Tips and tricks for outfitting your kid's room for cheap

Last Updated May 2020

Every parent wants their child’s bedroom to be functional and well-organized, and every kid wants a comfortable space that reflects their personality. If achieving both on a budget seems like a tall order, we've got you covered. Whether you're giving your kids’ room a facelift, or starting from scratch, check out our tips to find out how you can set up a brag-worthy kids’ bedroom without breaking the bank.

Give old furniture a facelift

Before you shell out your hard-earned cash on new furniture, consider revamping older pieces.  More often than not, boring bookshelves and lackluster nursery dressers can be rejuvenated with a simple lick of paint, or transformed into eye-catching pieces with a little creativity.

Renew drab dressers

Try dressing up outdated drawers with fun prints using peel and stick wallpaper. Or, for double-duty decorating, add a coat of chalkboard paint – label each drawer according to its contents or let the kids go wild and express their creativity.

Repurpose old bookcases

If you have an old bookcase with deep shelves that’s doing little more than gathering dust, turn it on its side and top with foam or cushions for a quick and easy DIY bench with storage cubbies.

Opt for multi-tasking items

If there's no way around buying new furniture, try to find versatile items that offer good bang for your buck. Furniture that serves a dual purpose not only saves money, but can free up valuable floor space as well.

Seat + sleep

With the addition or removal of a few scatter cushions, a daybed will go from seating-to-sleeping in seconds.

Sit + store

If your kid has an abundance of stuffed animals, put them to work by stuffing them into a storage bean bag for casual seating that kids of all ages will approve of.

Store + display

Cube storage units are great multitaskers. Alternate filling the cubes with books and large, display-worthy toys, or add a couple of colorful storage baskets to hold small items of clothing like socks, underwear, and folded t-shirts.

Choose furniture that will grow with your child

Kids grow at an astonishing rate, and before you know it, toddler-friendly furniture and cute prints will need to be replaced. As far as possible, try to choose furniture that won't lose appeal or functionality over the years. If your younger child yearns for the company of their favorite cartoon characters, indulge them with smaller items like stuffed animals or character bedding.

Skip the toddler bed

While many argue that toddler beds are safer and offer little ones more security, a regular twin bed can be customized to be just as effective – and it won't soon be outgrown, either. If your toddler is under the age of two, skip ornate designs or gaps that might pose an entrapment risk and add removable safety rails for a toddler-safe bed that will last for years to come. For multi-tasking value, consider a twin bed with built-in storage.

Be selective with toy storage

Toy boxes with neutral designs can be used indefinitely. An attractive solid wood toy box that doubles as a seat will not only kill two birds with one stone, but could very well become an heirloom piece. If one of these is too pricey, an understated, budget-friendly toy box that can easily be stored or repurposed will get the job done too.

Get creative

A child’s bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. It's a sanctuary, a platform for expression, and a place where the tentative tendrils of young dreams are allowed to unfurl and reach limitless heights. With a few small touches, you can take your child's bedroom from mundane to magical.

View walls as a blank canvas

Use bedroom walls to let your child's personality shine through. This can be as simple as allowing them to choose their favorite color for a feature wall. Or, for a more detailed look, try stencils to add a little pizazz to bare walls. Need something a little less permanent? Decals are available in a wide variety of designs for boys and girls, and, best of all, they're affordable, easy to use, and can be removed and updated as often as you like.

Add color with accessories

Simple additions like cushions, throws, and rugs don't cost much, but can make a big difference. Choose colors that complement or match curtains, feature walls, or bedding to tie the look together for a small, yet impactful finishing touch.

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