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We found dupes of the most popular fashion staples of 2022 worth checking out

These must-have fashion items are equally as stylish as designer pieces

Maybe you have your heart set on a dress you saw on the red carpet or a handbag that was trending on social media. But the problem is that your bank account doesn’t align with your heart’s desire. Fortunately, there are fashion dupes for your favorite high-end staples that cost a fraction of the prices you’d have to pay to wear those with designer names. 

Finding fashion alternatives that are stylish and affordable can be challenging, but the results are looks you’ll love to show off and money saved. To guide you as you begin to fill up your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that rival pricey items, we’ve compiled some tips and found a few staples that you can use to create high-fashion styles without breaking your budget. 

Why wear dupes?

Saving money is the top reason to invest in dupes of the styles you love that are expensive when made by luxury brands. Clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories from top fashion designers can cost thousands of dollars, which is out of reach for many fashionistas. Quality, low-cost alternatives are just as fashionable. In fact, it’s difficult to tell the difference between some dupes and similar high-priced options.

Popular fashion dupes for 2022

You can find a reasonably priced substitute for just about any high-end fashion piece. However, there are staples that are currently on-trend, so it’s definitely worth searching for lower-priced alternatives to their designer counterparts.

  • Strappy sandals with chunky heels
  • Tops that are made of flowing, lacy or ruched material
  • Trousers with wide legs
  • Classic polo shirts
  • Varsity-style jackets
  • Totes in bold colors with traditional or artsy designs
  • Color blocking
  • Versatile dresses
  • Embellished high heel shoes
  • Realistic faux jewelry 

Tips for choosing fashion dupes

As you shop for fashion essentials that look great but don’t cost a lot of money, following a few tips will help you find items that work for your wardrobe.

  • Avoid knockoffs. Counterfeit items may look nice, but they are actually illegal to sell and purchase. What’s more, those who are familiar with particular designer brands are likely to be able to tell the difference between a fake and a real item. 
  • Skip logos that mimic those of high-end designers. These logos are intended to give a handbag, shoes, jacket or other item an expensive feel but tend to look cheap. 
  • Do your research. Study the designer items you love, then look for dupes with similar fabrics, designs, colors and more.
  • Choose versatile pieces. Shoes, clothes and accessories that you can mix and match will give you opportunities to create more looks, which will make your money go even further.  
  • Look for quality items at low prices. The idea of fashion dupes is to choose items that are priced well below designer pieces. 
  • Shop for top brands. Although luxury designer clothes and accessories are expensive, you can find pieces by popular brands that are reasonably priced.  

Best fashion staples dupes

Calvin Klein Gabrianna Slim Tote

With modern styling that gives it a high-end look, this tote looks similar to designer bags that cost thousands of dollars. It’s available in eye-catching orange or mango and also comes in classic black. Sold by Macy’s


Land’s End Tiered Sleeveless Maxi Dress

For less than $100, you’ll look right in style with this maxi dress that sports a unique tiered appearance. It’s available in a choice of colors and patterns, including popular color-block designs. Sold by Kohl’s and Amazon


And Now This Trendy Plus Size Ruched Poplin Shirt

We love this shirt’s ruched material that gives it an edgy look. The bold colors and scooped neckline are great for today’s edgy styles. Sold by Macy’s 


Vetaste Pumps with Jewel Buckles

Gorgeous high-heeled pumps adorned with bling are all the rage but can cost a small fortune. This pair boasts a similar designer look for an affordable price. You can choose from a selection of beautiful colors that make the rhinestone buckle pop. Sold by Amazon


Eliot Danori Silver-Tone Crystal Imitation Pearl Drop Earrings

These dangling, dazzling earrings look expensive but are available at a budget-friendly price. They are made of faux pearls, crystals and silver-tone metal that look like the real deal. Sold by Macy’s


Levi’s Varsity Bomber Hooded Jacket

Both bomber and varsity jackets are in style, but we’ve seen some that cost as much as $1,500. This inexpensive jacket combines the bomber and varsity look for a style that will get you noticed. It’s available in a choice of blue or red. Sold by Amazon


Carrera Pilot Sunglasses

The timeless design of these sunglasses will never go out of style. The fit is comfortable, as they are lightweight on the face. They may look expensive but are available at a price that is significantly lower than the cost of luxury sunglasses. Sold by Amazon 


Simply Vera Vera Wang Rotini Block Heel Sandals

These chunky sandals resemble premium designer pairs but come at a price that won't stress your budget. The ankle strap combined with the outsole treads makes them look both elegant and rugged at the same time. Sold by Kohl’s


MSK Mesh Wide-Leg Dress Pants

Wide-leg pants are in style for good reasons — they are versatile, comfortable and figure-flattering. They also pair nicely with heels and fancy tops for a classic look that works well for special occasions. Sold by Macy’s 


Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Jersey Polo Shirts

Polo shirts always look good but have recently been trending as part of the in-style preppy look. This affordable polo looks like those by top designers. It features a trim fit and is available in a large selection of colors and patterns. Sold by Amazon

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