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Best RV tire cover

Which RV tire covers are best?

The RV lifestyle continues to grow, and more people want to enjoy the freedom and adventure associated with vacationing in a motorhome. However, most RV enthusiasts can only enjoy their RV seasonally, meaning they have to store their vehicle safely during the off-season. It’s important to consider how to protect your mobile home’s tires when you’re not using them. To ensure your tires aren’t damaged by the elements, you should invest in a set of RV tire covers.

The Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover set provides all-around protection for your mobile home’s tires. The thick material and snug fit helps prevent dry rot and premature deterioration from sun and weather exposure.

What to know before you buy RV tire covers

Because RVs traditionally travel vast distances, it’s important to keep your tires in optimum condition. High-quality RV tire covers go a long way towards staying safe, as well as keeping your expenses down. Many RV owners opt for light-duty truck tires since they can withstand heavy loads during highway travel. Regardless of the type of tire you select, you can extend their life by using tire covers to protect them. Here are a few things that could damage your tires.

Sun damage

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a leading cause of tire damage. Because tires are constantly exposed to sunlight, they are under a constant barrage of destructive radiation. Tire covers will completely shield your tires against the sun’s rays, meaning you can store your RV outdoors without worrying that your tires will decay prematurely due to excessive UV exposure.


Tire covers help seal your RV’s tires from rain, snow and any other sources of moisture. While most people don’t associate water with tire damage, it can still cause issues. And the fewer elements you expose your tires to, the longer they will last.

Extreme temperatures

While indoor storage is your best defense against dramatic temperature swings and harsh conditions, tire covers help when you have to store them outdoors. They prevent the sun from directly warming rubber tires, and they keep snow and ice from coming into contact with your wheels.

Dirt and dust

Dirt and dust can blow into the moving parts of your wheels. In desert climates, sand tends to wear components down over time. Tire covers, especially those that wrap around the back of the wheel itself, keep flying particles from accumulating on your tires and wheels.

What to look for in quality RV tire covers

Coverage and fit

Select a tire cover that completely covers your tire, other than the part that makes contact with the ground. Better coverage means better protection, so be sure to read and measure carefully to ensure your tire cover fits the entirety of your wheel.


From vinyl to reflective aluminum, RV tire covers come in many materials. For those who store their RV outdoors, reflective metal covers prevent heat buildup and sun exposure. You should select a material that prevents water from seeping in and blocks humidity which can lead to rust and damage. Carefully consider what kind of elements your RV will encounter and select a cover that protects them against the most common factors in your area.

Fastening method

Choose an RV tire cover set that secures the covers snugly around your tires. Some models feature clips and straps to stay in place, while others use bungee cables or cords. Choose a method that will stay in place while your vehicle is in storage but are easy to put on and take off when needed.

Looks and color

While RV tire covers are utilitarian items, you can find designer models for those who wish to match their RV’s color or design. Be sure to prioritize functionality over aesthetics, since protecting the integrity of your tires should be foremost in your mind. If possible, select the lightest color available. Dark covers will absorb more heat, which will transfer to your tires. Lighter colored covers will reflect the heat and keep tires cool.

Cover count

Many covers come in sets of two or more. Consider the number of tires you need to cover before making a purchase. You can use RV tire coverson other vehicles as well, so buying them in bulk may come in handy when it comes to storing summer vehicles, boat trailers and more.

How much you can expect to spend on RV tire covers

RV tire covers range in price due to material, size and cover count. You can find quality sets of up to four covers for $30-$60. Larger covers, or single units sold outside of a set, can cost as much as $70.

RV tire covers FAQ

Do I need tire covers if I store my RV indoors?

A. Those who can store their RV indoors may not need to invest in tire covers, since they won’t face exposure to the elements. However, if you store them in an outdoor shelter, there’s not enough protection to get away with leaving your tires uncovered.

How do I protect the bottoms of my RV’s tires in storage?

A. It’s best to protect your tires by ensuring they don’t make contact with the ground, so never store your RV on the bare dirt or grass. However, you can place pads under your tires to keep moisture and dirt at bay. Also, make sure you park your RV on even ground to have an even distribution of weight on the tires.

How do I clean my RV tire covers?

A. Clean your RV tire covers by housing them down with water. Allow them to dry completely before storing them, as this will prevent damage from moisture or mildew.

What are the best RV tire covers to buy?

Top RV tire covers

Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover

What you need to know: Made from thick, durable vinyl, these covers will protect your wheels and tires from rain and sun.

What you’ll love: These RV tire covers feature a waterproof exterior and a soft, non-scratch interior. They block UV rays and include an elastic band to help keep them snug. Multiple sizes are available.

What you should consider: These covers only come in pairs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RV tire covers for money

Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack

What you need to know: This tire cover set comes in multiple colors and designs.

What you’ll love: If you want an economical set of four tire covers, these protect your motorhome on a budget. It comes in multiple designs and has an easy removal and application process, which means you’ll spend less time adjusting your covers and more time on the road.

What you should consider: Some users report inconsistencies in the sizing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors

What you need to know: These tire covers have a reflective aluminum outer material.

What you’ll love: Reflect the sun and heat with this set of four shiny tire covers. They come in many sizes, making them a great fit for RVs, trailers and vehicles of all types.

What you should consider: Buyers recommend purchasing a size larger than you need, as these covers run small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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