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Best sweatpants for kids

What are the best sweatpants for kids?

Sweatpants were invented by Emile Camuset in 1920 for athletic purposes. They are now considered versatile pairs of pants that can be worn for exercising or lounging and can be dressed up or down.

With a balance of looking cool and being comfortable, sweatpants are perfect for kids and their daily activities, such as school or play. For the best pair of comfortable sweatpants for kids, the Telaleo Boys Sweatpants are the best pick.

What to know before you buy sweatpants for kids


Buying sweatpants with a proper fit helps prevent wear and tear, ultimately prolonging their durability. The right fit should give you enough room to move freely without being baggy. They should also be form-fitting without clinging too tightly to your body and being uncomfortable. The best length for your sweatpants should taper at your ankles and end about an inch above your shoes. This regular fit looks the most appealing and is easily paired with other items. 

Crotch gusset

This is a diamond or triangular patch of fabric sewn in the crotch area that adds some space to clothing and reduces tightness in that area. It also helps shape the clothes and make them look more appealing. Sweatpants with a crotch gusset tend to look better and last longer because it distributes stress from the crotch, preventing seams from tearing or loosening.


Because sweatpants are comfortable and easy to wear, they can look shabby when not paired with the right items. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can pair your sweatpants with T-shirts, sweatshirts and button-down shirts that are not too baggy. They can complement the natural line of the pants. You can wear them with sneakers, slippers or sandals for a simple yet up-to-date look. 

What to look for in quality sweatpants for kids


Kids' sweatpants are usually made from fleece, cotton, wool or a blend of other materials. When looking for a high-quality material for kids' sweatpants, ensure that it is made from a single material or a blend of cotton and other fabrics. This will ensure that the pants are soft and cozy and will not lose shape and elasticity when washed frequently. A piece of high-quality fabric is also less susceptible to pilling and wear and tear. 


An elastic or drawstring waistband is necessary for kids, as it ensures that the pants stay in place during all activities. The bands should be about half an inch to an inch thick. This will allow a snug fit that also prolongs the pants' durability. Younger children should use elastic waistbands, and older children can use drawstring waistbands. 


Baggy and poorly made sweatpants often look frumpy and unappealing. They are also not as comfortable for activewear. The best sweatpants for kids should have a high quality that is also current with trending styles; trim, tailored pieces are the most appealing. The pants should be versatile enough to be paired with almost anything and be worn for different activities. 

How much you can expect to spend on sweatpants for kids

They usually cost around $15-$100, depending on the brand and size.

Sweatpants for kids FAQ

How long do sweatpants last?

A. They should last about two to three years with regular wash and wear.

How do I prevent the drawstring from slipping out?

A. The ends of the drawstrings can be tied into knots large enough to prevent them from slipping through the drawstring holes. Sewing buttons to the ends also prevents the loss of drawstrings. 

How can I prevent sweatpants from pilling?

A. Most blended fabrics pill, but you can use a lint roller or pilling comb to remove them. Constantly using these items not only removes the pills but also prevents future ones. 

What are the best sweatpants for kids to buy?

Top sweatpants for kids

Telaleo Boys Sweatpants 

What you need to know: These sweatpants come in a classic style and are available in three colors. 

What you’ll love: Made from a cotton-polyester blend, these pants are soft and comfortable. They are warm enough for cold days and easily absorb moisture on hotter or more active days. Small items can be stored in the two pockets at the side, and the drawstring is easily adjustable. The cuffed ankles also add to the classic style and prevent the pants from riding up during movement. 

What you should consider: These sweatpants may run large. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sweatpants for kids for the money

Nautica Girls' Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

What you need to know: These are easy to wear, comfortable fleece sweatpants. 

What you’ll love: This pair of sweatpants offers the softness and warmth of fleece without the weight. It has tapered legs and inner pockets. The pants are in a midrise style and come in six colors that are easy to dress up or down. They can also be cared for easily.

What you should consider: These sweatpants may run small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Binpaw Boy's Cotton Sweatpants

What you need to know: These are a cool pair of sweatpants with an edgy feel. 

What you’ll love: The cotton-polyester blend of these sweatpants is thick enough for cold weather and light enough for warm weather or activewear. The drawstring waistband and elastic closure add a layer of comfort to these pants. It also has front and back pockets that, aside from being functional, add a layer of depth to the design and edgy style.

What you should consider: These pants may run small. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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