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The best Nike swim trunks 2021

What are the best Nike swim trunks for 2021?

With hot weather and sunshine fast approaching, it’s time to update your summertime wardrobe. For those who like spending their summer at the beach or poolside, a good pair of swim trunks is a fantastic option for both wet and dry wear. It may come as a surprise to learn that Nike, the biggest name in sports gear, makes casual swimwear as well. Here’s a look at what the infamous brand has to offer.

What to know before you buy Nike swim trunks

Swim trunks are the most popular swimwear for men in the United States, and they come in many sizes and styles. To find the best pair of Nike swim trunks for you, make sure to consider waist fit, trunk length, color and style are all as flattering as you’d like. Of course, the most important factor is comfort, so find a pair of trunks that fit and feel great.


If you’ve gone from athlete to couch potato, or if you’ve been stuck indoors for a while, your waistband size may have changed since the last time you were at the beach. Thankfully, unlike swim briefs, Nike swim trunks have either an elastic or drawstring waistband, or a combination of the two. Standard waist sizes range from small to double-XL, but if you have any questions about your size, Nike size charts are easy to find online.


The length of the swim trunks can affect performance and confidence alike, so it’s crucial to choose trunks with a length that feels comfortable. Nike swim trunks vary in length anywhere between 4 or 5 inches and 10 inches or more. As a general rule, longer shorts are flattering on average to tall men, medium-short and short for anyone under 5 foot 6 inches or taller with an athletic build. 


When it comes to style, it’s all about you. Nike swim trunks come in various colors and designs, from plain and neutral to vivid and splashy. Without too much searching, you’re sure to find a pair that matches your personality. Also, consider the length when you browse for your best look.


It doesn’t matter how your Nike swim trunks look if they aren’t comfortable. If you can’t safely try a pair on, check the retailer about details like “fits true to size” or “big and tall,” differences that can make or break a comfortable swim. Generally speaking, Nike swim trunks are consistently rated highly for comfort, so follow your instincts when making your choice. 

What to look for in a quality pair of Nike swim trunks


Many Nike swim trunks use recycled materials, like nylon and polyester. All Nike swim trunks include a lightweight polyester mesh brief lining, with pockets made from the same mesh. One particular material advantage some pairs have is an exterior finish with Nike’s patented REPEL water repellent, making them dry fast for a quick return to land. Check the material details with the retailer before purchasing, just to be safe.


One big difference between Nike athletic swim briefs and Nike swim trunks is the space for pocket storage. Most trunks include mesh-lined side pockets at the seam, and a rear pocket that clasps shut with either velcro or a hoop-and-button. However, some newer trunks come with an additional, waterproof pocket designed to keep smartphones dry.


Another advantage trunks have over brief is their functionality out of the water. Many Nike swim trunks feature rapid drying technology, making a quick return to shore activities easy. Also, when dry, some pairs are indistinguishable from casual summertime walking shorts.

How much you can expect to spend on Nike swim trunks

Nike swim trunks range in price between $30-$70.

Nike swim trunks FAQ

Should I buy Nike swim trunks for competitive swimming?

A. No, trunks are built for more casual swimming and wading, but Nike sells a wide variety of performance-grade swimwear.

Why are the pockets and lining made from mesh?

A. Mesh material allows air and water to flow more freely, reducing drag and preventing air bubbles from the inner area of the trunks. The mesh also helps your swim trunks dry faster.

What’s the best pair of Nike swim trunks to buy?

Top Nike swim trunks

Nike Men's Essential Lap 7” Volley Swim Trunks

What you need to know: Made entirely from recycled materials, these medium-short trunks are a great balance of coverage, function and comfort.

What you’ll love: They include a back patch pocket with grommet and an inner mesh media pocket. They’re also highly-rated with nearly no negative feedback.

What you should consider: The only consideration is fit and comfort.  

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Nike swim trunks for the money

Men's Nike Contend 9-inch Volley Swim Trunks

What you need to know: These are the casual length that comes to mind when thinking of swim trunks, great for average height and body type and leaves the wearer comfortable and confident.

What you’ll love: Nike REPEL durable water-repellent finish, variety of dark and neutral colors.

What you should consider: This pair is less flattering for shorter stature.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Nike Multi Logo Vortex 5-inch Volley Swim Trunks

What you need to know: Though on the shorter side, these trunks are fashionable and lightweight, made of recycled nylon and cinched with an adjustable drawstring.

What you’ll love: They have breathability, less drag during distance or lap swimming and available variety of color blocks.

What you should consider: Shortest size on the market, not ideal for beach swimming.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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