Best computer desk for two monitors

A computer monitor and a laptop on a computer desk for two monitors
L-shaped and corner desks provide ample surface area for functional dual-monitor layouts, as well extra room for legs and extra storage.

Which computer desk for two monitors is best? 

As technology evolves, the conversion from one computer monitor to two is increasing for workers, students and gamers alike. Screen functionality is indispensable. Whether you have 30 tabs open in your browser, are on a video call while also taking notes or are fully immersed in Fortnite, the digital age is increasing the need for desks that accommodate dual monitors. 

If you are looking for a spacious and functional dual monitor desk, the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a computer desk for two monitors

There are a number of factors to consider about your specific needs and lifestyle. How much space do you have? How much surface area will you need for your desk? What style fits your vibe?

Whether you’re an avid gamer, full-time student or writing the next great American novel, consider practical key elements, such as shape, size and stability.


While rectangular desks are pretty standard, there is a wide variety of desk shapes that can accommodate two computer monitors. Rectangular desks are oftentimes not long enough to comfortably fit two monitors, but longer units are designed to hold multiple screens. Curved desks are aesthetically pleasing, but aren’t space-efficient in small rooms. U-shaped desks can be great for multiple monitors and office supplies, but excess swiveling from side to side may be uncomfortable and tedious. An L-shaped or corner desk provides the space of a u-shaped desk, while taking up less area. This makes it ideal for two computers and tighter spaces. It also allows consumers to enjoy both screens simultaneously as an immersive experience.


There are hundreds of computer desks for two monitors in all shapes and sizes. Know the dimensions of your available space. As a baseline, the average executive desk size that suits most users is 60-by-30-by-30 inches. U-shaped or L-shaped desks will need to be measured carefully.

Another crucial consideration is monitor size. While you can always check the manufacturer’s website for exact measurements, a tape measure works just as well. To ensure you have adequate area space around your monitor, add at least 6 inches to the width and depth measurements. Use those figures to decide what size desk you’ll need. 


Storage is different from surface area. Based on your needs, the desktop might be dedicated to such items as a keyboard, mouse pad, speakers and decor. It may also house necessary items such as school supplies, notebooks, files and books. Many desks come with attachable cubby compartments, elevated shelves for smaller electronic devices and drawers for other items. If you need a printer or filing cabinet for important documents, consider a desk with adequate room under the desktop.

What to look for in a quality computer desk for two monitors


If you’re purchasing a desk for two monitors, consider designs that include grommet holes. Desk grommets are great ways to organize your computer’s cable cords, route them to outlets without clutter and protect the desk from damage. If you need additional storage, a hutch is great for books, framed photos and dry erase boards. 

Ergonomic chairs and adjustable-standing desks are great investments for spine support and maximum comfort while you game the night away or have a late night in the home office. Whichever design you choose, be sure it is suitable for your room size.

Construction material

Desks are constructed primarily from wood, glass, metal, laminate and MDF, or medium-density fiberboard. This means that the cost of production differs between them. Wooden desks are incredibly durable, match many style aesthetics and are a long-lasting investment. Glass desks have an elegant and classy appeal for individuals with a modern style. However, glass is less durable and unable to support two monitors for an extended period of time. Metal desks aren’t as aesthetically pleasing in home spaces as other materials, but they are strong, affordable and can withstand significant amounts of wear and tear. If you are on a budget, laminate or MDF desks are great options.


Stability and assembly are two important elements to consider when purchasing a desk. Computers, speakers and other frequently used items require a stable surface to support them.

Depending on the manufacturer, instruction manuals can either prove to be helpful or frustrating. Often, consumers will be given the option of having a professional and assemble your desk for a fee. Alternatively, you can purchase a desk that is already assembled or has easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

How much you can expect to spend on a computer desk for two monitors

A quality computer desk for two monitors generally costs $112-$714, depending on shape, size, materials and features.

Computer desk for two monitors FAQ

Do you need your own tools to assemble a computer desk?

A. More often than not, computer desks that arrive unassembled come with their own basic toolkits. However, if you want to secure your desk to a wall or create your own grommet holes, you will need your own electric drills and wall anchors.

Can you move the computer desk around if you want to rearrange your office?

A. Yes, but based on the size and weight of your desk, move it with caution. If you plan on rearranging your office space or moving your computer desk to an entirely different room, consider asking an extra set of hands for help to prevent damage to the desk and possibly to yourself. If your desk or monitors are mounted to the wall, detach them carefully. Lastly, be sure to remove both monitors and accessories from the surface area before moving your desk.

What's the best computer desk for two monitors to buy?

Top computer desk for two monitors

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk in Espresso Oak

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk in Espresso Oak

What you need to know: Spacious and efficient, this traditional wooden oak desk provides a durable work surface with plentiful storage to keep your space decluttered and stylish. 

What you’ll love: Completely scratch-resistant, desk storage includes an enclosed cabinet, a box drawer and a sliding file drawer that accommodates files of all sizes. Additionally, consumers can stay connected with the built-in four-port USB hub. 

What you should consider: Assembly is required and ships in several boxes, which may arrive separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top computer desk for two monitors for the money

FurnitureR 47 in. L-Shaped Walnut Computer Desk with Shelves

FurnitureR 47 in. L-Shaped Walnut Computer Desk With Shelves

What you need to know: Designed with an industrial aesthetic in mind, this sturdy and edgy desk is great for smaller spaces. 

What you’ll love: This robust unit houses two fixed shelves that can be used for storing files, office supplies, gaming equipment and books, making it perfect for dorm rooms and apartments.

What you should consider: Primarily made of MDF, there is a chance of wear and tear shortly after purchase.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

BON AUGURE L-Shaped Desk with Shelves

BON AUGURE L-Shaped Desk With Shelves

What you need to know: This functional and industrial-chic L-shaped desk is reversible, making configurations on the left or right-hand side possible. 

What you’ll love: Made with high-quality MDF materials and metal legs, the Anti-Skip pads attached to the leg bottoms increase desk stability and balance. There are multiple storage shelves for organization, and the space beneath the desktop provides plenty of leg space.

What you should consider: Some reviews mention missing parts and misplaced holes which resulted in lack of assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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