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Best baby lounger

Which baby loungers are best?

Baby loungers can help keep your little ones near you and comfortable during the day. Baby loungers have pillow-like designs with hollowed-out centers and plush padding for cradling your baby comfortably while you catch up on household chores and enjoy some hands-free time with your child. The Rahoo Baby Learn & Lounge is the perfect baby lounger for your little one.

What to know before you buy a baby lounger

Different styles

Baby loungers come in a few different styles, including chair loungers, baby nests, oval loungers and traditional pillow loungers or floor seats. Chair loungers are similar to lounging chairs that adults use, while baby nests or oval loungers have a flat and padded base that is surrounded by soft bumpers on every side of the lounger.


Baby loungers come in a wide range of different sizes, and it’s important to find a baby lounger that is small enough to give your child a sense of safety and security but large enough to accommodate the growth and development of your baby.

Safety features

Babies can often develop new skills, like sitting forward or rolling over, overnight. That’s why it helps to find a baby lounger with safety features, like substantial bumpers and deep contours, to help protect your baby from falls and tumbles.

What to look for in a quality baby lounger


The most common materials for baby loungers are bamboo, cotton, poly/cotton blends and polyester, since they provide a great balance of breathability and softness. These materials also tend to be hypoallergenic, which is perfect for your child’s sensitive skin.

Cleaning ease

Babies tend to be messy, and leaks, blowouts, drool and spit-ups are a standard part of daily life when you have a newborn baby. That’s why your baby lounger should be as simple to clean as possible. Look for a quality baby lounger with machine washable and removable covers.


Some baby loungers have tabs that you can loosen to accommodate the growth and development of your baby or tighten for a better and more secure fit. This adjustable baby lounger will enable you to customize the comfort of your child and provide room for your baby’s growth.

How much you can expect to spend on a baby lounger

Baby loungers range in price from under $35-$200. The most basic baby loungers go from under $35-$50, while mid-range baby loungers cost about $50-$100 and high-end baby loungers vary in price from about $100-$200.

Baby lounger FAQ

Can you use a baby lounger outside?

A. Yes, you can absolutely use a baby lounger outside. You can dock the baby lounger on almost any flat surface, as long as it’s secure and safe. Just never leave your child unattended, and make sure that the location where you are placing the baby lounger is stable.

Can your child sleep in their baby lounger?

A. No, your child cannot sleep in their baby lounger. Your child’s body position could change while they’re asleep and block their airway, so a baby lounger is not safe for sleeping.

For how long can your child use their baby lounger?

A. The amount of time a baby lounger can be used for differs from one baby lounger to another. Round pillow baby loungers can typically accommodate your child from birth to about four months of age or the age at which babies show signs of rolling over on their own. 

Oval-shaped nest baby loungers with bumpers are larger and can typically be used up until your child is about 12 months old. Some of these baby loungers come with an option for you to undo the bottom bumper for extra legroom, which could give your child a couple of extra months of baby lounger use.

Chair-style baby loungers usually provide about 12-18 months of use. That being said, the steep incline of the chair baby lounger is not meant for newborn babies, and you should read and follow the recommendations from the manufacturer before using this kind of baby lounger.

What are the best baby loungers to buy?

Top baby lounger

Rahoo Baby Learn & Lounge

What you need to know: This superior baby lounger is created by specialists to help infants form a more rounded head.

What you’ll love: This supportive Rahoo baby lounger is the top three-in-one lounger for lounging, tummy time and nursing and works well for newborns up to six months or up to 16 pounds. The baby lounger is also machine washable and composed of 100% cotton.

What you should consider: This Rahoo baby lounger comes at a more expensive price point than similar baby loungers.

Where to buy: Sold by Buy Buy Baby

Top baby lounger for the money

LeachCo Podster Sling Style Lounger

What you need to know: This budget-friendly baby lounger from LeachCo is lightweight and perfect for portability and everyday use.

What you’ll love: This inexpensive LeachCo baby lounger is machine washable and made in the United States with combined fabrics and cotton and polyester. The baby lounger is ideal for carrying with you to the park or throughout your home.

What you should consider: Some babies are no longer comfortable in this baby lounger after turning two months of age.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Worth checking out

Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock The All in One Baby Lounger

What you need to know: This portable and versatile baby lounger from Dockatot enables you to finish your chores while your baby is comforted and entertained.

What you’ll love: This Dockatot baby lounger is perfect for playing, tummy time and naps and made from breathable materials. The baby lounger is also machine washable and comes in 21 different patterns and colors.

What you should consider: This baby lounger is more expensive than similar baby loungers from other brands.

Where to buy: Sold by Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond


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