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Best GPS car mount

Which GPS car mounts are best? 

Having quick, easy access to your TomTom, cellphone or whatever electronic you use to help navigate the road makes for a safer driving experience. A GPS car mount will secure your device so you can focus on driving. 

If you want the best GPS car mount available, check out the top choice iOttie One-Touch Dashboard and Windshield Mount. Manufactured with the customer in mind, it can move in any direction, has a compatible app and stays in place once mounted. 

What to know before you buy a GPS car mount

GPS receivers

Before looking at car mounts, you should consider the type of GPS receiver you have. Each has its benefits and works better with specific mount types. 

For example, a handheld GPS comes with a variety of features and in various shapes and sizes. Their flexibility makes them a favorite for bicycles, motorcycles and cars. 

Handheld receivers are typically portable and can withstand a few drops, unlike car receivers which are typically more fragile. This makes them perfect to not only guide you to the trail, but along it as well. A handheld GPS is best used with a clip when mounting it on a motorcycle, but a suction cup mount is recommended for cars.  

Mount types

The best GPS mount types include suction cups, friction and vent mounts. While these mounts are specifically for GPS devices, there are also several options for people who use a cellphone as a GPS.

Typically suction cup mounts are the most reliable and versatile, unlike vent mounts that are weaker and can slip off if your device is heavy. Suction cup mounts are easy to attach and remove from the windshield or dashboard with a press of the lever. One downside may be that they end up leaving a mark on your windshield. 

For that reason, some people turn to heavy friction mounts to avoid marking their glass. Friction mounts have a textured, rubber bottom with weights to keep it in place as you drive around town. They don't leave any marks and are easy to remove and replace, but the convenience comes at a hefty price. 

The last type is a Velcro-fitted mount. These are great at keeping your GPS in place on your dashboard, but it is typically less flexible than its counterparts, and you can't move it from one spot to another. 

Check the law

The last thing you need is to get pulled over and cited because of your GPS car mount. In some states, it's illegal to mount anything to your windshield. If you want a suction cup mount and won't accept another type, then avoid breaking the law by placing it directly on your dashboard. 

What to look for in a quality GPS car mount


A GPS car mount is there to help you safely navigate the roads to your destination—the emphasis being on safely. Typically, the higher a car mount is placed on the dashboard or windshield, the more that road visibility is decreased. When placing your GPS car mount, take the time to find the best spot for optimal road visibility. 


A quality GPS car mount should be extremely user-friendly, meaning you shouldn't have to struggle to operate the mount or your GPS unit. The best GPS car mounts are intuitive and shouldn't cause even the slightest confusion. 


Before you order a car mount that you noticed in your friend's car, check to see if it's compatible with your device. Most mounts will work with any device, but some are brand or model-specific. 

How much you can expect to spend on GPS car mounts

You can expect to spend between $10-$37 for the best GPS car mounts. This price may increase if any additional items are necessary for installation or use. 

GPS car mounts FAQ

Are GPS windshield mounts illegal?

A. Laws about hands-free operation and GPS mounts on a windshield vary from state to state. However, they are illegal in 28 states, so the best practice is always to double-check the laws where you’ll be traveling before you mount your GPS. It's even more important when you consider that some states like Hawaii and California are particular about exact mount placement. 

How do I fix a suction cup car mount that won’t stick?

A. This is a problem that many people face when they accidentally purchase a low-quality mount. The best way to get a suction cup to stick is to use moisture, like water, cooking oil or even Vaseline. Some brands have remedied this problem by introducing dashboard pads that help ensure the cup stays in place when you're driving around. 

What are the best GPS car mounts to buy?

Top GPS car mount

iOttie Easy One-Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Universal Car Mount 

What you need to know: This all-star car mount is always there when you need your phone to get you around town. 

What you’ll love: Unlike some suction cup car mounts, the iOttie One-Touch features a powerful suction cup that won't lose its grip on either the windshield or dashboard. It's compatible with most smartphones and can tilt, swivel and adjust to your needs. Users can connect with the companion app to see where free parking is available. 

What you should consider: Due to the robust suction cup and dashboard mount, it can be difficult to move once placed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top GPS car mount for the money

Garmin Suction Cup Mount

What you need to know: This dependable mount is the best compatible option for Garmin GPS device owners. 

What you’ll love: This affordable mount has a suction cup that is strong for its price range and uses a highly functional ball and socket design. It's not the fanciest of car mounts, but its effectiveness puts aesthetics in the back seat. 

What you should consider:  It is only compatible with Garmin GPS devices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Garmin Portable Friction Mount

What you need to know: If you've had horrible experiences with suction cup mounts, consider one that won't lose its hold because of weight. 

What you’ll love: This mount features a textured bottom with four arms that adjusts to your dashboard to hold itself in place. It's an excellent choice for people who need to move their GPS unit to a different car and is highly durable. Similar to the Garmin Suction Cup Mount, this unit is optimized for Garmin devices. 

What you should consider: It's on the more expensive end of GPS car mounts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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