Must-haves for the perfect pool party

Last Updated June 2020

Are you planning a pool party and want it to be the best ever? So, do we.

And because summer is the best time to throw an awesome bash complete with great food, drinks, games and more, we’ve got you covered for what you need to do to make it a splashing success.

Here are some fast, easy ways to host an amazing pool party for you, your friends, and family, without any hassles.

Prep Beforehand

But, before you get the party started, make sure a few days prior to sending out the invites you test everything pool related: lights, jets, water level, and the filter to make sure everything is working.

Then, the morning of the party, skim the pool to remove any leaves, bugs, etc., since a clean pool is a happy pool, and surely makes for a better pool party! We like Hayward’s The Pool Cleaner to get the job done fast.

Give ’em Games

Make sure you have plenty of fun pool party games to keep the kids (of all ages) busy, too. Since they will be hopping in and out of the pool, choose water games that are enjoyable for everyone. Some fun pool party games are Marco Polo, dolphins and sharks, and Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Game. You might also want to have a variety of  floats, or dive rings by Aqua, or noodles, and aquatic dive balls from Intex to keep them busy for hours.

Good Eats

Swimming and playing in the pool will leave the kids (and adults) hungry for snacks! Plan a menu full of the usual pool party foods including fresh fruits and cheeses, popsicles, watermelon, chips, guacamole and pretzels. You can also pop some fresh popcorn using the Cuisinart EasyPop Hot air before dinner kicks in.

If you want to serve more than just snacks, fire up the barbeque with The Char-Griller 3001 Grillin' Pro, ideal for awesome burgers and dogs, corn on the cob, or anything else that you want grilled.

For a cold treat after dinner have fun making fresh snow cones or shaved ice with the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver and Snow Cone maker.

Spirits, and Libations

Also, with the hot summer sun, you’ll need to serve cold refreshments, like the usual fare: lemonade, iced tea, soda, and/or soft drinks. For adults, set up an area where you can make cocktails such as fresh blended margaritas, daiquiris, and Pina Coladas or sparkling waters with your own soda with SodaStream’s Jet Sparkling Water Maker.

Remember, pairing alcohol and water recreation can be dangerous, so stay safe, and aware. Never drink before going in the pool or during your time in the pool. And don’t let guests drive home if they’ve been drinking.

Spin Those Tunes

Don’t forget to create a happy and festive atmosphere by adding music. Put on some beachy tunes like those Oldies but Goodies by the Beach Boys or any standard pool party classics like “Splish Splash.” Background music can add to your party’s ambiance and get people relaxed. Pull out your favorite CDs and play them on your jam boxes or portable wireless CD players like the one from Alice Dreams.

Once you’ve made sure the pool is crystal clean, the games are ready to be played, and the snacks are out, as well as the bar set up, it’s time to start the party!

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