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Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer review

I’ve found different trimmers work well for different purposes. For instance, one that works best on sideburns might not be as effective for manscaping. This is why I own several.

Unfortunately, my bathroom cabinet is overflowing with personal grooming accessories, along with other products such as beard combs and various beard balms. Since Wahl has a comprehensive beard trimming kit, I wanted to see if I could make some space using the Wahl Groomsman Battery-Operated Beard Trimmer as my all-in-one trimming solution.

What is the Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer?

The Wahl Groomsman Beard Trimmer is an affordable trimming kit that comes with everything you need to groom your beard and maintain your trimmer. It has an ergonomic design, a battery-powered option and self-sharpening stainless steel blades. It includes three fixed guards and one adjustable guard, creating 10 different trimming lengths.

How does a Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer work?

You need two AA batteries to power the Groomsman. To operate, choose a trimming length and install a fresh battery. Then, press the red travel-lock button down to slide the power switch up into the “on” position. When finished, press the red travel-lock button down and slide the power switch down into the “off” position. To clean, simply remove the guard and brush off all clippings. 

What you need to know before purchasing a Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer

This battery-powered trimmer is ideal for beard grooming and spot trimming. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as effective since it didn’t feel very sturdy in my hand. However, it operated as expected, with its performance being comparable to my other, higher-priced trimmers. 

There are a lot of accessories included with this kit. This increases its versatility, potentially making it the only trimmer you require. On the downside, you need space to store these parts.

If you plan to regularly use the Groomsman trimmer on other parts of your body, it will work fine. However, since this model is battery-powered and it only lasted for about 30 minutes, the cost of replacing batteries might become prohibitive. The rechargeable Groomsman is a better option for this purpose.

Where to buy a Wahl Groomsman beard trimmer

The Wahl Groomsman battery-operated beard trimmer is available on Amazon for just $12. The rechargeable model is available on Amazon for $24.00.

Other beard trimmers worth considering

Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

If you want a high-end beard trimmer, this Remington is a solid option. It has a digital touchscreen that lets you choose from 175 shaving lengths (in 0.1-millimeter increments) for unparalleled precision. It has a recall setting for convenience, so the trimmer wakes to the last length you used most recently.

Sold by Amazon

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

The dial-up design of this beard trimmer lets you quickly select between 10 trimming lengths. The blades have a rounded, skin-friendly edge that lessen irritation and mean fewer scratches. You can detach the blade for quick and easy cleaning.

Sold by Amazon

Gillette Styler

The Gillette Styler is a beard trimmer and ProGlide Razor combination that comes with three comb attachments. The razor is compatible with most of Gillette’s five-blade razor refills, and the trimmer is shower-safe.

Sold by Amazon


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