they blend and work with your complexion for best results.

How much you can expect to spend on a Harry Potter makeup brush

Harry Potter makeup brushes are reasonably priced at a range that starts around $10 and goes up to approximately $25. The higher-priced cosmetic sets typically mean more brushes and a greater variety of brushes than the more budget-friendly options.

Harry Potter makeup brush FAQ

How often should you clean makeup brushes?

A. Many skin care experts and dermatologists recommend cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week, with particular attention to brushes you use for foundation and concealer. This will prevent product build-up and help from clogging your pores with oil and germs leftover on the brush. Cleaning them even more frequently, about twice or three times a week, is even better.

Can you use the same makeup brush for different types of makeup?

A. While there are different types of makeup brushes meant for specific applications of products, you can mix and match the brushes however you like. That said, it isn’t wise to use one brush for more than one color, type or consistency of makeup as it might not create a smooth and polished finished look.

What's the best Harry Potter makeup brush to buy?

Top Harry Potter makeup brush

AprFairy Wizard World Potter Makeup Brushes Set

What you need to know: This highly-detailed set from AprFairy has 10 pieces and includes a lip, eyebrow and powder brush in gorgeous ornate wands that are sure to please any Harry Potter fan.

What you’ll love: These brush handles are made of metal and not of plastic, the bristles are soft and the set includes a velvet carrying pouch that makes it a little more luxe.

What you should consider: A very small number of reviewers indicated that the heads of the wands weren’t secured as tightly as they could be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Harry Potter makeup brush for the money

WeChip Store Wizard Wand Brushes 

What you need to know: This extremely budget-friendly five-piece set from the WeChip Store feels sturdy, heavy and comfortable to hold for makeup application.

What you’ll love: These make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer for people who are interested in makeup and are fans of the Wizarding World. With their excellent price point, softness and heft, they are a great buy.

What you should consider: A couple of customers felt the brush bristles weren’t all glued in the same way and were, therefore, slightly uneven.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Revoq ZOND Original 10 Magical Themed Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

What you need to know: This durable 10-piece Harry Potter aluminum wand makeup brush set is gorgeously well made and is surprisingly lush for makeup application.

What you’ll love: These sturdy makeup brushes feel like higher-end brushes for a lower price and are very smooth and gentle with no scratchiness whatsoever.

What you should consider: Some reviewers indicated that these brushes are particularly fluffy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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