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Best personalized Valentine's gift

Which personalized Valentine’s gifts are best?

Giving a personalized gift this Valentine’s Day, whether for your significant other or your bestie, is a great way to express your feelings. Personalized gifts can feature your beloved’s name, your initials as a couple or a heartfelt message. 

Jewelry, key chains, picture frames, blankets, wallets and robes are just a few of the kinds of gifts that can be personalized to show someone your love. To customize your own message, the A&B Crystal Collection Personalized Custom 3D Photo Etched Engraving on Crystal etches your words on a 3D photo.  

What to know before you buy a personalized Valentine’s gift 

Monogrammed gifts

A classic personalized gift is a monogrammed one. These feature the gift recipient's initials stitched or engraved on an item. Towels and robes are popular monogrammed gifts for Valentine’s Day, and you can buy a monogrammed robe or set of towels for yourself to match your partner’s. Other popular items to monogram include wallets, luggage and baggage and drinking glasses. 

While you can do the monogramming yourself with a monogram machine, manufacturers that offer monogrammed gifts only require that you submit the recipient’s initials (up to three letters), and they do the handiwork for you. 

Engraved gifts 

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts made of wood or metal, such as picture frames or key chains, feature engraved messages. Many already have text on them with various messages, such as “I Love You Forever,” that aren’t customizable and may be specifically for a husband or a wife. Others allow you to add your names along with an already engraved message. More expensive engraved gifts will enable you to create your own message within a character limit. Bracelets and rings can also feature customizable engravings. 

Photo gifts  

A popular way to commemorate love is through personalized gifts that include a photo or photos of your choosing. 3D photo frames turn a photo from your phone into a holographic experience, often with a customizable etching. Personalized towels or blankets feature a spread of your photos along with your name or a message about love. Photo coffee mugs are a more affordable gift that displays your photo and offers customizable text. Some offer text only.   

Clothing gifts

Who wouldn’t want your face on their socks or underwear? For a gag gift, customize socks or boxers with your headshot decorating the material. Personalized Valentine’s Day socks come in men’s and women’s sizes, while customizable boxers come only in men’s sizing, potentially with a funny or off-color message. 

Song gifts

If you and your significant other have a song, you can personalize a plaque with the song, as it appears on your smartphone, with a photo of the two of you. The acrylic plaque includes a scannable QR code that allows you to play it on your smartphone. 

What to look for in a quality personalized Valentine’s gift 

Font and design 

The most basic personalized Valentine’s Day gifts allow you to add names — either the name of the gift recipient or the couple's first names — along with a message about love. For a more personalized gift, look for one that offers various font and design options so you can choose one that fits your style.  

Customizable text

Valentine’s Day gifts that allow you to write your own text instead of providing it add a personal touch to your gift. You can compose a heartfelt message or share an inside joke, all within a character limit determined by the manufacturer. Gifts that allow for customizable text may be more expensive and take longer to ship, but not always. 


For married couples, you can find personalized Valentine’s Day gifts that include the word “wife” or “husband” in the text. You can also find gender-specific gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, there’s no need to adhere to the gender binary or gender stereotypes when buying a Valentine’s gift.

How much you can expect to spend on a personalized Valentine’s gift 

Budget-friendly personalized Valentine’s Day gifts such as mugs, socks or key chains start at $9. For monogrammed robes and 3D engraved photos, expect to pay upward of $70. 

Personalized Valentine’s gift FAQ

Are there personalized candles for Valentine’s Day? 

A. Yes, a personalized scented candle is a romantic gift for V-Day. Custom messages or names are added to the label or, in some instances, to the candle's lid. 

Are there personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for children? 

A. Personalized stuffed animals are the way to go when buying Valentine’s Day gifts for kids — or for the kid at heart. You can find hugging stuffed animals with monogrammed names. 

What’s the best personalized Valentine’s gift to buy?

Top personalized Valentine’s Day gift 

A&B Crystal Collection Personalized Custom 3D Photo Etched Engraving on Crystal

What you need to know: Make your favorite photo as a couple a lasting memory with this premium 3D crystal photo. 

What you’ll love: For Valentine’s Day, you can choose a small or large heart among the half dozen sizes and shapes. An LED light base illuminates the 3D photo with gentle, mesmerizing colors. Text engraving is customizable. 

What you should consider: Be sure to send a quality photo for the 3D effect to come out well. The LED base is sold separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top personalized Valentine’s Day gift for the money

Lara Laser Works Personalized Pocket Knife 

What you need to know: This personalized pocket knife is perfect for anyone who isn’t into classic Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers.

What you’ll love: You can personalize it with a choice of 36 icons and up to two lines of text in 20 fonts. It has a 3-inch long blade and a wooden handle. 

What you should consider: The screw that attaches the blade to the handle can come loose.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Santaornaments Personalized Wood Plaque

What you need to know: Let your partner know that you care with this personalized plaque.

What you’ll love: The two hands forming a heart is a sentimental choice. It’s made from solid natural wood with a beveled edge. 

What you should consider: Some buyers wish it were bigger, so check the dimensions before you purchase.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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