The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide of 2019

Last Updated January 2020

Even if pets don't understand the holidays, few beings in your life will be as grateful to receive a gift as your furry friend. Accordingly, we’ve put together a guide of the top gifts for both cats and dogs:

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Nothing is a greater gift to your dog than coming up with ways to bring them on more adventures. Buying this life vest means that you can bring them on more boating and swimming trips than you would’ve otherwise — and is an essential if that was the plan all along. Most dogs are great natural swimmers, but they can get tired with extended time in the water. This life vest will ensure they can splash and play with less worry.

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This is the absolute best gift you can buy your pet. It allows you to keep an eye on (or admire) them while you’re away from home. If they’re misbehaving, you can chime in (sternly) to nip it in the bud. If they’re being good boys and girls, you can provide them with treats so they know it at all hours of the day. If you have puppies or kittens in the house and you’re concerned about leaving them home alone — this could be considered a gift for yourself as well.

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Pets love blankets, but any human who has to share one with a pet knows that kind of cooperation gets gross pretty quickly with all the hair they leave behind — so give them a cozy blanket for themselves. This one will protect your furniture and is reversible so you can get maximum use out of it before it needs to be cleaned.

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OK, maybe this isn’t totally for your dog or cat and is actually just for yourself, but how cute is it to have a special stocking hung over the fireplace for your pet? We love this version because it also doubles as a picture frame, and with all of the high-quality shots you’ve taken of your dog or cat over the years, you might as well display them in as many places as you can.

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Maybe your pup isn’t potty trained yet, or maybe you’ve discovered his control isn’t as good indoors as it used to be. At $5 a box, we think these wraps are an easy solution to a headache-causing problem. 

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If you want to make the holiday truly special, give the dog(s) in the house this big ole’ bone. It will make it feel like they’re a part of the excitement as they gnaw away at it while the rest of the family opens presents. It’s made of all-natural ingredients and improves the health of your dog’s teeth. But your buddy won’t care about all of that, he’ll be too busy mowing down.

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Cats love to have a view of the world around them, and if you live in an urban apartment, it’s tough to give them the elevated position they crave (especially if you’re working with cramped space). This perch solves all of those issues. Not only does it give them dominion over everything they can see outside, it also puts them in direct sunlight for a coveted cozy daytime nap. And, in our testing, we’ve seen cats take to them quickly.

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This is truly a gift for cats everywhere. While the rest of the family is having a good time together, your cat can be treating itself to a nice night of catnip-fueled play. It’s made of natural parts and lasts a long time considering how much it costs. Plus, it's a giant banana. Cats look hilarious chewing on giant bananas, and that alone makes it worth the cost.

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We love this dog backpack for anyone who wants to commute with their best friend to work. Smaller dogs can comfortably hold onto your back, knowing you’re nearby as you take them on a bike ride or the subway.

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Another item you can buy to take your dog on more adventures, this travel water bottle is great on hikes and road-trips. One of the most frustrating parts of trying to keep your dog hydrated is wasting water — this model ensures that isn’t necessary as you can release all of the unused water back into the bottle.

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Give your cat a little space of their own in your house. This cat house looks like a little teepee, giving them a place to hide. It’s built from durable materials, so if you want to keep it outside, that’s an option. Add a heated blanket to make this a heated and comfortable shelter year-round.

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If you don’t have the energy to help your kitten run out their excess energy, this interactive cat toy will help. It randomly moves a laser about the floor, ensuring fun and exercise. It’s also battery-powered so the risk of anyone tripping and hurting themselves is minimal.

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Take some of the work of pet ownership off of your plate with this pet fountain that can help ensure your pet stays hydrated all day long. The water is filtered so it’s safe to drink, and there are two bowls — which means if you have an older friend in the house, they won’t have to strain their neck to drink from it. 

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