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Best gift for 16 year olds

Which gift for 16 year olds is best?

Teenagers' interests often change from month to month, making it challenging to find the perfect gift. Luckily, many 16 year olds tend to follow trends, meaning if you know what is trendy, you can likely make the right choice. Tablets such as the Fire HD 10 tablet, for example, are affordable and offer plenty of functionality for teens that love to read, play games or watch movies.

What types of things do 16 year olds like?

  • Electronics: No matter who you're shopping for, chances are pretty good they'll love receiving a hot new electronic device. Tablets make great gifts for 16 year olds, as they give them the freedom to travel with their device, and they often have many different uses. Laptops are another gift that is sure to impress, and if you aren't looking to spend too much money, you can always buy them a Chromebook for significantly less money than a traditional laptop. Additionally, if the 16 year old you're shopping for likes taking photos with their smartphone, they may enjoy a quality digital camera.
  • Beauty products: Many 16 year olds enjoy keeping up with the latest beauty trends. At-home peels and masks are a great way to spend a relaxing day at home while taking care of your skin, and trendy beauty products such as jade rollers are sure to impress as well.
  • Fashion: Teens love popular clothing trends. Whether it's a cool new pair of shoes, a sling bag or a pair of fashionable joggers, you can't go wrong with a popular clothing product.

Best general gifts for 16 year olds

Adidas Originals Festival Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags have become quite popular in recent years, and this red bag by Adidas is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to carry them. This bag isn't too big, but it's large enough to carry a few essentials. The Adidas Originals Festival Bag is ideal for concerts and events, as well as a day on the town. Many buyers loved the sturdy nylon material and you can wear the bag across your body or around your hip. 

Sold by Amazon

Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1

Whether they want to be a DJ or just love listening to their favorite music at its highest possible quality, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 Headphones are sure to make your teen happy. These headphones produce top-notch bass tones and fold in on themselves for easy storage. In addition to pumping up the bass, these headphones also produce crystal-clear mids and high notes, meaning they bring out the best in every song. 

Sold by Amazon

Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume 

Ariana Grande is one of the most famous musicians out there, especially among teens. With 71 Billboard Hot 100 chart entries and six number ones, chances are pretty good your teen has a few Ariana songs that they love. Grande's Cloud scent features a unique blend of creme de coconut, juicy pear and lavender. Cloud has a fruity scent that is also "woodsy," making it a unique blend that most teens will love. Some people may find the smell overpowering, as it lasts a few hours, but as long as your teen doesn't apply too much, they are sure to enjoy this fun scent. 

Sold by Amazon and Ulta

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Women's Shoes 

Hokas are quickly taking over as the newest athletic shoe craze, and teens are sure to love the Bondi 7s. These shoes are comfortable, breathable material. Some users felt these shoes were a little too pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for with them. The Hoka One One Bondi 7s come in a range of color combinations that stand out without being too flashy, and their understated design is just as stylish as it is comfortable. 

Sold by Amazon

Best electronic gifts for 16 year olds

Oculus Quest 2 

Virtual reality gaming is a hit, and the Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent VR headset to get any teen started. Unlike many VR headsets, the Oculus Quest 2 doesn't require a PC or console to use. You can start playing games by simply installing a smartphone app. One major drawback that's worth noting is the Quest's IPD settings. IPD is the interpupillary distance measurement. Much like a pair of glasses, the Oculus has to be adjusted to your personal IPD. Still, because of its limited range of IPD settings, some users may have a mildly blurry VR experience. 

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 

This affordable tablet has up to 64GB of storage space and four different colors. You can get an incredible price on the Fire HD 10 if you buy the ad-supported model, although some users may not like having ads on their lock screen. Still, for just a little extra money, you can get a device without ads, and if you do opt for the ad-supported model, most teens likely won't mind. The optional keyboard case allows you to use the tablet as a laptop, and most users felt the Fire HD 10 was an impressively fast device. 

Sold by Amazon

Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera 

If your teen likes taking photos but wants physical copies of the memories they capture, the Kodak Printomatic is the perfect gift. This camera instantly prints color photos on sticky back photo paper and comes in six different colors. The photo paper can get expensive after a while, but since the camera doesn't require ink or toner, you'll likely save money in the long run. Although you have the option to print your photos instantly, you can also save them on an SD card for added versatility. It's important to note that the photos' quality won't be like a high-end photographer camera. Still, unless your teen is serious about a photography career, they'll likely be impressed with the photo quality. 

Sold by Amazon

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