Staff picks: Prime Day deals we’ve already taken advantage of

Last Updated May 2020

Here at BestReviews, we are constantly tracking the prices of the best products on the marketplace. And when a two-day shopping event like Amazon’s Prime Day comes around, we’re generally ready to pounce on the items we think will provide us the most value over the long run.

So as a service to our readers, we’ve put together a list of products our team members bought this year with our rationale for buying them. It should serve as a good place to start if you aren’t sure what to buy during Amazon’s annual birthday blowout — or it could kickstart your wishlist for Black Friday, the next chance you’ll have to shop on significantly discounted products.

Here’s what our team members bought on the first day of Prime Day 2019:

As someone who likes to hike in pretty remote places, I’ve always wanted to buy something that would make me less nervous about running out of water. The LifeStraw is perfect because it’s lightweight and not bulky, but is still a great purifier and it removes microplastic. Plus, for every LifeStraw sold the company provides safe drinking water for a child in need for one year. And it cost less than $10.

— Eliza, Production Manager

Dyson is at the top of the line for most of their products and I was in need of a new fan for my apartment, so I figured it made sense to get this now. I also like how this model serves as an air purifier, and when you look at how much most air purifiers cost, it becomes an even better value.

— Momchil, CEO

My last, cheaper cooler fell apart on a recent hunting trip — so I decided I should not repeat that mistake and get a nicer brand this go around. I like this particular model because I can strap it to the back of my motorcycle if I need to. And being able to keep my perishables cold for a multi day camping trip is an obvious necessity when you spend a lot of time outdoors.

— Amos, Director of Photography

I’ve been considering adding a Vitamix to my kitchen for years, and I finally gave in now that it’s 38% off (the lowest price I’ve ever seen). I can't wait to put it to work on tasks my cheap, basic blender can't handle, like making nut butters. I understand it’s tall and takes up a good amount of space, but I have enough cabinet space and it’s so much better than other blenders.

— Katie, Editorial Director

What can I say? I love upgrading my surround-sound setup in my apartment. These will be the perfect final complement to the 5.1 system I’ve been building for the last several months. These are high-end products on a worthwhile discount and I can’t wait to get them all set up before football season starts. I may have to pretend like they were a gift, but that’s a discussion for a different article.

— Jacob, Editorial Manager

I’m already a big fan of Levi’s 513 jeans and wear them almost every day. While they’re often on sale, this is the lowest price I’ve seen them at.

— William, Director of Product Management

I reminisce about old Playstation games too much to not give this a shot at this price point. Am I willing to pay $20 for at least a couple hours of pure, unbridged, nostalgic joy? You bet.

— John, Head of Business Development


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Written by:
  • Jacob
    Editorial Manager