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    Best Caterpillar Portable Generators

    The new line of Caterpillar portable generators is impressive. While testing in the field, we found the products stood up to other models that had been on the market for many years longer. When we reviewed our notes, there were three main attributes that distanced the Caterpillars from the competition.

    First, the long history of durability in their products. For many who have spent time in vertical construction Caterpillar is a part of the daily life, and for good reasons.

    Second, the user-centric design mandate that Caterpillar followed when they decided to enter into the consumer generator market is exciting. Tapping into their long history with generators, the team took at open approach into using this knowledge to help consumders. Designing LED lights around the outlets is one of the obvious and thoughtful features their team came up with. We enjoyed these features in our hands-on analysis, and think many other consumers will as well.

    Third, the display screen, another helpful feature that we believe further differentiates these products from others already in the marketplace.

    While some of the tests of a longer time in market remain to be seen, we believe Caterpillar is going to uphold its reputation for quality products, and are excited to watch it unfold.

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    Anderson Rowe

    Anderson has over 15 years of experience working with generators of all types. His most recent experience with generators involved using larger military generators in austere environments. However, his prior experience included regular use of portable generators in the construction and landscaping industries. Anderson is familiar with generator set up in all-weather work and living environments when there is no access to other power sources. Additionally, Anderson is an Army combat veteran.

    Anderson Rowe  |  Construction and Landscaping Expert
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      Senior Engineer
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      Senior Director of Engineering
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