Tech gifts for everyone

Last Updated August 2020

Electronics make for great gifts. People covet them, but often don’t want to spend that much money on themselves for a new gadget. So give them that joy of opening the fresh, hot toy this year. And with these choices, you know they’ll be getting what they really want.

For the person who loves all things Apple

Have a college student or budding creative on your list this year? Then they’ll be ecstatic to receive a MacBook Pro, a computer with a powerful processor and crystal-clear retina display that’s ideal for any task from writing to researching to designing to photo editing and much, much more. 

$159 at Amazon

These sleek, truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Apple are a trendy accessory that offer quality sound and reliable performance. If you’re buying a gift for someone who seems to be constantly listening to music or podcasts, give convenience in the form of a convenient and cool set of headphones that will work seamlessly with the rest of their Apple products.

$429 at Amazon

Many people don’t need the power of a full laptop for their personal computing needs — and they also don’t want to be stuck just using their smartphone. So if a tablet is what they really want, then why not get them the top-of-the-line? Apple released a new model that has a bigger screen than ever, and it now supports a smart keyboard, so it will feel like a laptop but much more sleek.

$669 at Amazon

The Apple Watch is still the hottest item in wearable tech, and it makes a great gift for anyone who already seems to already have every other device by the brand (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.) and who loves all things Apple.

$199 at Amazon

For those who love to binge Netflix or stream live TV, the Apple TV offers the best-looking video of any other streaming device out there. These are fast, intuitive, and incredibly easy to use even for the least technologically capable person on your list. 

For the adventurous filmographer

$399 at Amazon

If you know someone who does cool things worth capturing — like snorkeling, mountain biking, surfing, or something else — consider getting them the newest model of the GoPro HERO8 so they can take footage of all their adventures. 

$33.99 at Amazon

For those who might be trying their hand at action videography for the first time or who may not need the extra features and ultra high definition of the name-brand GoPro, a more economic choice will still allow them to capture video of the things they do but at a fraction of the price for you. 

For the Netflix binge watcher

$1,197.99 at Amazon

This flatscreen TV from Samsung offers 4K ultra HD screen resolution with brilliant colors and smart TV features. It’s undoubtedly high-end, yet still reasonably priced. This might make the ideal gift for the person who’s still watching on an old TV box or who resorts to Netflix on their laptop. 

Toshiba makes a less expensive — but still 4K ultra HD — flatscreen TV that even comes with a built-in Fire TV for ease of streaming and an Alexa voice remote for ease of control. If you’re looking to gift a more economical but still high-res TV to someone on your list, this is your best bet.

For those who need to stay charged

A portable charger is becoming one of those things that everyone should have on hand at all times. Anker is a top brand in portable chargers, and this model in particular is one of the world's highest capacity portable chargers; it can fully charge a Macbook multiple times over and an iPhone even more. 

This lipstick-sized portable charger provides a compact and convenient way to make sure you’re never left with a draining battery and no access to a power source. It’s impressively small size is easy to carry in a bag or pocket, and it can add a full charge (or near full) to most smartphones.

This charging station is more about function than form, but it’s still a practical gift option for those who are attached to a multitude of devices. This stand specifically supports the simultaneous charging of an iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods, and it’s a great way to free up bedside outlets for lamps, laptops, and other charging needs. 

For the smart home dweller

$49.99 at Amazon

For those already invested in the Amazon ecosystem of smart home products or for those who might benefit from a smart home assistant, the Echo Dot smart speaker is a compact smart speaker with high-quality sound. It allows for Alexa voice control of music and smart appliances, and its understated appearance will fit conveniently into any home space. 

$129.99 at Amazon

The Echo Show can assist with organization, smart home control, entertainment, and staying in touch. This smart device can double as a digital photo frame when not actively in use, and it’s an especially great gift for the home chef because a new partnership with the Food Network enables the device to display optimized step-by-step recipes and cooking instructions. 

$49.99 at Amazon

If someone on your list already has their smart home assistant system set up — whether that’s Alexa or Google’s home assistant — you can always gift them compatible smart devices, like a smart lightswitch that will allow them to have controllable and customizable home lighting.

For the audiophile

A sturdy Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy music or TV sound at home or at a tailgate, party, or on the go. This Bose speaker offers the brand’s impressive, immersive sound quality in a durable and compact device that is sure to impress any audiophile on your list. 

While the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 carries a more affordable price tag (and doesn’t have the Bose name attached), it still provides immersive sound quality in a portable, durable device that can play for 15 hours on one charge — so it’s always ready for adventure. 

Soundbars are the latest innovation to sweet the world of audio tech; these pair perfectly with flatscreen TVs, which lack the space for high-quality speakers, and they replace the bulk of full surround-sound systems with one simple, understated bar that produces deep, rich sound. The Samsung curved soundbar is a particularly good choice to complement a curved Samsung TV.

Though the small and sleek true wireless earbuds (like Apple Airpods) seem to be all the rage these days, they’re not for everyone; some would prefer the classic look and the padded comfort of on-ear headphones, like these noise-canceling QuietComforts from Bose. These offer an immersive listening experience that in-ear headphones simply can’t match. 

Though the Bose sound quality is unbeatable, there are other wireless on-ear headphone options at lower price points that are also worthwhile, like this Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphone System that have a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet as well as a bass boost feature for exceptional audio. 

For those who like to be entertained

$249.99 at Amazon

Buy the bookwork in your life the gift of an entire library contained at their fingertips. The Kindle Oasis E-reader can not only contain hundreds of eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and comics, but the device is also compatible with Audible’s audiobook service, making this a fitting device for any reader (no matter how they like to enjoy their books). 

Drones are fun for children and adults alike. This high-tech gadget is sure to excite anyone who likes to play with toys or who might want to capture unique overhead video footage. It’s exciting to see the live video feed while flying the drone, and it’s a suitable entry-level device for those with little to no prior drone piloting experience. 

While most gamers already have their gaming system of choice fully installed and set up, a game controller makes a worthwhile gift for any gamer because it gives them the option to play multiplayer mode with friends. This particular remote pairs with the Nintendo Switch for TV gameplay. 

For the sleepyhead

A smart alarm clock might make an ideal gift for someone who hates to wake up in the morning or never seems to be well-rested. Give the gift of wellbeing with this Smartsleep and Light Therapy Lamp from Philips, and alarm clock that’s clinically proven to improve the user’s energy and restfulness.