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    Shopping Guide for Best Karaoke Machines

    All of the karaoke machines on our shortlist have received high ratings from owners. Several are bestsellers. We give you our professional analysis of each karaoke machine on our list so you can make a confident purchase.

    Products we Considered

    • Karaoke USA
    • Singing Machine
      Disco Light System
    • Memorex
      SingStand Home System
    • Electrohome
      CD+G Player w/2 Mic Connections
    • VocoPro


    Sound Quality

    A karaoke machine's sound depends heavily on the quality of its microphone. It pays to be choosy when selecting a microphone, as mic quality runs the gamut — especially with this type of product. Balance control (the ratio between voice and accompaniment) is another important feature that affects how good you sound, as is echo balance (the machine's ability to strategically control feedback while the performer is singing). In this review, we take a look at what owners have to say about various machine features and how they affect a singer's overall presentation.


    Different karaoke machines offer different degrees of digital connectivity. Ideally, a karaoke machine will allow you to access your accompaniment any way you want, whether it's via CD, CD-G, iPod, YouTube, a memory stick, and so on. The karaoke machines of yesterday displayed lyrics on either a TV screen or an included screen via CD-G or DVD. Today's machines can do that and a whole lot more.


    Some karaoke machines come with one mic; others have two. Some machines allow you to record yourself. Others let you change the key of a song to help you sound better. We tell you what types of beneficial features you can expect with each package.


    Most people buy karaoke machines because they want to play around with music and have fun at home. The question is, how much do you want to pay for this fun? Some people don't mind a budget-priced model, even if they have to suffer a little feedback or an imperfect microphone. Others want more sophisticated features, such as the ability to transpose the key of a song or make a recording. We help you decide whether each package on our shortlist is worth the money.

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    Sound Quality

    The Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System

    Considering the Singing Machine's low price, many owners are surprised by the quality of the sound it generates. Truth be told, most decent microphones on the market today cost as much as (or more than) the entire Singing Machine package! For this reason, we think The Singing Machine is an exceptionally good bargain for the money. An earlier version of this product, the Singing Machine SML-385W, garnered some complaints about the quality of its volume. Some owners told us that the earlier version of this product didn't get quite loud enough for their taste. This version is newer, and it has not received such criticisms at the time of this writing. The package includes mic volume control (with two mic jacks) and automated voice controls as well as Bluetooth compatibility.

    This is a budget-priced karaoke machine that is geared toward children and amateurs, and we think the sound quality is adequate for that purpose. It's not a machine you'd want to use on a professional engagement, as it lacks the power that a performance-grade machine requires.

    Karaoke USA Portable

    The Karaoke USA's balance control knob is one of this machine's most useful controls. If you turn the knob all the way to the left, you will hear the instrumental part only. If you turn the knob all the way to the right, you'll hear only the accompaniment vocals (no instrumental music). If you want to hear the perfect blend of both, simply turn the knob halfway between these two extremes. Whether you want to practice with the guidance of a recorded human voice or with only instrumentals behind you, this is a great feature to have. You can also adjust the speed of playback, which can distort the original key of a song slightly. Using the product's digital key control feature, you can even change the key of a song to better suit your vocal range.

    Owners tell us this microphone yields a pleasant, rich sound with a nice reverb and echo balance. In case you're not the best singer in the world, you'll especially like this feature, as you can manually compensate for some vocal flaws (such as singing too loudly or singing with poor tone).

    Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System

    The sophisticated Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System employs several fascinating features that positively affect your sound quality. Did you ever hear a karaoke performance in which the accompaniment was too loud for the singer, or vice versa? The Memorex's balance control feature does an exceptional job of equalizing human voice output with accompaniment output. You can also control mic volume manually by using an independent switch for each mic. However, in keeping with the balance control principle, the music automatically turns down if the mic is turned down. Balance control is generally a good feature to have if you're looking for some amateur fun, but if you're a professional hoping to make a recording with the perfect mix of sound, you may feel a bit stifled (creatively speaking) by this automatic ratio technology. Another drawback to professional recording with this machine: if you choose to use the vocal eliminator function to remove vocal accompaniment from a track, be prepared to hear a tiny bit of distortion in the instrumental accompaniment. The distortion isn't hugely obvious, but a scrutinizing ear will notice it nonetheless.

    Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System

    The Electrohome Karaoke Machine gives your vocal performance a boost with a number of high-tech solutions. The machine's Digital Echo and Key Control function, for example, can change a song's key to a better range for your voice, helping you sound stronger and more confident. The Digital Echo Control function adds a hint of professional reverb to your voice, creating a warmer, richer sound. In spite of these voice-enhancing technological advances, however, some owners tell us the Electrohome's microphone is not very sensitive. Considering the price this machine demands, potential buyers might want to test one of these microphones out before making a purchase.

    VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player

    We encountered more complaints about sound quality with the VocoPro than any other machine on our shortlist. (That being said, we also encountered a large volume of favorable commentary.) The most concerning complaint is the apparent time lag between vocal input and musical output. In other words, the lyrics you sing into the mic do not come back at you from the speakers instantaneously — there is a lag of about one second. This time lapse can be disorienting for some people, but if you're an adaptable musician, it's not an impossible problem to overcome. One other drawback we encountered in our research is that the mic volume, even when turned on high, is not loud enough for some singers.

    The Karaoke USA microphones yield a pleasant, rich sound with a nice reverb and echo balance. In case you're not the best singer in the world, you'll especially like these features!


    The Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System

    You can use CDs and CD-Gs with the Singing Machine as well as Bluetooth audio streaming. There are inputs that allow you to connect to other audio sources, and you can stream lyrics to your TV using the RCA jack that comes with the package. Via Bluetooth pairing, you can also stream lyrics to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

    In the past, some owners have had trouble figuring out how to connect other digital devices to the Singing Machine. Thanks to enhanced connectivity in this version, the problem isn't as common for today's users.

    Karaoke USA Portable

    The Karaoke USA system features a USB slot in which you can insert an SD card. (SD cards offer a convenient way to store music files, and if you've got files on your card which you'd like to try performing, simply insert the card into the slot.) The system also accepts input from personal players (iPods, tablets, smart phones) and gaming consoles. No matter how you store your music, there's likely to be a way you can get your audio files onto this machine for singalong fun. When performing, you can choose to connect this machine to a big screen TV (great if you want to view the lyrics), a home entertainment center (great if you don't need a lyrics display and want to focus on your sound), or another personal device via Bluetooth. Owners we spoke to have been completely satisfied with the number of connectivity options this machine offers. For the price, we think the number of options this system provides is appropriate.

    Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System

    The Memorex is unique among our top-rated contenders in that you can connect your own musical instruments (digital keyboard, electronic drum set, etc.) to the device. If you want hear what you sound like while singing and playing simultaneously, the Memorex provides a way to do this. If you're a drummer who wants to objectively hear how you sound when accompanying your favorite bands, the Memorex allows you to do this, too. Pianists with electric keyboards can do the same! This feature makes the Memorex Karaoke System a great practicing tool for music students. (It's also a fun party game.) Like the other contenders on our shortlist, the Memorex is also compatible with personal devices like iPods and MP3 players (with a headphone jack).

    You can use a CD-G to view the Electrohome Karaoke Speaker System's lyrics on a TV. You can also stream musical files from a laptop, smart phone, or tablet (iPads, Samsungs, and more). The fact that you can pair this machine to an Internet-connected device means that the singalong options available to you are as vast as the Internet. All of this can be accomplished through the use of a 3.5 mm auxiliary input! We think that this is an amazing benefit which potential customers simply cannot ignore.

    When it comes to technology, the VocoPro is a versatile product. The manufacturer states that the VocoPro DVX890K belongs to the "next generation in digital and audio jukebox technology." Indeed, this karaoke machine's disc player accepts multiple formats, including DVD, DivX (technology that allows you to store large amounts of data in a relatively small space on a CD), VCD (a CD that contains video), CD-G (a type of CD designed for karaoke that includes video with lyrics for the singer), mp3, photo CD, and CD/DVD. Many owners like to hook this machine up to their TV for easy lyric viewing. Note: you can use an MS card reader to access your digital files for even more song choices. In short, the connectivity options with this model are seemingly endless! This may or may not make up for one of the VocoPro's greatest flaws, mentioned in our "Sound Quality" section. The lag time between vocal input and speaker output is a bit too long for many singers, regardless of which type of technology you're using.

    The Karaoke USA system accepts input from most personal players, SD cards, and gaming consoles.
    Expert Consultant

    Rick is a loving husband and the proud father of six children. He has been creating music and using audio technology non-stop for the past 20 years in a variety of studio and live event settings. For Rick, finding the perfect products and equipment to enhance his clients’ creative process is extremely important.

    Rick  |  Recording Studio Professional


    The Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System

    The Singing Machine has the features you would expect from a child-centered karaoke system, including really cool flashing disco lights! With this package, you get one mic, a top-loading CD-G player that is user-friendly for small hands, two mic jacks (you'd have to purchase a second mic separately, but this is useful for singing duets), and an easy-to-read LED display. Lyrics may be streamed to your TV, but for those who are interested in other modes of connectivity, you can also stream via Bluetooth to an iPad or other personal device. The Singing Machine comes with standard components like auto voice control, balance control, and echo control. The speaker is built in, so you don't have to find an amplifier to hear yourself.

    Karaoke USA Portable

    You could stream your lyrics onto your TV when you use the Karaoke USA, or you could make use of the seven-inch TFT color screen that comes with it. Owners rave about the screen because it is so clear and easy to read, even from far away. This machine comes with 300 pre-programmed mp3G songs on two discs, but you're certainly not limited to these songs. You can also make music on the Karaoke USA with any normal karaoke CD-G or karaoke DVD. If you're using an mp3 player, cell phone, or other personal device to stream your music, this machine even offers a convenient cradle to rest it in.

    Unlike some of the other products on our shortlist, this machine comes with two microphones. A few people we surveyed complained that their mics did not work, but this is not the norm. The product comes with a warranty card; more information can be obtained from Karaoke USA's customer service department.

    Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System

    The Memorex looks a little different than some of the more "boxy" machines on our list. You don't get a lyrics display with this machine, but the top-notch quality it delivers makes up for this in the eyes of many happy owners. The MKS-SS1 package gives you only one mic, but dual mic inputs are included in case you have another mic and want to perform duets. The Memorex's full-range speakers, built into the base, are particularly powerful and get high ratings from owners for their clarity. You also get a three-piece mic stand with this product, which yields a more "professional" look. Auto Voice Control (AVC) is built in as a vocal guide; if you are not sure of the pitches or lyrics, AVC jumps in to assist you as needed. A built-in echo function is also part of this package. This function helps you get just the right ratio of singing to accompaniment —a valuable feature to have in the world of karaoke where unchecked performances often sound off-balance.

    Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System

    The Electrohome comes with only one mic, but there are two mic inputs for those who want to sing duets. One CD-G is provided with purchase to get you started. This CD-G comes with various hit songs, but if they're not to your liking, don't worry. This machine's superior connectivity allows you to access karaoke pieces from the Internet, rendering a virtually endless supply of songs for you to sing.

    VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player

    Unlike many other karaoke machines on the market, the VocoPro can accommodate a wireless mic. It also comes with a remote control for ease of operation. If you want to change the key of a song to suit your range better, you can do this with the key change button — an excellent benefit that many karaoke systems do not offer. The key changer will raise or lower any song up to eight steps on the diatonic scale. We were disappointed to learn that the VocoPro does not have a recording function, especially considering all of the other deluxe features it offers. Connectivity is not a problem with this machine and is one of its strongest suits, as discussed earlier in our "Connectivity" section.

    With the Singing Machine package, you get one mic, two mic jacks, a top-loading CD-G player, Bluetooth connectivity, an easy-to-read LED display, and really cool flashing disco lights!


    The Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System

    At a cost of $46, the Singing Machine is an excellent buy. You get one microphone, built-in amplification, and the standard controls for sound quality that you get with more sophisticated karaoke systems. If you want to connect this machine to other digital devices, you can. If you want to use the machine the "old fashioned" way — with a TV screen — you can do that, too. We've heard one or two complaints about the quality of the microphone, but as mentioned above, you might pay more for a brand new mic than you would for this entire system. If you're shopping for a child or looking for light party entertainment, this is a fun item to own.

    Karaoke USA Portable

    The Karaoke USA is a top-notch machine. At a price of $149, it's on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. It's also one of the best-selling karaoke machines on the market today, and we believe this to be true for several reasons. First of all, Karaoke USA is a reputable brand with a list of other quality products under its name. Second, this system has one of the best sound systems around. The mics yield a rich sound while simultaneously hiding some vocal flaws with their built-in technology. If you're looking for a quality machine that will help you sound good and give you a satisfying musical experience, you may agree with us that the higher price is worth it.

    Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System

    A cost of $59 puts the Memorex on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Unlike other models on our shortlist, you do not get a lyric display with this product. However, you do get the opportunity to input digital keyboard or electronic drum sounds while you practice or perform. This simple-looking machine is great for students who want to hone their instrumental and/or vocal skills. The Memorex SingStand comes from a reputable company and gets top ratings from many satisfied customers.

    Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System

    Right now, you can get the Electrohome Karaoke Machine for $69 — not the most expensive option, but not the cheapest, either. For this amount of money, you get a machine that can connect to just about any available karaoke song on the Internet. Having such a mammoth supply of songs at your fingertips is indeed a major advantage! We wish that the Electrohome's microphone matched this excellence, but unfortunately, a fair number of owners complained that it's not as sensitive as they would like it to be.

    VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player

    The VocoPro's price of $159 is one of the highest on our list. For this amount of money, you get some unbeatable features. One of the best things you get is the ability to change the key of the song you're singing up to eight steps in either direction. You also get the ability to use a wireless mic, a convenient remote, and a plethora of different connectivity options. Unfortunately, this more expensive product does not offer recording capability. For such a high price, we wish that it would.

    All of the models on our shortlist are excellent, but the Singing Machine delivers an irresistible package at an irresistible price.

    Best of the Best

    The Karaoke USA Portable puts you in control of your vocal output. Using this system, you can make yourself sound better than you actually are — just like many professionals do! This is but one of the many reasons why we deem the Karaoke USA Karaoke System to be the Best of the Best.

    This product's balance control is excellent. You don't have to worry about getting drowned out by your accompaniment, nor do you have to worry that your voice will drown out the instrumentals. Simply use the balance control knob to strike the perfect balance between your voice and your back-up music. You can even change the key with this machine. This opens up new worlds of possibility to those who normally feel confined to a particular vocal range.

    What's more, the Karaoke USA's extensive connectivity makes it easy for you to locate appropriate material for yourself. Whether you choose to access songs via memory stick, iPod, tablet, smart phone, or gaming console, there is most certainly a way for you to get the music you need. (Note: the package does come with 300 pre-recorded songs, but some owners say the music isn't exactly what they wanted to sing.)

    If you want a karaoke system that makes you sound your very best, chances are you'll have to spring for more than a budget machine. The Karaoke USA Portable machine, priced at $149, fits this bill nicely. It costs more than our "Best Bang for Your Buck" option, but it also delivers more in terms of sound quality and connectivity. For the very best karaoke machine on the market today, the Karaoke USA Portable should be your top consideration.

    Best of the Best
    Check Price

    You can make yourself sound better than you actually are with the Karaoke USA system!

    Best Bang for your Buck

    If you're looking for an inexpensive karaoke machine that can give you hours of fun, look no further than the Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System. At a cost of $46, this machine is an affordable choice as a gift for a child or yourself! It's not a professional-grade system by any means. If you wanted to buy a professional microphone, for example, you'd have to spend about as much money on the mic as you would the entire Singing Machine system. However, we think this product is an excellent choice, and so do the majority of other satisfied customers who have bought and enjoyed this product.

    What makes this low-priced karaoke system the "Best Bang for Your Buck?" Sound quality is good, and the price is phenomenal. In fact, our research indicates that the sound quality much improved over the manufacturer's previous installment of this product. One mic is included, but you could  add a second mic for duet and ensemble fun. (Note: if you plan to use a separately purchased wireless mic, be advised that you can only use one at a time with this machine. Two corded mics are fine, however.)

    You can use CDs and CD-Gs with this product. You can also use Bluetooth to sync this system with your iPod, Android, or other smart device. It's easy to read the lyrics to any song using the Singing Machine's TV display mode. And of course, there are all of the standard features you would expect in any top-notch karaoke machine: audio voice control, balance control, echo control, and built-in speakers.

    In exchange for the super-low price, you do not get some of the deluxe features that accompany some other karaoke machine models. You cannot transpose a song to another key to suit your range, and you cannot record yourself and play it back later. (You could certainly record yourself using an outside device!) However, most amateurs and children who are drawn to a cool-looking karaoke machine with flashing disco lights aren't concerned about these extras anyway.

    The other models on our shortlist are excellent, but we feel that the Singing Machine — in addition to offering the lowest price you'll find for such high quality — delivers an irresistible package. For this reason, and many others, we declare the Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System to be the "Best Bang for Your Buck."

    Best Bang for your Buck
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    We think the Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System is an excellent choice. So do hundreds of satisfied customers who have bought and enjoyed this product.
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