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7 gifts for mothers who love crossword puzzles

What are the best gifts for mothers who love crossword puzzles?


Are you trying to think of a gift that shows your mother how much you care? While that’s a frightening task, moms will love anything that comes from the heart. That doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute and grab a card from your local grocery store. 

If your mother loves crossword puzzles, getting a related gift shows you know her well. Whether she’s a crossword enthusiast or enjoys relaxing with a daily puzzle, here are the best gifts for mothers who love crossword puzzles.

Tips for choosing a Mother’s Day gift

Choose your budget

While you can’t put a price on the love you have for your mother, she wouldn’t want you spending all your money on her gift. So even though you think she deserves an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, it’s the thought that counts. 

Setting a budget helps you narrow down potential gift ideas and ensure you're being financially responsible. Also, remember not to stress about what you can or cannot afford. After all, Mother’s Day isn’t about fancy things — it’s about being together. 

Personal touch

Is your mom sentimental? Does she still have the handprint ornament you made for Mother's Day in kindergarten? If so, you might consider a homemade gift, such as creating your own crossword puzzle. If you’re not crafty, a gift with a personal note is also a great touch. But don't be afraid of practical gifts. Many moms appreciate a useful gift.

Combine her interests

The best Mother’s Day gift is something that shows you’re thinking about her, whether it’s homemade or store-bought. For example, if your mom likes crossword puzzles and reading, get her a Kindle with a pre-downloaded book of crosswords. It's a great way show that you pay attention to her interests. If she is competitive when it comes to her crossword puzzle, she might like a puzzle game that will give her a challenge.

Best gifts for mothers who love crossword puzzles

"The Million Word Crossword Dictionary"

With over one million words, this crossword dictionary will help her become a crossword puzzle pro. It includes slang terms, literary works, films, automobile models and famous people from all fields.

Sold by Amazon

ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

Make sure your mom is comfortable while doing her daily crossword puzzle. This reading pillow measures 18 inches high by 15 inches wide. It features two side pockets to keep a phone, a pen, glasses or a remote control at your fingertips.

Sold by Amazon 

"Curious History of the Crossword: 100 Puzzles from Then and Now"

Those who appreciate history will fall in love with this book that explores the past 100 years of the crossword puzzle (starting in 1913). Every chapter compares crossword puzzles from then to now and includes challenging puzzles.

Sold by AbeBooks


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

Mothers who enjoy completing their crossword puzzle while drinking a steaming cup of coffee need this coffee mug and pencil. Plus, new puzzles are being added all the time, so you can wash off the old answers and begin a new puzzle.

Sold by Amazon


Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

If she’s too busy during the day to do her crossword puzzle, this neck reading light helps her finish it at night without disturbing anyone. It has three color temperatures and three brightness levels.

Sold by Amazon

Westinghouse Heated Blanket

This heated blanket will ensure she stays warm whether she's doing the crossword puzzle or snuggling up to watch a movie. It features 10 heat settings and a 12-hour automatic shut-off to avoid overheating.

Sold by Amazon


Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Whether she likes to do her crossword puzzle in the bathtub or simply enjoys a nice soak, this bathtub tray ensures she has everything she needs. It’s adjustable to fit your bathtub and made from sustainable premium bamboo.

Sold by Amazon

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