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Best leather makeup bag

Which leather makeup bag is best?

So many drugstore makeup bags can feel flimsy and temporary. When you want to give yourself a treat and carry your makeup in something more substantial, a fine leather makeup bag is a great choice. Protect your cosmetics and travel in style while keeping everything organized. If you’re looking for a stylish leather makeup bag, the Kate Spade New York Spencer Small Dome Leather Cosmetic Bag is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a leather makeup bag

How much makeup you want to carry 

Are you the kind of person who needs to carry a lot of options in a full range of colors? Or do you prefer to bring a handful of go-to essentials and travel light? The selection you need to feel prepared to put on a full face or do a quick touch-up will dictate what kind of leather makeup bag you need. Opt for one with compartments and pockets for longer trips and bigger selections. Choose a small but stylish bag for carrying a handful of must-haves.

Whether you want to go vegan

If you love the leather look but have moved away from actual leather, you’re in luck, because there are great “leather PU” options that simulate the look almost perfectly. 

Matching it to your look

If you like having your makeup brushes, makeup bag and luggage match, be sure to find a makeup bag that fits your color scheme. Otherwise, feel free to add a pop of color with a fun, bright makeup bag that gives you joy whenever it’s time to reach for your lip gloss.

What to look for in a quality leather makeup bag

Sturdy materials

Makeup bags get a lot of wear and tear, so be sure your leather makeup bag will protect your makeup while on the go. If you opt for a small bag, it’s handy if it can stand easily on its own so you can look inside it while applying your products. If it’s a hanging bag, be sure the hanging hook is strong and well-made.

Good zippers

No one likes a messy makeup spill. There are steps you can take to keep most messes to a minimum, like pack cream and solid versions of your favorites, leave the powders at home and put spill-prone items in Ziploc bags. But making sure your makeup bag closes securely is the last line of defense to keep the rest of your things from getting messy. So make sure your leather makeup bag closes tightly.


Keeping things organized is key while on the move. Compartments not only help with keeping things tidy, but they act as shock absorbers to protect fragile items and old favorites. If you’re going to be bringing a sizable collection of cherished items, be sure everything has its place with a makeup bag with good compartments.

How much you can expect to spend on a leather makeup bag

A vegan leather bag is about $15-$20. A real leather makeup bag will cost between $60-$100, depending on size.

Leather makeup bag FAQ

How can I clean a leather makeup bag?

A. Even if you pack your makeup carefully, the time will come to clean your bag. Real leather can be tricky to clean and doesn’t respond well to water. Begin by shaking out the bag to get out any debris, powder and the eyeliner shavings that inevitably work their way into makeup bags. Use a special leather cleaner for the exterior and wipe a small spot first to make sure the cleaner won’t discolor your bag. If it’s a lined bag, turn the liner inside out and clean with a sponge dipped in soapy water and wrung dry. Vegan leather bags can just be wiped clean inside and out.

Can I carry brushes in my leather makeup bag?

A. It’s good practice to carry your makeup brushes separate from your makeup in the event you have a spill or a shattered eyeshadow. Makeup brushes come in contact with your face and should be as clean and uncontaminated as you can keep them. One fun thing to do, if you like matching accessories, is to buy a leather brush roll in the same color as your makeup bag. You’ll feel like an artist every time you unroll your makeup brushes!

What’s the best leather makeup bag to buy?

Top leather makeup bag 

Kate Spade New York Spencer Small Dome Leather Cosmetic Bag

What you need to know: You can’t go wrong with Kate Spade. This small clutch-style makeup bag is roomy enough to carry everything you need to touch your look up on the run, but small enough to fit in most purses.

What you’ll love: The luxe saffiano leather is buttery soft and supple. The gold-tone zipper and pull are a great accent. 

What you should consider: The light fabric interior is prone to staining, so carry only solids and don’t expose the bag to heat.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top leather makeup bag for the money

Gonex Small PU Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

What you need to know: Over 3,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong: This leather-look makeup bag comes in a range of color options and keeps your makeup safe.

What you’ll love: Lightweight and water-resistant, this is the perfect makeup bag to slip in your carry-on. 

What you should consider: If you’re looking for the “splurge” feel of real leather, this vegan version doesn’t have that.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tartan + Twine Rose Quilt Double Zip Train Case

What you need to know: This is a gorgeous train-case-style bag with plenty of pockets and room for all your favorites. 

What you’ll love: The quilted look, chevron detailing and gold hardware look luxurious. Separate compartments for brushes and interior zip compartments keep even your small items safe and organized. 

What you should consider: This bag is on the bulkier side, so if you’re looking for a small bag to slip into your purse, this is not the one for you. It’s great on a trip or whenever you want to take a good amount of your makeup collection with you.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty


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