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    Shopping Guide for Best Electric Skillets

    An electric skillet has quite a few advantages over its stovetop counterpart. For one, it uses less energy to cook a food item than what a stovetop burner would for the same.

    Turning on the gas and cooking on the stovetop also produces smoke and heat, which are minimised by electric skillets. They have no open flames and so accidents are lesser with electric skillets. They are portable, so you can put them away to clear counter space. Electric skillets also come with the advantage of having temperature controls for even cooking of food.

    All five electric skillets on our shortlist have received high ratings from scores of satisfied customers. Our contenders come in several different sizes and price ranges. For your consideration, we present the top five electric skillets on the market today:

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    Products we Considered

    • De'Longhi
    • Precise Heat
      16-Inch Rectangular
    • Oster
    • Rival
      11-Inch Square
    • Presto


    Cooking Capacity

    The dimensions of an electric skillet are important, including depth. We tell you how big each electric skillet is so you can gauge the type and amount of food you could prepare in it. We also tell you how well each skillet cooks food. Does it cook evenly? Does it burn?


    Most people don't feel like replacing their electric skillet every 1-2 years with a new one; they want an appliance that will last. Many people prefer a skillet with a Teflon (non-stick) surface, but Teflon is notorious for flaking off into food. We tell you what owners have to say about the durability of each model on our shortlist.

    Other Features

    We address each skillet's cooking capacity and cooking surface in another area of this review. In our “Other Features” section, we tell you about all of the other important features an electric skillet brings to your table: temperature settings, ease of clean-up, aesthetics, safety features, and more.


    Some electric skillets cost over $300. Others cost under $30. We've identified five of the most popular skillets on the market today. All of our contenders fall within the price range of the average consumer.

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    Cooking Capacity and Quality

    Precise Heat 16-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

    At 16 inches wide, the Precise Surgical Stainless Steel skillet is on the larger side in terms of capacity. With a depth of around two inches, you can cook lots of different things in this skillet, including minute or Swiss steak, chicken Cordon Bleu (one owner was able to cook eight stuffed chicken Cordon Bleu at a time), and breakfast items like pancakes, bacon, and eggs. However, due to its depth, you are less likely to fit a pot roast or whole chicken in this item with the lid on. Customers tell us this appliance browns nicely and puts a nice crust on items like fish and chicken. Because it is made of stainless steel, this skillet heats up very quickly. Many owners tell us they prefer to cook their food at the lowest temperature setting to prevent burning. A few people have been unsatisfied with the heating element, complaining that it heats food unevenly. However, this complaint is not common.

    De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

    The De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet is a 16-inch appliance, just like the more expensive Precise Heat. However, it is about one inch deeper than the Precise Heat (three inches instead of two) and is non-stick -- a plus for many cooks who don't like scraping off burnt or crusty food from the bottom of their appliance after cooking. In terms of capacity, this skillet can hold up to 10 fish filets or 60 scrambled eggs! The tempered glass cover traps heat, moisture, and nutrients for tasty culinary results, but you can also choose to cook with the lid off if you're looking to crisp up a casserole top. It's a suitable way to cook a main entree for a family of 4-6 or a side dish for a larger gathering. Most owners tell us the De'Longhi cooks food evenly with no overly hot or cold spots, thanks to its embedded heating element. The result: delicious entrees and side dishes cooked to precision by an easy-to-clean skillet. Our research did uncover complaints of uneven heating from a few owners; this seems to be a "hit or miss" problem that occurs only occasionally.

    Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet

    Like the De'Longhi and Precise Heat electric skillets on our list, the Oster CKSTSKFM05 is 16 inches wide. Depth is approximately three inches, putting it on par with the De'Longhi in terms of the size and height of the food it can accommodate. One owner told us he can fit nine hamburgers at a time in this appliance. It's also suitable for cooking a roast, chicken, pork chops, casseroles, stews, and breakfast foods. After food has finished cooking, you can keep it warm in the appliance until it's time to eat. Some owners set the Oster right on the table like a regular serving dish. Like most of our top five electric skillets, the Oster is a non-stick appliance. While some owners tell us that food cooks evenly, others complain that there are hot and cold spots throughout the cooking surface that yield an unpredictable food product. Overall, public opinion on the quality of the food the Oster provides seems to be quite mixed. While some rave about the Oster's excellently cooked food, others complain about the uneven cooking.

    Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet

    At 11 inches wide and about 2.5 inches deep, the Rival CKRVSK11 is one of the smaller electric skillets on our shortlist. It's suitable for people who live in modestly sized households and can cook steaks, rice, sandwiches, breakfast foods, and other entrees with ease. Potential buyers should note that this product heats up quickly and can burn food if you're not careful. Part of the reason for this could be the fact that the Rival, as an inexpensive appliance, is made of thin metal (as opposed to heavy-duty steel or die-cast aluminum) that transmits heat quickly. When using this Rival product, the consensus among owners seems to be that you should cook food at a lower temperature setting for the best results. Our research did uncover occasional complaints about uneven cooking.

    Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

    The Presto 11-inch skillet is one of the smaller skillets on our shortlist. However, if you live in a small household or need a way to cook food in an RV, college dorm, or camp site, this appliance is a terrific choice. The combined depth of this skillet (approximately 2.5 inches) and height of the dome cover (approximately 3 inches) allow you to accommodate whole chickens, roasts, Cornish hens, and other larger pieces of meat. You can also use this skillet to prepare breakfast foods, re-heat pizza, pop popcorn, and make a variety of other foods (including donuts, according to one satisfied customer). A typical consumer concern in the world of electric skillets is how evenly the appliance cooks food. Our research of the Presto 06620 turned up no complaints of "hot spots," "cold spots," or uneven cooking. We're particularly impressed with the Presto for this reason, as even some of the more expensive skillets on our shortlist seem to have occasional problems with uneven cooking. One aspect of this appliance that may or may not appeal to you is the fact that the lid is solid (rather than tempered glass). You cannot simply glance at the skillet to see how your food is progressing; you must manually lift the lid to check it. For some cooks, this is an inconvenience. Others don't really care one way or the other. When you consider the Presto's low price and impressive versatility, it's not surprising that this is one of the most popular electric skillets on the market today.

    When you consider the Presto 06620's low price and versatility, it's not surprising that it is one of the most popular electric skillets on the market today.


    Precise Heat 16-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

    Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the Precise Heat electric skillet is the only item on our shortlist that is not coated with Teflon. Most people prefer Teflon because food doesn't stick, making the appliance easier to clean when cooking is done. If you prefer to minimize the introduction of non-food chemicals into your cooking, however, this skillet is the one to buy. You won't have to worry about non-stick coating flaking off when you cook, soak the pan in water, or use metal utensils on your food. People who value non-Teflon appliances love the Precise Heat and tell us it's a long-lasting item that serves them well. This durability is reflected by the product's limited five-year warranty! If you're considering buying a stainless steel skillet for the first time, keep in mind that food is much more likely to stick to the cooking surface. In general, you should spray and/or oil the surface before cooking to minimize this problem. Potential buyers should also keep in mind that this item is not dishwasher safe and cannot be submerged in water due to the vents on the bottom of it.

    De'Longhi is not as well-known in America as brands like Oster, Presto, and Rival. However, this family-founded Italian company has earned many fans since its inception in 1902. One person we spoke to said that she recommends De'Longhi products for every kitchen! The BG45 Electric Skillet is a non-stick, Teflon-coated appliance that allows users to easily clean up after themselves. It's dishwasher safe -- and added bonus -- but many find they don't even need the dishwasher thanks to the non-stick feature. Of all the Teflon-coated electric skillets in this review, the De'Longhi is the best in terms of Teflon flaking. In short, it doesn't flake. You would be wise, of course, to avoid scraping metal spatulas, forks, and so on against the De'Longhi's Teflon coating. It's also smart to avoid soaking any Teflon-coated item in water for a long period of time. But if you're concerned about Teflon flaking into your food (a common problem with many non-stick pans), the De'Longhi is the appliance to get. We encountered zero complaints of this problem in our research!

    As a non-stick appliance, one of the first things people want to know about the Oster CKSTSKFM05 is whether the Teflon coating flakes off or stays put. The answer to this question is up in the air. User opinion on the Teflon issue seems to be as divided as their take on food quality with this product. A few owners told us that within the first month, the Oster's non-stick coating began to flake and bubble off. (It's very important, of course, to protect any Teflon pan's coating by using only soft utensils, such as silicone. Using a metal utensil on a Teflon surface is destructive to the integrity of the coating. The users who complained did not admit to doing this, but we have no way of knowing whether they did or not.) Some owners, by contrast, are perfectly happy with their Oster, telling us that the skillet's nonstick coating works like a dream and lasts for years. Still others tell us that the Teflon stays in tact but the food sticks anyway. Buying this product could be a great investment or a big risk, depending on whom you talk to. Fortunately, consumers who buy this product are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

    According to many customers, the Rival 11-inch skillet has an established pattern of Teflon erosion. Because it is so inexpensive, however, it is quite popular with customers who say they don't mind replacing it every couple of years. One owner who suffered no incidents with Teflon erosion whatsoever told us that she soaks her skillet for 10 minutes after cooking, drains the water, and wipes the appliance out with a paper towel. Indeed, if you're hoping to make your Rival last, it is wise to be as gentle on the Teflon cooking surface as possible. The manufacturer says this appliance may be placed in the dishwasher when the temperature control is removed, but this may not be the most gentle approach to keeping the Rival clean. The company has a good reputation for the manufacture of small appliances and has been supplying America with kitchen products since the 1930s.

    The Presto 06620 gets high ratings from hundreds of customers because it is a durable, long-lasting product. While it's true that all non-stick skillets, including the Presto, have the potential for Teflon erosion, one owner told us that she successfully maintained her Presto for 15 years without any problems. This owner said that she did her "due diligence" by using only Teflon-safe utensils. Another way to maintain the condition of any non-stick pan is to wash it carefully. You can certainly put this appliance in the dishwasher, but washing it by hand is a gentler option that may help you preserve its non-stick qualities for even longer. Our research did turn up a few complaints of "DiamondCoat" erosion (this is the name Presto has given to its Teflon technology), but these negative instances were rare. The general consensus seems to be that this is a quality product that will serve you well for a long time -- especially if you treat it right.

    The De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet offers a nice "tabletop presentation." It looks great on the table and is also suitable as a serving station for buffets and other large gatherings.
    Susan T.
    Expert Consultant

    Susan Sano Tuveson has been cooking for people for five decades. Educated in music, law, and languages, she left her legal practice to establish Cacao Chocolates in Kittery, Maine. A three-time Best of Seacoast New England winner, the shop was popular for its high-quality artisanal truffles flavored with unusual local ingredients.

    Susan T.  |  Chef, Food Entrepeneur

    Other Features

    Precise Heat 16-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

    The Precise Heat's standout feature is its elegant looking, shiny steel body and lid. Because the lid matches the body, however, you are not able to glance at your food while it's cooking without lifting the lid. If this matters to you, you might want to consider a product with a lid of tempered glass -- three of the models on our shortlist feature this type of lid. In terms of temperature, the Precise Heat's gauge begins at 225 degrees and ranges up to 425 degrees. The dial is small and some users find it hard to read and adjust. It gets hot very quickly, and most people who use this skillet tell us they fry, roast, and cook food at the lowest setting possible to avoiding burning. You won't burn your hands on the hollow, stay-cool handles of this appliance, but you should definitely not touch the lid or body of the skillet when it's hot. Cleaning up after you cook can be a bit of a pain with the Precise Heat, as food is more likely to stick. What's worse, this appliance cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher or even submerged in a sink full of water due to the fragility of the heat vents on the bottom of the appliance. However, a lot of satisfied owners told us that the extra effort required to clean this skillet is minimal compared to some other stainless steel pans they have owned.

    De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

    The De'Longhi Electric Skillet features a die-cast aluminum body and a tight-fitting, tempered glass lid to lock in heat, moisture, and flavor. The inside is coated with Teflon for a non-stick cooking experience. A detachable thermostat allows you to cook food to the precise temperature you want (the dial ranges from 200-400 degrees), and adjustable steam vent holes let you get rid of steam as you need to. We're told by most owners that the De'Longhi heats evenly, although rare critics complain that this is not the case. When food is done cooking, you can still keep it warm in this skillet thanks to the "warm" setting. Cool-touch handles keep your fingers safe, although a few customers with extra-long fingers warned that you should exercise caution when grabbing the hot skillet by the handles, as fingers could inadvertently bump the hot aluminum. When you're ready to turn off the De'Longhi, bear in mind that there is no "Off" button -- you must simply unplug it. When you're ready to wash the De'Longhi, simply remove the thermostat and toss the skillet and lid in the dishwasher for super-easy cleaning. Owners say that this appliance offers a "nice tabletop presentation," meaning it looks great on the table and is also suitable as a serving station for buffets and other large gatherings.

    Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet

    The Oster's 16-inch width and 3-inch depth are two of its greatest assets. It's easy to prepare food for a larger group of people in this appliance, and you certainly don't have to worry about whether larger cuts of meat will fit like you might with an 11-inch skillet. People who like non-stick cooking appreciate the Teflon coating the Oster provides. One woman described this coating as "slippery as an eel," raving that clean-up is a breeze with this item. Still others told us they are unhappy with the flakiness of the non-stick coating. One feature people universally seem to appreciate is the fact that this appliance can go in the dishwasher. (Just be sure to remove the temperature probe first.) The body of the skillet does not detach from the base, but that's OK; simply put the entire skillet (lid, too) in your dishwasher and let one appliance take care of another! Cool-touch handles, a tempered glass lid, and non-slip rubber feet are some of the Oster's other attractive draws. One owner told us, "I have gone through many cheaper skillets through the years. . . Oster makes the most durable, long-lasting (product) I know." Indeed, the majority of user comments about this skillet are positive. We did uncover a few negatives, however, and we feel strongly that potential buyers should educate themselves on both the pros and cons of this appliance before making their decision.

    Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet

    The Rival's compact size and affordable price are two of its standout features. According to the manufacturer, you could clean it in the dishwasher, but if you're looking to preserve the non-stick Teflon cooking surface, it may be a smarter idea to wash this electric skillet by hand. Eroding Teflon is a common problem with most non-stick pans, and the Rival 11-inch is no exception. Some owners told us the coating began flaking as soon as one month after use. However, this skillet boasts some nice features that potential customers should not ignore: cool-touch handles, stay-cool knob, tempered glass lid, steam venting, and an elegant presentation that makes this appliance suitable for the tabletop or a buffet. Because it is so compact and lightweight, this skillet is more portable than some of the other models on our shortlist. If you supply hot food at a lot of social/family gatherings, this could be a useful (and inexpensive) appliance to keep on hand. The lid and skillet body do tend to heat up quickly, so caution should definitely be used when cooking with this appliance.

    Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

    The Presto 06620 is a popular product, largely because gives consumers a long list of desirable features. First and foremost, this little skillet cooks food evenly and can accommodate larger items thanks to its three-inch dome cover. (The cover, incidentally, is made of "EverNu" plastic that won't dent, warp, bend, or peel.) Equally impressive is the fact that its Teflon coating, called "DiamondCoat," is more durable than the non-stick coating of some of the other skillets on our shortlist. You can put this skillet in the dishwasher (be sure to remove the Control Master electrical component first), but clean-up is so easy and quick, you might prefer to do it by hand. Owners rave about the quality of the food this skillet yields. This is due, in large part, to the fact that the temperature dial is very precise and the heating element distributes heat evenly. The skillet gets hot fast, but the heat doesn't spread throughout your entire room, making it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens, apartments, and dorm rooms.

    The De'Longhi is dishwasher safe, but many people find they don't even need the dishwasher thanks to this product's dependable, non-stick coating.


    Precise Heat 16-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

    At a cost of $94, the Precise Heat Surgical Stainless Steel Electric Skillet is the most expensive appliance on our shortlist. If you're a person who avoids Teflon, this is the skillet to buy. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this shiny skillet looks great, cooks well, and cleans up relatively easily considering it isn't a non-stick appliance. Potential buyers should keep in mind, however, that the lid is solid steel and must be removed periodically to check cooking progress. The appliance heats very quickly and most food items can be cooked successfully at the lowest temperature setting. Many owners rave about this skillet's durability, beauty, and cooking capacity. We believe the price will be worth it to you if you want a trustworthy skillet that isn't coated with non-stick Teflon.

    De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

    At a cost of $41, the De'Longhi is not the most expensive item on our shortlist, but we believe it is one of the best. As a Teflon-coated appliance, this electric skillet does not seem to have the problems with Teflon flaking that some other non-stick skillets do -- we regard this as a major benefit and offer kudos to the company for engineering this! For the money, you get a deep, wide skillet that can handle any number of recipes, from roasts to pork chops to casseroles to breakfast items. Clean-up is fast and easy, especially considering the fact that you can put the whole thing in the dishwasher -- minus the detachable thermostat, of course.

    Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet

    A price of $41 may be a little high for the Oster when you consider some of the structural complaints owners have registered about it. While it's true that this is a large skillet with better-than-average depth and some other great features, two criticisms stand out: the fact that some owners have experienced rapid Teflon deterioration, and the fact that some have complained about an uneven cooking surface with hot and/or cold spots. Nevertheless, the Oster is one of the top-selling electric skillets on the market today. We think this has to do with the fact that Oster is a reputable brand, the CKSTSKFM05 is a large skillet for a moderate price, and certain features (non-stick surface, cool-touch handles, simmer setting, dishwasher safe, tempered glass lid) are particularly appealing to customers. The Oster is certainly a functional appliance that will get the job done, and many people have found success with it.

    Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet

    The Rival 11-inch is not as hearty as some of its competitors, but it's not as expensive, either. For a cost of $49, you basically get what you pay for: a skillet of thin metal that heats up quickly, looks nice on the table or in a buffet line, and typically lasts a couple of years. The main reason people replace their Rival is that the non-stick coating wears off. Some customers notice this happening sooner than others. The best thing you can do to prevent the non-stick coating from wearing down is to handle and clean the appliance gently, using appropriate washing techniques and Teflon-safe utensils. Many owners like the fact that this is a dishwasher-safe item with cool-touch handles and a tempered glass lid. (The lid, incidentally, can get very hot. Potential buyers should keep this in mind.) Portable and light, it's an ideal skillet to bring to potlucks, tailgate parties, and similar events. Overall, the Rival 11-inch skillet is a practical appliance that will cook food to your specifications if you know how to handle it right. It's a popular item with consumers for both its price and functionality. One of the best tips we received from people who cook with this appliance is to use the lower temperature settings as much as possible.

    Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

    For an impressively low price of $23, the Presto 06620 brings durability, reliability, and -- best of all -- great-tasting food to your kitchen. Its an appropriate choice for families of 2-4 and makes a wonderful addition to a camper or dorm room. (One happy college student informed us that she and her roommates have been enjoying many "gourmet dorm room meals" thanks to the Presto.) Compared to many other electric skillets in its class, the Presto 06620 is a stand-out for many reasons. The tall dome lid allows you to cook large pieces of meat, as well as a plethora of other items. The heating element cooks food evenly -- your dinner is not likely to burn in this skillet. The DiamondCoat non-stick coating is one of the most reliable Teflon technologies we've seen in our research. We can't say enough good things about this product. If you're looking for a smaller electric skillet and you don't mind the fact that the lid is solid plastic (as opposed to see-through, tempered glass), this little appliance is quite likely to fit your bill.

    The Teflon-coated De'Longhi BG45 does not have the problems with Teflon flaking that some other non-stick skillets do. We offer kudos to the company for engineering this!

    Best of the Best

    Most people these days want a Teflon-coated skillet for easy clean-up. If you're against Teflon, we recommend you look into the Precise Heat model on our shortlist. But if you, like many, herald Teflon as one of the greatest inventions in modern cookery, you're going to love the De'Longhi BG45 Electrict Skillet.

    For a price that isn't over the top, the De'Longhi brings you a lot of unbeatable benefits. A large cooking space with three inches of depth allows you to cook stews without spillage and accommodate bigger, taller cuts of meat. The tempered glass top fits snugly, is dishwasher safe, and helps you keep the food you're cooking just as warm and juicy as can be -- not to mention the fact that you can check on your food's cooking progress any time you like simply by glancing at the appliance. Stay-cool handles protect your fingers, and an easy-to-use dial allows you to precisely heat the food you're cooking anywhere from 200-400 degrees. Whether you want to fry, grill, bake, stew, or steam, the De'Longhi provides an energy-efficient alternative to firing up the oven and, in turn, heating up your entire kitchen. In addition to cushioning your food with a durable Teflon coating, the De'Longhi is dishwasher safe -- music to the ears of many harried cooks who want to cook it, eat it, and forget about it.

    All of the items on our shortlist offer great features, but the De'Longhi has culled the best collection of features into one stellar appliance -- the BG45 Electric Skillet. You won't break the bank buying this appliance, but you'll definitely feel like you bought something worth a lot more than it actually costs. You cannot go wrong with the De'Longhi, and that is why we're proclaiming it the "Best of the Best" electric skillet on the market today.
    Best of the Best
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    The De'Longhi is dishwasher safe -- music to the ears of many harried cooks who want to cook it, eat it, and forget about it.

    Best Bang for your Buck

    The Presto 11-inch skillet is one of the most popular electric skillets on the market today, and we know why. For the money, you simply can't beat the quality, durability, and long list of customer-friendly features this little skillet brings to the table.

    While the dimensions of this skillet are smaller than those of its 16-inch competitors, the Presto makes up for this in height. The skillet's 2.5-inch depth, in combination with its 3-inch tall "EverNu" plastic cover, gives you almost half a foot of vertical space in which to cook your food. For a very affordable price, you can easily cook roasts, chickens, Cornish hens, and more in this tiny appliance. This could be a definite game-changer for campers and college students who are tired of eating canned soup and ramen noodles. One student told us that she and her roommates have been enjoying "gourmet dorm room food" since she got her little Presto.

    The quality and durability you get for your small investment is also outstanding. Where some skillets cook food unevenly, the Presto cooks food with precision -- our research uncovered no consumer complaints about "hot spots" or "cold spots." This is a non-stick appliance that cleans up easily, but unlike some other non-stick skillets on the market today, the Presto's DiamondCoat Teflon does not wear off easily or quickly. In fact, it typically doesn't wear off at all if you use the right utensils (avoid metal!) and clean it appropriately.

    This appliance is dishwasher safe -- a fact many harried cooks appreciate. The user manual does advise owners that, to prevent Teflon erosion, the skillet should not soak in water for very long. For this reason, you may want to wash the appliance by hand. (It's not hard to do, considering how slippery the DiamondCoat is.) However, the Presto is such an inexpensive product, you may decide to use it more recklessly. After all, it won't cost much to replace it.

    We've conducted deep research on a number of electric skillets. The Presto gives you the very best, and it does so for a small amount of money. If you don't mind an 11-inch skillet (as opposed to a 16-inch) with a tall, opaque dome (as opposed to a tempered glass lid), this is definitely the skillet to buy. Hands down, it's the best "Bang for Your Buck" in electric skillets on the market today.
    Best Bang for your Buck
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    For the money, you simply can't beat the quality, durability, and long list of customer-friendly features this little skillet brings to the table.
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