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Best boys' swim trunks 2021

What are the best swim trunks for boys in 2021?

Whether your summer plans include beach days, hanging out by the pool or simply running through a sprinkler, you'll want to ensure your kids' wardrobe can accommodate any adventure. A quality pair of swim trunks is a must-have summer clothing staple.

Kanu Surf Boys' Echo Quick-Dry Swim Trunks are a favorite due to their fashionable prints and high UPF rating. After learning more about boys' swim trunks style, fit and extra features, you'll be able to find the perfect pair of swim trunks to suit your lifestyle.

What to know before you buy boys’ swim trunks 

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing boys’ swim trunks. 

Types of boys’ swimwear

Swim trunks are one of the most common types of swimwear for boys. Length is one of the categories that define swimwear. Trunks end above the knee and can even be as short as mid-thigh. Most trunks have an elastic waistband.

Boardshorts are longer than swim trunks, usually ending right at the knee or even a little below. Designed for water or beach sports like surfing, wakeboarding or beach volleyball, the longer length provides more coverage to allow for a wider range of movement. They are also loose enough that they don’t ride up. 

Swim briefs

Swim briefs are tighter and shorter than swim trunks, resembling boxer briefs. While trunks and boardshorts are popular in the United States, briefs tend to be popular in many other countries.

Types of activity

One area to consider before deciding on the perfect pair of swim trunks is what you’ll be doing in them or where you’ll be going. If participating in sports, you’ll want to get the proper length that ensures everything stays put and they’re not constantly riding up. If the swim trunks are for a little one who enjoys playing in the sand for hours, a pair of swim trunks with an elastic waistband and no pockets to store sand would be better.

What to look for in a pair of quality boys’ swim trunks

Here are a few features that may be beneficial in boy’s swim trunks.

Sun protection

Just like sunscreen offers an SPF rating to protect your skin, clothing can also have sun protection called ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). While SPF measures how long sunscreen will protect against UVB rays, UPF measures a fabric’s ability to block UVA and UVB rays. For example, a UPF rating of 50 means your swim trunks allow 1/50th of the rays to penetrate your swimwear. The bigger the number, the better protection. While sunscreen is always an excellent idea, UPF swim trunks will offer additional protection. 

Adjustable waist

It seems like kids are constantly growing. While it’s adorable to watch our children grow, a growth spurt usually means a trip to the clothes store. Most swim trunks have an adjustable waistband which allows kids to wear them longer. A functional elastic drawstring will prolong wear even further, so it’s a great feature to have in swim trunks.


No one likes sitting in soggy, wet swim trunks. Fortunately, swimwear fabric has come a long way in recent years, and quick-drying swim trunks are much easier to find. Some even offer water-repelling material that doesn’t soak up a ton of water in the first place. While certain fabrics tend to dry quicker, like polyester blends, most manufacturers will list whether or not their swim trunks are quick drying.

How much you can expect to spend on boys’ swim trunks

Boys’ swim trunks will cost you between $10-$50. The price varies depending on quality, material and style.

Boys’ swim trunks FAQ

Do all boys’ swim trunks come with a mesh liner?

A. While most swim trunks come equipped with a mesh liner or netting, it varies by brand and style. Generally speaking, most shorter swim trunks tend to have the mesh liner while longer board shorts do not.

Can I machine wash my swim trunks?

A. You should be able to machine wash most boys’ swim trunks. However, it’s always wise to pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your swim trunks in their best condition.

What’s the best boys’ swim trunks to buy?

Top boys’ swim trunks

Kanu Surf Boys’ Echo Quick-Dry Swim Trunks

What you need to know: The Echo Swim Trunks are high-quality with a UPF 50+ and are available in over 35 fashionable prints. 

What you’ll love: These quick-dry shorts are machine washable and come with an elastic closure. Side pockets and cargo pockets allow for more storage. With an extensive size range from 2t to 20, all boys can find their perfect fit.

What you should consider: Some users have found the sizes to be inconsistent. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top boys’ swim trunks for the money

Maamgic Toddler & Boys Swim Trunks

What you need to know: Toddlers and older boys will enjoy the abundance of stylish prints and comfortable fit of these quick-dry swim trunks.

What you’ll love: The elastic waistband is functional, and a rating of UPF 50+ adds extra sun protection. Choose from over 40 patterns.

What you should consider: The shorter length is only available in toddler sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nike Boys’ Big Logo Solid Lap Volley Swim Trunks

What you need to know: These swim trunks are made by a reliable brand and come in eight solid colors. 

What you’ll love: They are machine washable and come with an elastic waistband. The side pockets are made of mesh to allow for water and sand drainage. Water repellent finish sheds extra moisture.

What you should consider: There have been reports of the sizing running a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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