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Best gardening gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day gardening gifts


Is your mom most commonly found digging beds, mowing the lawn and talking to plants? If so, your mom will be thrilled to receive a gardening-related gift this Mother's Day — or for any other special occasion. 

It can be tough to find something your mom needs and doesn't already have. Thankfully, there are plenty of unusual and thoughtful options once you know where to look. 

How to find the best gifts for mothers who love gardening

Consider their gardening interests

Gardening is broad. Not every gardening-related gift will suit every gardener. Think about what areas of gardening interest your mother, such as growing vegetables versus flowers, in to help find the perfect gift.

Think about what they have and what might need upgrading

It can be hard to know what to buy for someone if you don't already know what they have. It's safe to assume any avid gardener already has the basics, such as gardening tools, watering cans and so on. An upgrade could be in order, though. If your mom's gardening gloves have seen better days, consider buying an upgraded version. 

Look at popular types of gardening-related gifts

If you're stuck, you can find inspiration from some of the most popular types of gifts for gardeners. Most fall into one of these three broad categories: practical gifts, fun gifts and aesthetic gifts. 

  • Practical gifts: Any practical items for gardening fall into this category. This could include seeds, plants, watering cans, garden carts, gardening apparel, tools and planters
  • Fun gifts: If your mom resides on the whimsical end of the spectrum, consider fun gardening-related gifts. These can include cute garden statues, garden-themed jigsaw puzzles or novelty gardening-related mugs. 
  • Aesthetic gifts: These gifts are all about the way they look. They could include jewelry, prints and other decorative items related to gardening. 

Best gifts for mothers who love gardening


Gardener's Harvest Basket

This gorgeous basket is handmade in the USA and is ideal for moms who are into growing their own vegetables. Since the body is wire, it's easy to hose down produce before bringing it inside to minimize mess.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

Suck UK My Gardening Handbook

This garden journal has pages for memorable plantings, to record growing notes, to plan and keep track of seasonal tasks and much more. It also includes growing tips and other handy information all in a great-looking package.

Sold by Amazon

Sunday Afternoons Garden Visor Hat

This lightweight visor hat has that classic gardener aesthetic and keeps the sun off the wearer's face. If your mom has ever complained about catching too much sun out in the yard, this might be the perfect gift.

Sold by Macy's

Digz High-Performance Gardening Gloves

While it might not be the most exciting gift ever given, if your mother needs new gardening gloves, you can't go wrong with these. They offer protection yet are flexible enough to preserve the dexterity needed for all kinds of gardening tasks. The fingers are touch screen friendly so wearers don't have to take off their gloves to snap photos of their yard.

Sold by Amazon

Vintage Succulents Puzzle

This is a perfect choice for moms who love jigsaw puzzles almost as much as they love gardening. With 1,000 pieces, this will keep even keen jigsaw fans entertained for hours.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

Gardener's Tool Seat

This folding seat has integrated tool storage. Gardeners can keep their tools close at hand and nicely organized while having a convenient place to rest when they need to. It feels durable and uses water-resistant nylon with a steel frame.

Sold by Uncommon Goods 

Mima2672 Mushroom Terracotta Watering Spikes

This is a great choice of gift for moms who are more into indoor gardening than tending a yard. These watering spikes slowly release water into the soil of a planter for more effective hydration. They're shaped like mushrooms, so they're great for anyone who likes whimsical designs.

Sold by Amazon

Bee Drinking Garden Ball

It might look like a mysterious glass orb, but the purpose of this item is to catch small drops of water from rain or a hose to provide a spot for bees and other pollinators to drink. If your mom cares for all wildlife, large and small, in their yard, they'll love this gift, but you might have to explain what it is.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

Gardener's Seed Saving Kit

Part of the magic of growing things is that they produce seeds that let you grow more in the years to come. If your mother is new to saving seeds or doesn't have a particularly organized method, this seed-saving kit is an excellent choice.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

Microfleur Max Microwave Flower Press Kit

This handy little device makes it quicker and easier to press flowers with the help of a microwave. It's a great choice for any mothers who like to save their favorite blooms.

Sold by Amazon

Lonna and Lilly Gold-Tone Flower Slider Bracelet

If your mother doesn't need anything practical for her yard, she can show her love of gardening through this bracelet with a floral design. It's understated and part of a collection with other matching pieces if you want to buy more than one item.

Sold by Macy's

Rainbow Glass Infinity Sculpture

After putting so much effort into their yard, your mom deserves to sit out and enjoy it looking its best. This beautiful glass garden sculpture adds to the ambiance of an outdoor space.

Sold by Uncommon Goods

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