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Best gifts for 5 year olds

Which gift for 5 year olds is best?

When a child turns 5 years old, it's a time fraught with emotional extremes and contradictions that can have parents both excited and stressed altogether. At the age of 5, many children are still straddling with the idea that they are no longer a toddler and that preschool will start soon, which means officially they'll be considered a big kid. As children begin adjusting to their new big kid responsibilities, they will become better at working through more complex problems and conflicts. As such, it's important to figure out what new kinds of things they will like as gifts.

How gifts can help a child's development

According to MedlinePlus, 5-year-old children are going through a lot of developmental changes physically, emotionally and cognitively. During these very impressionable moments, parents can accelerate learning and skill-building by supporting their kids' growth by exploring subjects that range from art and crafts, basic arithmetic, reading and writing. The best gifts will help their development and further encourage your child's budding interests, whether they lie within their new teacher's classroom or at home.

Physical development

Kids this age are starting to gain more skill with coordination, balance and using simple tools like pens and pencils. If you're looking for a toy to help facilitate this kind of development, look for something that will encourage the child to use these skills. Good gifts in this category include things like small trampolines and coloring books.

Emotional development

While 5 year olds aren't the most emotionally mature humans, they start to develop a few more emotional skills at this age than they had before. At this age, they're learning things like emotional regulation and social skills. Gifts that will help in this area are things that they can use to play with other children and those that allow them to enact pretend role-playing scenarios. Some good examples of these are dress-up clothes and simple cooperative games.

Cognitive development

At 5 years old, children are starting to learn a lot of new things, especially when they start school. They're improving their math skills, honing their reading skills and probably asking a lot of "Why?" questions. Gifts that help stimulate a 5 year olds cognitive development include things they can build and books you can read with them to help them learn.

Best gifts for 5-year-old boys

Best playful gift for 5-year-old boys

Kids Bubble Blower Machine Lawn Games

Get your energetic little boy out and about and in the yard or garden with this cute pint-size push mower that features realistic sounds and an actual bubble maker that blows bubbles every few minutes. The mower's handle is flexible enough to break down for easy storage and can collapse when put away. 

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Best active gift for 5-year-old boys

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net And Spring Pad

This trampoline is built to endure high impact and is made with durable waterproof protective padding that helps prevent kids from falling and getting injured while jumping or playing on it. The cushioned padding is filled with thick foam that withstands long-term wear and provides extra protection. 

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Best electronic gift for 5-year-old boys

TEMI 8 Channels 2.4G Remote Control Dinosaur for Kids

Kids will easily be able to move their very own dinosaur forward and backward, left to right, turn around and shake with this remote-controlled rechargeable walking T-rex. This toy is a great gift to give a young fan who is fascinated with dinosaurs. 

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Best imaginative gift for 5-year-old boys

The Curious Panda Bear Cub Interactive Plush Toy

Made to be snuggled and carried around with ease, FurReal's panda bear plush is capable of responding in 100+ sound and motion combinations that allow it to move its head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and arms. During daytime mode, the bear's incredibly sweet reactions are very expressive and lifelike, while in the nighttime mode it plays soft music and sleep sounds that help your little one go to sleep faster. 

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Best dress-up gift for 5-year-old boys

NuGeriAZ Superhero Gloves

Regardless if they want to be on the side of evil or good, your kids will get a kick out of play fighting or boxing with these comfortable-to-wear mitts. Each Hulk-themed glove is the perfect size for a little superhero fan's hands, but can also accommodate bigger adult hands if a parent decides to jump in on the fun. 

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Best gifts for 5-year-old girls

Best playful gift for 5-year-old girls

TEUVO Pet Care Play Set Doctor Kit for Kids

Your miniature veterinarian can pretend to play doctor and help take care of a cute cuddly puppy with this value-pack playset. Featuring a variety of items such as a fluffy dog toy, pet carrier, stethoscope, dog treats, food bowl, plastic scissors, hairdryer, brush, and pet body wash, children can experience the fun of pet ownership. 

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Best dress up gift for 5-year-old girls

Princess Dress Up Shoes Set with Pretend Jewelry

Every little girl has a princess dream, dress and matching shoes, so make her dream come true when she's able to try on this set of cute miniature slippers, gloves, tiara and other shiny pieces of jewelry. The dress up collection's pink box comes with a tiny carry handle that's easier for little hands to carry and store neatly. 

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Best imaginative gift for 5-year-old girls

Byserten Flower Garden Building Set

Promote shape and color recognition, thinking, problem solving, motor skills and creative design with this multifaceted and multicolored flower building playset. All flower parts are smooth and interchangeable, so there is a variety of design and pattern combinations possible for your tiny artist. 

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Best electronic gift for 5-year-old girls

Unicorn Star Projection Cute Kids Toys

Unlike other miniature projectors, this lamp has a long-lasting battery life and can project up to 15 feet away. Light brightness can be adjusted freely, and won't disturb your children's sleep no matter how bright and dazzling the light display gets. 

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Best artsy gift for 5-year-old girls

Surprise Box Including Unicorn Plush

If your kids love surprises and unicorn toys then don't wait any longer: nab this plush unicorn themed plush set today. Young girls will instantly be delighted when they discover the box's five different well-made magical unicorn toys, including one unicorn stuffed animal, a unicorn-themed coloring book with eight brightly colored marker pens, a unicorn necklace and bracelet and a golden horn adorned with flowers on headband. 

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