Our Mission

To arm consumers with clarity and confidence to simplify their purchasing decisions.

BestReviews is the site to turn to when you're about to buy something. From blankets to cordless drills, we compare the top products in hundreds of categories to give you the most reliable purchasing advice. Our goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best product and to be confident in your decision.
How we test
BestReviews is committed to providing comprehensive and trusted reviews for products that matter to consumers. We do the research to help you save time and money.
We buy products from the retailer just like you do
We test everything in our own lab

How we do it

When you're getting ready to buy a product, you have a lot of options. There may be hundreds of products to choose from, dozens of them with user reviews that make them sound equally great. It can be confusing and time-consuming to cut through the data to find the best product for you.

That's where we come in.

Testing Drills

We evaluate the dozens (or hundreds) of available products in each category, and select from them the short list of the most promising and best-selling products - the products in each category that really matter.

Then we buy these products, just like you would, and subject them to independent tests.

How we do it

Independent Testing

We build our own test equipment for evaluating products like cordless drills and hair dryers. Why? Because reliable testing requires repeatable tests, and just handing products to people to try out isn't enough.

Testing Hair Dryers
We gather insights from those who use the products day in and day out to help us build review methodologies and design new ways to test products.
How we do it

Expert Advice

How do we know what to test? We interview industry experts, contractors, and other super-users before our review process begins.

Our expert advisors include physicians, who provide guidance on testing health-related products, building contractors who use power tools every day of their work lives, and professional chefs who know what works and what doesn't in kitchen appliances.

How we do it

Consumer Feedback

Finally, we consider the opinions of buyers like you, who have already invested their money and time in using the products. We survey readers regularly to seek their opinions on products, and we also pore over the product evaluations left online, to develop a clear picture of the strengths and weakness that a product may exhibit over time. That's because our lab testing can evaluate the performance of a product, but only long-term real-world use will turn up durability and other design flaws.

Testing Hair Dryers
How we do it

Where We Test

Product Acquisition

We purchase every product we review with our own funds. We never accept anything from product manufacturers. Our goal is to be 100% objective in our analysis, and we do not want to run the risk of being swayed by products provided at no cost.

By purchasing products through normal retail channels, we also avoid the risk of a manufacturer sending us 'juiced up' models. We review exactly what consumers buy off the shelf.

If, during testing, we find a product that performs much worse than expected we will buy an additional unit and re-run our testing, to make sure we did not receive a bad copy of it.

Testing Products

Where reviewed products go

A few weeks after we're done testing and reviewing a product, we donate it to a charitable organization. We hope people in need are able to benefit from the suitcases, tools, and appliances that we purchase for evaluation.

Our Team
BestReviews was started by a group of entrepreneurs with three decades of business experience. The company was incubated out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, and our founding team has educational backgrounds from Harvard Business School, Stanford, Berkeley, West Point, and the US Army's Airborne and Ranger Schools, in addition to corporate experience at Google, Tesla, LinkedIn, and the US Army.
Our team

Our Promise

We strive to provide value to readers by making solid and reliable buying recommendations. We make money when a reader clicks through to a product buying page and purchases a product. It doesn't matter which one, though - we earn the referral fee on any item you buy. We are not biased to pick one item over another. Our sole focus is delivering the best review possible.

If we fail to win your trust and guide you to a purchasing decision, we do not make anything.

We are in this for the long haul, and we succeed only by running trustworthy and accurate product reviews. If we fail at recommending the best product, our readers won't come back.

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