Road trip must-haves before you head out

Last Updated May 2020

If your summer seems to be fading almost as fast as your suntan, perhaps you need to have one last hurrah before the season is history. How about a final road trip to destinations known, or even better, opt for the spontaneous and go someplace off the grid.

Sounds like a plan, huh. Well, before your tires hit the pavement, it’s advisable that you and your favorite mode of transportation (car, SUV, motorcycle, or RV) are ready for the unexpected.

First, check to see if your tires still have traction and the air levels are correct according to your vehicle’s manual. If you need a new set of tires because yours are looking a little worse for wear – pun intended –  we like Westlake’s touring radials for cars, Terra Grappler from Nitto for trucks,  Goodyear’s Unisteel for RVs, and for motorcycles, Dunlop’s American Elite.

In addition to the tires, have all fluids including antifreeze, brake fluid, water, and wiper cleaner filled before you depart. We suggest Prestone’s Extended Life antifreeze to keep things moving.

You will also want to have jumper cables, a car jack in case you need to change a flat tire, and a phone charger if you get stranded.  And don’t forget to have your vehicle’s battery checked to make sure it’s still charging strong, check out XS Power for peace of mind. While you’re at, it toss in regular batteries for small radios, flashlights and whatever additional digital appliances you may be bringing along, i.e. cell phones, tablets, etc.

It’s OK to be extra cautious when getting your ride ready for the trip, so just in case, have some warm electric car blankets like Camco for keeping toasty, and water in the trunk, too.

Now for the fun.

Snacks and tunes are par for any road trip, so have the best of the best before you go. Check out Rubbermaid’s Easy Find storage container set that keep chips, dips and sandwiches fresh, as well as Yeti’s Tundra cooler for cold drinks for staying refreshed and alert on the road. If you like to sing along while road tripping, we like Pioneer for audio car bundle packages

If you’re the designated driver, a hot Thermos with your favorite brew is also a must-have for all road trips.

It’s OK to skip the heavy suitcases and opt for Rightline Gear’s cargo bag that you strap onto the roof of your ride or Thule’s cargo box. You can toss duffle bags from Adidas’ Team Speed line stuffed with your clothing and other necessities leaving more leg room for travelers.

Now that you have everything packed and ready to go, it’s time to hit the pavement and celebrate the end of summer with yes, one very well planned last hurrah!

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