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13 best gifts for wine lovers

Best gifts for wine lovers

Need a gift for your favorite wine lover and feeling a little intimidated at the prospect of parsing the world of all things wine? Don't sweat it. You don't need expert knowledge of wine to select a gift for your wine lover that will warm their heart faster than a large pour of Merlot. 

The secret to any great gift is paying close attention to your loved ones and their interests in order to get them a well-thought-out and specific gift. Since you're selecting a wine gift for your friend, you're already halfway there. 

Whether it's a wine club gift card, a set of really nice crystal glasses, a travel wine tote or a strikingly beautiful metal and marble wine rack, finding the perfect gift for your wine-loving friend is easier than ever with a wide range of wine gifts and accessories on the market. 

Wine lover essentials

Italian Style Crystal Wine Glasses 

A gorgeous set of wine glasses is an absolute must-have for any wine enthusiast. The shape of a wine glass enhances the wine's aroma and impacts the taste of the wine, so it's vital for a serious wine drinker to cultivate a varied collection. 

These Italian-style, hand-blown crystal glasses are elegant and look expensive. Great for red or white wine. Ultra-clear, thin, sturdy and dishwasher-safe. 

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Set of 3 Crystal Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine stoppers are essential for anyone who likes to have a glass of wine in the evening and save the rest for later. These wine stoppers are made from premium zinc alloy and food-grade silicone with a crystal ornament in the shape of a diamond. 

The perfect gift for your friend who likes ordinary things that look lavish. Also good for champagne, whiskey, olive oil and more. 

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Le Chateau Crystal Carafe and Wine Decanter

Decanting wine can enhance the flavor of the wine through aeration, allowing the wine to breathe and softening the tannins in the wine. Decanters can also be used to help remove sediment from older wines. 

If the wine lover in your life is just getting started and doesn't have a decanter, or if they could use a much fancier upgrade, this crystal decanter is sure to spark joy. Hand blown, radiant, and designed to hold a standard 750ml bottle.

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Automatic Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Stopper and Wine Aerator Pourer Gift Set

If you've ever wrestled with a wine opener and ended up breaking the cork, you know the value an automatic corkscrew can bring a regular wine drinker. 

This four-piece gift set features an electric wine opener, a foil cutter, a wine aerator and a vacuum stopper, which makes it a great starter set for your newbie wine friend or for anyone who could use an upgrade to their collection. 

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Bamboo Charcuterie Serving Board and Knife Set 

Who doesn't love wine and cheese? This is an innovative charcuterie set and cheese board crafted from bamboo. 

The most unique feature of this set is the slide-out drawer, which stores cheese serving utensils in style. This is a fantastic gift for your wine lover friend who loves to host get-togethers.  

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For the wine lover who loves adventures

Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier

For the lover of picnics, potlucks, BYOB restaurants, wine tastings and outings, this tote will allow easy transport in style while keeping wine chilled and secure. 

Designed with a chic print reminiscent of a day out on a boat. Protects wine bottles from shattering and can be folded and packed up easily. 

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Insulated Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Beachy wine outings require an agile container for spill-proof sipping, and this rose gold wine tumbler provides all that in style. 

Great for a variety of drinks and its vacuum-sealed lid keeps drinks cool for around 9 hours and hot for around 3 hours. Great for parties, too. 

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For the wine lover who has everything

Metal Wine Rack with Faux Marble Top

Every wine collector needs a good storage system, and this metal and faux marble rack is elegant, unique and can store 15 bottles of wine. It makes a great end table in the living space of a wine connoisseur or can be stationed in the serving area of a party to hold hors d'oeuvre on top and wine on bottom. 

Ideal for both new wine collectors and seasoned oenophiles alike. Includes instructions and all necessary hardware for easy assembly. 

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May Contain Wine T-Shirt

This is a great humorous gift for your friend who orders wine every time you go out or who opens a bottle every evening to unwind. 

Super flattering burgundy (or merlot, if you will) color. Made from a breathable premium cotton blend. Recommended hand wash in cold water and not to be put in the dryer. 

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If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine Socks

A humorous gift for your partner who is perpetually asking you to grab them a glass of wine. These socks come in a gift box for convenient gift-gifting purposes. 

Machine washable, comfort-fit, durable material. 

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For the wine lover who loves to learn

Wine Tasting Notebook

Called the "Complete wine tasting course disguised as a notebook," this is a great gift for a wine drinker who loves to try new wines and keep notes on what they taste. 

Not only does this book feature space for your friend to record systemic notes on their own wine tasting experience and hone their senses, it also offers actionable tips and explanations on how to taste wines like a sommelier. 

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Wine Folly: The Master Guide to Wine

An absolutely iconic book exploring more than 100 grapes and 101 wine-growing countries from the most famed regions to up-and-coming regions like Greece. Features in-depth notes on the flavors and properties of wines both famed and somewhat obscure. 

This guide is packed with information and is invaluable to have on hand whenever trying a new bottle of wine. Not only is it a great gift, you'll want to keep it on your own bar cart, too. 

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