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Best Grinch pajamas

Which Grinch pajamas are best?

"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" is one of the most beloved and cherished Christmas stories of all time. From its original version as a book by Dr. Seuss to its popular TV cartoon special, all the way up to the blockbuster movie starring Jim Carrey, the Grinch's popularity has spanned generations. Because the Grinch is so synonymous with Christmas, many pajamas have been made with his likeness. What better way to honor the tradition of waking up on Christmas morning with matching pajamas than with the Grinch. 

The best Grinch pajamas are the matching family set from PajamaGram that include tops and bottoms for toddlers, adults and even a family pet. 

What to know before you buy Grinch pajamas

Who is the Grinch?

The Grinch is a hairy, pot-bellied miser who hates Christmas. Well, that's the way he starts his journey, at least. Children's writer Thedor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, created the Grinch in 1957 for a special Christmas book. In the story, the Grinch goes on a mission to destroy the Christmas spirit of the citizens of Whoville by dressing up as Santa Claus and stealing all the town's presents from under their trees. In the end, he sees the error of his ways after meeting a little Who girl who shows him the true meaning of Christmas. Since the '50s, he's become a fixture each holiday season for children and adults alike. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" airs on TV stations and streaming sites every year.

Pajama styles

A surprising number of pajama styles feature the Grinch. The most common type is the standard, modern-day pajama style. These feature loose-fitting pants with an elastic or drawstring waist and a similarly comfortable long-sleeve top. Keep in mind these are Christmas pajamas, so they are often made with extra coverage to stay warm. Onesies have become very popular, too, in recent years. Not only do they offer maximum coverage, they have a look that can't be beaten. Some even include a hood that acts as a Grinch mask.

Pajama materials

The vast majority of pajamas are made with either cotton or polyester. These materials are comfortable, durable and work to keep you warm. Polyester is often used to make fleece, which means it's also popular for Christmas pajamas. Both cotton and polyester are easy to wash and maintain, making them ideal choices for family sets. The kids will have to work hard to ruin polyester pajamas. Any pajama set you get with these materials will keep you cool in bed and provide enough warmth as you wake up and unwrap presents.  

What to look for in quality Grinch pajamas

Matching sets

Nothing can ruin a look like having a festive Grinch shirt and a pair of non-matching pants. Luckily, there are a few options for matching Grinch pajama sets. These sets usually include a solid-colored T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt with an image of the Grinch's face on the front. The bottoms often match in color and sometimes include graphic prints of the Grinch or Christmas-themed images as well. 

Family sets

Nothing says a funny family Christmas photo like a set of matching Grinch pajamas. Family sets include adult pajamas with long-sleeve shirts and pants and smaller versions for children (usually sized based on age). There are also toddler and even infant Grinch pajamas. Since pets are often considered equal members of the family, some family pajama sets feature an even smaller pajama for the family dog or cat. 

Feet covers

Onesies are beginning to become a Christmas tradition themselves. Originally, they were seen as a set of pajamas for children. More recently, however, they've become a silly way to dress up during the holidays. And some companies are making onesies more practical than ever by adding feet covers to round out the look. Feet covers complete the onesie by making the outfit one full piece from head to tippy toe. High-quality Grinch pajama sets will include feet covers with rubber added to the bottom to prevent slipping on hard surfaces.

How much you can expect to spend on Grinch pajamas

Grinch pajamas cost between $27 and $76.

Grinch pajamas FAQ

Are Grinch pajamas unisex?

A. Some sets of Grinch pajamas are unisex — designed with loose fabric and not meant to conform to the body. However, you will often find pajamas meant for men and women that are form-fitting or slim- fitting. Either style is good; it depends on the type of pajama you are interested in. 

Can Grinch pajamas be washed in the washer?

A. Most Grinch pajamas are made with cotton and polyester. These materials stand up well in the washing machine — polyester especially. Cotton will likely shrink if washed in hot water and dried on high heat. It's best to wash cotton in warm water and dry on medium heat.  

What are the best Grinch pajamas to buy?

Top Grinch pajamas

PajamaGram Grinch pajamas

What you need to know: Grinch pajamas from PajamaGram use baseball-style long-sleeve shirts and loose-fitting bottoms, all featuring different images.

What you'll love: These pajamas are designed with family in mind. PajamaGram offers sizes for men, women, children and even pets. That's right, your dog or cat can wear the same Grinch pajamas as the rest of the family. 

What you should consider: PajamaGram is slightly pricier than other brands. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Grinch pajamas for the money

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas toddler pajamas

What you need to know: This adorable child onesie is made with ultra-soft polyester fleece and comes in a variety of sizes based on your child's age. 

What you'll love: These Grinch Christmas pajamas include all-over printed graphics of the notorious green meanie alongside his dog, Max, with antlers on. There are also ornaments, Christmas presents and Santa hats. 

What you should consider: The only way to put on these pajamas is to fully unzip them and slide in from the feet. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The Grinch plush women's onesie

What you need to know: This 100% polyester adult onesie comes with a front zip entry and a slim fit ultimate comfort. 

What you'll love: You'll truly feel like the Grinch with this fuzzy green pajama set meant to look and feel exactly like the character's hair. It also has a red and pink heart on the left side, where his heart famously swelled three sizes in the cartoon. 

What you should consider: Although this is a onesie, there are no foot covers. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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