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Best silk bathrobe

Which silk bathrobes are best?

Silk bathrobes are the epitome of luxury. They’re breathable and help to keep your skin moisturized. If you want to relax in style and feel like you’re living every day in the lap of luxury, look no further than silk. Even though they aren’t as absorbent as other materials, they can make an excellent gift for a birthday or anniversary. 

Finding the best silk robe for you will depend on your size and style preference, but our top pick is Ledamon Women's 100% Silk Kimono Long Robe. It’s made of 100% silk and features stylish side slits at the hem.

What to know before you buy a silk bathrobe

Color and design

Much like traditional bathrobes made from cotton or terry cloth, silk bathrobes come in various colors. Silk robes tend to focus on stylish variations in colors and designs, so you can find some elaborate patterns and designs not normally found in other materials. 


What’s great about silk is that it drapes and flows over the natural curves of your body, making it an elegant, flattering fabric. It comes in several lengths, including full, mid or short styles. Longer robes are better suited for taller individuals and those looking for more warmth. Shorter robes cater to those who like to move freely and stay cool in warmer months. 


Pay special attention to the size and the size chart for each manufacturer. Some brands have different measurements than others. For example, a one-size-fits-all design may have different dimensions for each brand. 

What to look for in a silk bathrobe


Some silk bathrobes come with pockets in the front that allow you to keep small items. If you plan on spending a good amount of time in your bathrobe, pockets are very useful. Not every style has pockets, so make sure to check the product description before making a purchase. 

Belts and ties

Bathrobes can come undone easily, which is why it's important to have reliable belts and ties. Some silk bathrobes have hidden or internal ties, while others have external ties that better resemble a traditional belt. Either option can keep the robe closed as you maneuver throughout the house. 

How much you can expect to spend on a silk bathrobe

Pricing mostly depends on the material, brand and size. For a 100% silk robe, you can expect to spend $100-$300, but they can run up into the thousands. The manufactured satin alternative is much less expensive and costs between $20-$50.

Silk bathrobe FAQ

How should I launder my silk bathrobe?

A. It’s best to take your silk bathrobe to the dry cleaner. Even if your robe is washable, the colors can fade, and the robe can shrink. If you do choose to hand-wash your robe at home, never use bleach or chlorine since it can permanently affect the color.

How should I store my silk bathrobe?

A.  Store your silk bathrobe in a dark place, preferably a wooden closet or chest to discourage moths. Long exposure to minimal sunlight can fade the fabric or develop streaks.

What’s the best silk bathrobe to buy?

Top silk bathrobe

Ledamon Women's 100% Silk Kimono Long Robe

What you need to know: If you want a traditional silk robe to wear year-round, this is a fantastic option.

What you’ll love: It’s made of 100% silk from China and features a kimono collar, sash closure, inside ties and belt loops. It comes in a one-size-fits-most style and features a detailed and ornate design.

What you should consider: Shorter individuals may notice the longer hem droops on the floor.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top silk bathrobe for the money

Ledamon Women's 100% Silk Kimono Short Robe

What you need to know: Created from some of China’s top silk producers, this Kimono-style silk robe has an exclusive design.

What you’ll love: No detail is lost in this silk robe, from its smooth stitching and old-world craftsmanship to its delicate design. This kimono robe provides the feel of luxury and keeps you cool in the hotter months.

What you should consider: Closely review the measurements of this robe as some customers felt the sizing was a bit off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

COLD POSH Men's Silk Luxury Bathrobe

What you need to know: This silk men’s robe is available in five colors and is made from 100% pure mulberry silk.

What you’ll love: The luxurious feel of the material is second to none and has a stylish cut that drapes down to your knee. It comes adorned with a white silk piping, V-neck design, front pockets and an adjustable belt.

What you should consider: It will likely arrive with some creases and may need light ironing to get the wrinkles out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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