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Best baseball jacket

Which baseball jacket is best?

The baseball jacket has been around long enough to join the ranks of classic American apparel that people from all walks of life don as athletic-inspired leisurewear. You don't have to be a jock to look like one.

The best of these timeless jackets have a flattering fit with a ribbed collar, waistband and cuffs. They also typically have a snap-front closure and leather arms. The Levi's Women's Drop Shoulder Denim Bomber Jacket is a top pick due to its roomy fit and trendy denim-on-denim design.

What to know before you buy a baseball jacket

What is a baseball jacket?

Baseball jackets are also known as letterman and varsity jackets. They are typically light- to medium-weight outerwear that can be worn before, after or during practice on a chilly day.

The arms are loose, giving you room to move around and taper toward your hand with an elastic cuff. The waist is also roomy and gathers at an elastic band to keep its hem out of the way.

Traditionally, these jackets have school and team initials on the chest, arms and back. However, many manufacturers use this space for brand or sports team logos.

Baseball jacket styles

There are three baseball jacket silhouettes to consider.

  • Classic: This shape fits close to your body and lands at your upper hip.
  • Cropped: This silhouette can be loose or fitted and sits at your waist or higher.
  • Oversized: This is typically loose, if not baggy, and rests low on your hips and sometimes your upper thigh.

How to get the right fit

To ensure that you get a baseball jacket that fits, grab a soft measuring tape and record your measurements. Regardless of your usual size, refer to the product's size chart before making your purchase. There are four areas you should measure.

  • Shoulders: Measure from the tip of one shoulder to the other. If you can, ask someone to take this measurement from your back.
  • Chest: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest with your arms down.
  • Waist: Draw the measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist, typically at the navel. Pulling the tape too tightly might result in a jacket size that is too small.
  • Hips: Place your feet together and wrap the measuring tape around the largest part of your backside.

What to look for in a quality baseball jacket

Quilted lining

While you can always layer your baseball jacket with a hoodie or sweater on frigid days, a quilted lining can keep you comfortable without them. The added insulation is usually breathable but traps your body's heat to keep you warm. It does not need to be thick and bulky like a puffer jacket. A thin layer can work wonders while maintaining a slim fit.

Welted pockets

Welt pockets lie flat against the jacket's sides and are finished with a reinforced border along the edge. The whole look tends to land foul without them because the border color typically matches the sleeves to complete the aesthetic.

Snap closure

While a baseball jacket might have a zipper closure, it should also have snaps from top to bottom. Typically, the snaps match the color of the sleeves and the welting on the pockets.

They are not vital to the overall look, but if you use the jacket as sports attire, the snaps help you quickly take it on and off.

How much you can expect to spend on a baseball jacket

Depending on the brand, style and materials, you can find one for around $40 to $200. However, you can easily get a quality jacket for $40 to $70.

Baseball jacket FAQ

Q. Can you personalize your baseball jacket?

A. Absolutely. Try getting some pins or sew-on patches that represent your favorite things. You are free to add as many as you want and can have fun with it.

Q. How can you ensure that the colored portion of your jacket won't run onto its white sleeves in the washing machine?

A. Take a wet white cloth and run it along the jacket's interior hem. If the color transfers to the cloth, it is apt to run in the washing machine, and you might want to take it to a professional.

What’s the best baseball jacket to buy?

Top baseball jacket

Levi's Women's Drop Shoulder Denim Bomber Jacket

What you need to know: This jacket is machine washable for effortless care.

What you’ll love: It is a warm jacket with dropped sleeves and denim-on-denim styling. It has a zipper and closure with a ribbed collar, waistband and cuffs. It also has two lower welt pockets at the hips.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said it runs a bit larger than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baseball jacket for the money

Coofandy Men's Slim Fit Varsity Jacket

What you need to know: This classic slim-fit jacket is ideal for mild weather.

What you’ll love: This button-up polyester jacket with long white sleeves has an elastic waistband and cuffs, with pockets at the hips. You can choose between a ribbed collar or a hood with a drawstring, and it comes in 25 varieties.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said it was a bit too thin for them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Jack Smith Unisex Baseball Hoodie Jacket

What you need to know: This lightweight unisex jacket has a hood that tightens with a drawstring.

What you’ll love: It's made of cotton and polyester and has a snap-front closure. It has striped elastics at the waistband and cuffs and comes in sizes S-3XL, in three colors.

What you should consider: Some buyers said its material was thinner than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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