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These sports bras provide the ultimate support for larger breasts

Find your ideal workout attire with these functional yet fashionable tops


Wearing a structured sports bra during your regular workout makes a difference not only in your style but the level of ease and comfort you have during your workout. Unlike traditional bras, sports bras are specialized to suppress movement and absorb moisture. 

Whether it be yoga, jogging or something more strenuous, a proper sports bra allows you to perform an assortment of exercises without back pain, which is a common struggle among those with larger breasts.  An ill-fitting bra may increase discomfort and even cause pain during your routine.  As such, it's important to find a sports bra that suits both your personal taste and level of comfort. 

What are the qualities of a good sports bra? 

The first consideration when searching for a good sports bra is fit. Sports bras should feel snug, but not restrictive. If your bra is too loose, it won't suppress any movement. If it's too tight, it may not allow you to breathe properly. For these reasons, it's important to know your cup size and band length. 

A good sports bra should also have proper back support and shoulder straps for those with larger breasts. Keep an eye out for crossed or racerback sports bras, which typically have reinforced support. Extra-wide shoulder straps are also a great way to relieve weight from your chest, shoulders and neck. 

Finally, it's important to consider the different types of sports bras. Compression bras firmly hold your breasts to your chest and are better suited for activities that require less movement. However, some larger-chested women may experience increased sweating and chafing with these bras. 

Encapsulation sports bras hold each breast separately. These are more suitable for larger cup sizes as well as a variety of activities. However, they may not suppress movement as much as some would like. 

Most sports bras today offer a combination of both styles, so determine what level of balance works best for you. 

Best sports bras for larger breasts

Panache Women's High-Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Shaped like a traditional underwire, the Panache sports bra offers intense support while remaining effortless to put on for all shapes and sizes. It features several color themes so you can enjoy both style and functionality. 

Sold by Amazon

Under Armour Women's High Crossback Zip Sports Bra

Thanks to the zip-up application, this Under Armour bra is simple to slip into and out of for your workout. It's intelligently designed with structured layering that allows for optimal support without sacrificing comfort or breathability. 

Sold by Amazon

Champion Women's Low-Cut Sports Bra

With smooth fabric and a contoured shape, this is a reliable bra made to ease fatigue and soreness from your workouts. The contrasting black and white accents add a bit of style to the look, so you can wear this bra by itself or with other gym tops. 

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IUGA Women's High-Impact Sports Bra

The IUGA sports bra is crafted with tough spandex that adds flexibility to fit snugly against your natural curves. The hook enclosure and cross back reduce the risk of back pain and injuries as you perform high-impact exercises. 

Sold by Amazon

Under Armour Women's Crossback Mid-Impact Sports Bra

Under Armour is a reputable source of high-quality athletic clothing. This sports bra has an X-shaped frame that sturdily holds everything in place while remaining ventilated and breathable. 

Sold by Amazon

Glamorise Women's Camisole Sports Bra

This modest and elegant sports bra has reinforced cups to support larger breasts. The mesh fabric covers up signs of cleavage and leaves room for airflow, so you can wear it under your preferred top. 

Sold by Amazon

Puma Women's Seamless Sports Bra

Puma delivers a well-rounded option with all the necessary qualities of a good sports bra, including flexible fabrics, removable cups and increased support. This bra is also specialized to highlight your curves rather than suppress them. 

Sold by Amazon

Running Girl Women's Sports Bra

Affordable, versatile and supportive, this is an excellent sports bra for beginners. It has removable cups, so you can decide how much coverage you want in the front. The variety of colors and crisscross back make it a popular pick. 

Sold by Amazon

Match Women's Wire-Free Sports Bra

You can get a matching trio of sports bras with this option or choose from various colors, depending on your preference. The extra-thick shoulder straps keep everything in place and compress any movement that may occur during cardio or strength-based workouts. 

Sold by Amazon

YIANNA Women's Padded Sports Bra

The Yianna sports bra has an ergonomic back that supports your breasts while maintaining a stylish appearance. It's moisture-wicking and flexible, making it a good choice for yoga or Pilates workouts. 

Sold by Amazon

New Balance Women's NB Breakthrough Bra

This bra offers comfortable lining and versatile use thanks to its convertible straps. It's also machine-washable, so you can simply toss it into the laundry once you've finished your workout. 

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