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Best gifts for people who are always cold

What are the best gifts for people who are always cold?

Layers of clothing, hot drink in any weather, and an overflowing basket of couch throw – the lovable traits of that friend or relative who's always cold. They're probably some of the easiest people to shop for since one can never have too many fuzzy socks and hat and scarf sets, right? Those default stocking stuffers are nice, but the following gift ideas will keep your beloved cozy, and show you don't hold a grudge for them asking you to fiddle with the thermostat.

Footed Jammies

We don't quite understand why there's a need to euphemize footed PJs as "union suits" or "jumpsuits." They're nostalgic, practical, and perfectly evoke the need to break from adulting for the day (or Netflix-bingeing weekends).

We love PajamaMania Women's Fleece Footed Onesie Pajamas because they're available in a broad range of sizes and several solid chic colors, and are amply designed to move around in. Plus they have pockets.

Warming Amenities for the Bathroom

You know that cringe-worthy feeling that comes from a bathroom that attacks you with drafts. Make your own unique gift basket of items intended to make restroom use as pleasant as possible.

Whether standing or wall-mounted, the Pursonic Freestanding/Wall Mount Electric Towel Warmer will keep towels at a luxurious 122°F, to complement the presumably already steamy shower or bath.

Of course let's not forget the adage "heat rises," which makes a SunTouch 120V Radiant Floor-Warming Mat perfectly lovely for toes to nestle in. The 6-ft x 30-in pad helps turn cold floors into a spa or hotel-like indulgent getaway.

And although toilets may not seem like a thoughtful gift, a Brondell LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat will change your mind. It has four temperature settings, adapts to most toilet models, and again, referencing the benefits of multi-purpose, has a blue nightlight to reduce blurry-eyed mishaps.

Cocoa/Coffee/Tea Mug Warmer

The downside to a soothing cup of java, tea, or hot chocolate is that it cools down too quickly. And you know that people who are always cold usually have a few warm beverages throughout the day.

The VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer is a handy accessory, which maintains drinks between a toasty "low" 104°, a "medium" 131º and a "high" 149°F. Its compact size and 60-inches long electric cord doesn't take up much room on an end table or desk, and sleekly blends in with any décor.

Heated Massage Cushion

A low tolerance for colder temperatures makes every sitting surface potentially uncomfortable. Cramps or sore muscles only makes being seated for work or for lounging even worse.

We like gifts that are multi-purpose, which is why the Papillon Heated Massage Cushion is a terrific addition for someone's personal needs. It's portable, plugs into car and wall outlets, and applies a low or high concentration of pressure and heat to the back. Sometimes people get gifts that they themselves fancy, so no surprise if you also get one to sink into and experience instant radiating relief.

Heated Mattress Pad

The bedroom is a sanctuary for most. Think fluffy pillows, shag rugs, and a BeautyRest Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad for a relaxing environment.

There's much to love about this 200-thread count cotton-polyester blend pad that's available in non-slip twin through California King sizes. Featuring varied temperature settings and automatic shut-off, it alleviates central heating bills and lessens the need for a pile of comforters. Best of all, there are dual controllers to pacify partners who may sweat as their other halves turn up the higher heat-inducing numbers.

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