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Best electric dryer

Which electric dryer is best?

Everyone deals with laundry, and all laundry needs to be dried. Unless you already have a gas hookup in place, an electric dryer is your best choice. There's plenty to consider when looking for the right model, from the overall capacity to whether you need a vented or ventless model.

We've put together this guide to help you find the best electric dryer for you. Our favorite model is the Samsung ft. Electric Dryer, a modern-looking energy-efficient option with a range of useful features.

What to know before you buy an electric dryer

Vented vs. ventless

The majority of dryers require a vent to work. This is a ducting hose that comes out from the back of the dryer, releasing hot air and moisture. It needs to be vented out of your house to avoid dampness, so it's usually done through a hole in the wall or out of a window, both of which can be inconvenient. However, newer technology has brought us ventless dryers. These models don't require venting, instead they collect moisture in a tank, which must be emptied. They use either condenser or heat-pump technology, but the results are ultimately the same. Although ventless dryers can take a little longer than vented models to dry clothes, they're far more convenient.


Dryers can have a capacity of anywhere between four and nine cubic feet, although somewhere between six and eight cubic feet is average. When deciding what kind of capacity you require, consider that a four-cubic-foot model can dry the equivalent of around six bath towels, whereas nine-cubic-foot models can tackle around 15 in a load.


Some electric dryers have extremely simple settings with just a timer and a couple of temperature settings. Other models have a wide range of preprogrammed cycles for various types of clothes.

What to look for in a quality electric dryer

Moisture sensor

Electric dryers with a moisture sensor automatically shut off when your laundry is dry. This helps keep your energy bills down, but sometimes moisture sensors aren't accurate and shut off your dryer when clothes are still damp.


The detangle function helps prevent sheets and other large items from becoming tangled together, which makes putting your laundry away much easier.

Wrinkle reduction

If you hate ironing, look for an electric dryer with a wrinkle-reduction feature. This leaves your clothes with as few wrinkles as possible, so they're ready to wear straight out of the dryer.

Electric dryer prices

You can find some very basic electric dryers for $300 or less. High-end models with all the bells and whistles can cost more than $1,000.

Electric dryers FAQ

Is an electric dryer better than a gas dryer?

A. One is not necessarily better than the other; they're just two different power sources for the same kind of appliance. Many people choose electric dryers over gas dryers because they're easier to install. To use a gas dryer, you need a natural gas line in the position where you want to place your dryer, whereas an electric dryer just needs a power outlet. Electric dryers tend to cost less than gas dryers, too, but they cost far more each month in energy expenses.

How often should I clean the lint trap in my electric dryer?

A. You should clean the lint trap after each cycle to keep your dryer running effectively. If you choose a ventless model, you should also empty the water collector after every couple of cycles and clean the condenser unit around once a month.

What electric dryers are best to buy?

Top electric dryer

Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot Electric Dryer

Our take: With 10 preset drying cycles and five temperature settings, you can truly personalize this machine to meet your drying needs.

What we like: It offers effective sensor-dry technology and a large 7.5-cubic-foot capacity. A light inside the tumbler will help you recover all your laundry.

What you should consider: Because the dry cycles are so customizable, some users find it complicated to adjust the machine to their needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot.

Top electric dryer for the money

Hotpoint 6.2 cu. ft. 240-Volt White Electric Vented Dryer

Our take: It might not have all the bells and whistles of high-end models, but this is a solid dryer at an affordable price.

What we like: The dial controls are extremely simple to use. It offers a decent 6.5-cubic-foot capacity and a wrinkle-prevention option. It also offers several timed-cycle options, as well as auto-dry.

What you should consider: It's a little louder than the more expensive models.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot.

Worth checking out

GE 7.2-Cubic-Foot 240-Volt Electric Vented Dryer

Our take: This is a fairly compact model that's ideal for smaller homes but still has an excellent overall capacity.

What we like: Quiet-by-Design sound protection means it's perfect for use in spaces where dryer noise is an issue. It has four drying temperatures and a range of preset cycles and is sturdy and reliable.

What you should consider: The moisture sensor is not always accurate.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot.


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