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Best 'PAW Patrol' pajamas

Which 'PAW Patrol' pajamas are best?

"PAW Patrol! PAW Patrol! We'll be there on the double!" When you need help getting a child to sleep, the PAW Patrol is ready to rescue you with their versions of cozy pajamas. PJs that feature Ryder and his original team of pups, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and/or Skye, will delight any "PAW Patrol" fan. "No job is too big! No pup is too small!" to help you find the perfect pair. If you're looking for "PAW Patrol" pajamas that are sure to give your little one sweet dreams, look no further than the Toddler "PAW Patrol" Pajamas 3-Piece Set.

What to know before you buy 'PAW Patrol' pajamas

'PAW Patrol' characters

"PAW Patrol" is an animated series about a young boy who leads a group of search and rescue dogs called the PAW Patrol. Their mission is to protect their hometown of Adventure Bay and its surrounding areas. The original PAW Patrol consists of seven members:

  • Ryder is a 10-year-old boy who is the leader of the PAW Patrol.
  • Chase is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who is a police and spy pup.
  • Marshall is a 6-year-old Dalmatian who is a firefighter and paramedic pup.
  • Skye is a 7-year-old cockapoo who is an air rescue pup.
  • Rocky is a 6-year-old mixed breed who is a recycling and handyman pup.
  • Rubble is a 5-year-old bulldog who is a construction pup.
  • Zuma is a 5-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever who is an aquatic rescue pup.

Over the years, many other popular characters have been added to the show, including new members of the PAW Patrol, such as Everest, an 8-year-old Siberian husky who is a snow rescue pup, and Tracker, a 4-year-old chihuahua/potcake who is a jungle rescue pup. You can find pajamas with one or more of these characters to please fans of any of these special pups.

PAW Patrol colors

Each member of the PAW Patrol is associated with a different color. This can come in handy when you're buying pajamas. Ryder's signature color is red, Chase's is royal blue, Marshall's is red, Skye's is pink, Rocky's is lime green, Rubble's is yellow, Zuma's is orange, Everest's is teal and Tracker's is olive green. You can choose or avoid certain pajama colors based on the recipient's favorite characters. 

Type of pajamas

"PAW Patrol" pajamas come in every variety possible. There are short-sleeved tops with short or long pants that may be footed or unfooted. Some tops are button-down while others are T-shirts. There are nightgowns and onesies too. Another cute option is a onesie with a hood with pup ears. Consider the preference of the child when you decide what type of PJs to buy.

Material of pajamas

The climate of the recipient is important to consider for a comfortable night's sleep in "PAW Patrol" pajamas. Lightweight options like cotton are ideal for warm summer nights, while heavy fleece is needed in winter. Comfort is essential for a good night's sleep, so choose wisely. 

Holiday-themed pajamas

"PAW Patrol" pajamas come in special varieties for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. You can find pajamas with the pups decked out in their Halloween costumes or dressed up in their Christmas best like reindeer antlers and Santa hats. These make thoughtful gifts for the holidays.

What to look for in quality 'PAW Patrol' pajamas

Variety of characters

"PAW Patrol is on a roll!" Some pajamas come decorated with single characters, small groups of pups or the whole gang. With so much variety, you can find PJs for any fan. 

Pajama sets

Some PJs come in convenient sets that have short- and long-sleeved shirts, so you can continue to wear them no matter the season. 

Matching accessories

"PAW Patrol" pajamas come packaged in sets with matching accessories like slippers. There are also robes to wear over the PJs to keep little ones warm. 

How much you can expect to spend on 'PAW Patrol' pajamas

"PAW Patrol" pajamas range from $12-$35, depending on how many pieces are in the set.

'PAW Patrol' pajamas FAQ

How do I know if the pajamas are flame-resistant?

A. The tags will usually tell you, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission requires that children's sleepwear above size 9 months and up to size 14 must pass flammability tests or be "tight-fitting" according to specific dimensions. Therefore, if you purchase reputable brands, you should find a pair that would make fire pup Marshall proud. You can do more research if you have any doubts.

Are there matching 'PAW Patrol' pajamas for adults?

A. No. There aren't any matching sets, but adults can find T-shirts with the characters that will match the theme of the kids' pajamas.

What are the best 'PAW Patrol' pajamas to buy?

Top 'PAW Patrol' pajamas

Toddler PAW Patrol Pajamas 3-Piece Set

What you need to know: This machine washable jersey and polyester three-piece set for toddlers features Chase, Marshall, Rubble and Skye.

What you'll love: The crew neck T-shirt is navy blue and red with the message "Always Brave" printed among the pups. Choose from the elastic waist pull-on shorts or pants, depending on the weather. The shorts are plain red, while the pants have a repeating pattern of the pups' faces and the paw symbol.

What you should consider: These pajamas don't come in sizes for older children.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl's and Macy's

Top 'PAW Patrol' pajamas for the money

PAW Patrol 2-Piece Pajama Set with Slippers Bundle

What you need to know: These officially licensed cotton pajamas for toddlers sizes 2T to 5T feature Skye, Everest and Rubble and come with a pair of slippers.

What you'll love: Skye is the main star of the short-sleeved top which also has Everest and Rubble's faces in hearts. The adjustable cuffed long pants have a repeating design of hearts, stars and the letter P. Keep feet warm with the matching pair of pink slippers that have Everest on one foot and Skye on the other.

What you should consider: Some people said that the slippers were too small for their children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Blanket Sleeper Pup Squad Footed PJs

What you need to know: These officially licensed polyester blanket sleeper pajamas for toddlers are footed to keep your little one warm throughout the night.

What you'll love: The pajamas feature Skye, Marshall, Chase, Rubble and the initials "PP" for PAW Patrol. The blanket sleeper zips up and has red cuffs and blue feet.

What you should consider: A handful of people said that the material was a bit thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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