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The best winter gloves for kids

Which winter gloves are best for kids?

One piece of winter gear that often gets overlooked is winter gloves. Having a little one with cold hands is no fun, but finding winter gloves that don't immediately fall off and protect fingers from the elements can be challenging.

It's time to toss those flimsy gloves that quickly leave your kids' hands cold and wet and invest in a pair of quality winter gloves. One top choice is Andorra Kids' Waterproof Ski Gloves, due to their ample features and ability to keep little fingers warm all day long. Continue reading to see other picks and discover what you need to know before buying kids' winter gloves. 

What to know before you buy winter gloves for kids

While buying winter gloves for your kids seems straightforward, there’s a lot to consider before picking out the perfect pair.

Types of gloves

  • Individual finger gloves have individual slots separating each of your fingers. These provide you with the most extensive range of motion.
  • Mittens have one slot for your thumb and another slot combining the other four fingers. These typically keep your fingers warmer than individual finger gloves, though some children may get frustrated not being able to use their fingers. 
  • Flip-top mittens look like your traditional mittens. However, the mitten part flips back, revealing a five-finger glove without the fingertips. While these are great for keeping your hands warm in between checking your phone or typing, they’re not warm enough for extreme cold.


Before selecting the perfect winter gloves, you first need to determine where you’ll be using them. If you only need them to protect your child’s hands while they walk around in the cold air, you can get away with a non-waterproof pair of gloves. If a lot of finger flexibility and range of motion is needed, opt for individual finger gloves rather than mittens. If you’re looking at gloves for playing in the snow or another cold and wet activity, you might need a waterproof pair of gloves with a warm lining. 

What to look for in quality winter gloves for kids


All gloves have an outer layer or main layer, while some also have a separate inner lining. Paying attention to the type of material is essential for keeping fingers warm and dry.

  • Leather gloves generally last the test of time and are naturally water-resistant. Depending on the lining, they’re usually very warm. However, they can be expensive and allow for less flexibility.
  • Nylon is used for the outer shell of gloves. They’re usually waterproof and affordable, making them a common material for kids’ winter gloves.
  • Knit gloves can be cotton or acrylic. They’re usually thin and not waterproof. These make a great choice for everyday wear rather than playing in the snow.
  • Fleece is used for the outer layer and inner lining of gloves. It’s not waterproof. However, it’s known for being soft and will keep your hands warm.
  • Wool can be used for the inner lining or outer layer of gloves. While it’s not waterproof, wool tends to be very warm and can even cause sweating if it’s not very cold.
  • PrimaLoft and Thinsulate are both synthetic insulation used for the inner lining. They’re excellent materials and can keep hands warm in both wet and dry conditions.


There are many features to keep an eye out for that may be an excellent addition to your kids’ winter gloves. Some of these include touchscreen compatibility to allow smartphone use without taking off gloves, hooks to keep gloves together and removable liners for extra warmth when needed. If you’re looking for gloves for freezing weather, some gloves have hand-warmer pockets or battery-powered heat.

How much you can expect to spend on winter gloves for kids

You can find basic winter gloves with no-frills starting at around $7. If you need gloves to keep fingers warm during extremely cold weather or specific activities, winter gloves with thicker insulation or premium materials can cost up to $40.

Winter gloves for kids FAQ

How do I wash winter gloves?

A. Always check the specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. However, most winter gloves are best if hand-washed with warm water and mild soap. Air dry to prevent shrinking.

How should winter gloves fit?

A. For the best fit, leave a quarter-inch of space at the end of your outstretched fingers. When you make a fist, it shouldn’t feel too tight or restrictive. 

The best winter gloves for kids to buy

Top winter gloves for kids

Andorra Kids’ Waterproof Ski Gloves

What you need to know: Warm, waterproof and comfortable, this pair of gloves is perfect for any winter activity. 

What you’ll love: The adjustable drawstring keeps snow out, reinforced palm and thumb patch increase grip and the waterproof design keeps little hands dry.

What you should consider: They’re really warm and could cause sweating.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top winter gloves for kids for the money 

LETHMIK Kids’ Winter Wool-Lined Knit Gloves

What you need to know: Fun designs and wool lining keep kids’ hands warm and fashionable.

What you’ll love: These gloves have a three-finger touchscreen design and allow full mobility.

What you should consider: Won’t keep kids’ hands completely warm during all activities or in extremely cold weather.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

N’Ice Caps Kids’ Waterproof Thinsulate Snow Ski Gloves

What you need to know: These gloves not only have fun designs kids will love, they also keep hands dry and warm.

What you’ll love: The gloves are insulated with 3M Thinsulate, are completely waterproof and come with easy-to-adjust elastic.

What you should consider: Users have reported the fit to be off, making it difficult to determine size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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